• Manson Angry About Ban On Jail Singing

Manson Angry About Ban On Jail Singing

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 6 – Charles Manson, once an aspiring professional musician, complained Friday that deputies have forced him to stop singing in jail.

Manson’s attorney filed a motion asking that the sheriff “be directed to cease and desist from prohibiting Charles Manson from singing in the jail at reasonable times and in a reasonable fashion.”

Manson said in a declaration “I derive considerable pleasure, enjoyment and reward from singing…Singing allows me to express myself and allows me to relax.”

Manson said he had been singing in the jail each evening since he was brought there Dec. 11, 1969 and added that since then “I have been both a composer and performer of songs.”

He said two sheriff’s deputies told him to stop singing Oct. 31 and that he hasn’t been allowed to resume since then.

“My singing was not loud, boisterous and or disruptive in any fashion,” he added.

Manson, 35, is on trial for murder-conspiracy along with three women followers in the slaying of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

His motion also included a complaint that he is subjected to unnecessary medical examinations — sometimes as frequently as once a day. He asked that the examinations cease and specifically objected to being given any injections of drugs.

Manson has complained since the start of the trial about his treatment in jail. However, after hearings on the situation last August, the judge ruled that Manson was not being harassed.

The morning session of the trial was recessed after a report that a juror was ill. Court sources said tire juror was expected to be well enough to come to court later in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, a lawyer has been summoned to advise a teenage witness in the case that she may be incriminating herself while testifying.

Over the vehement protests of the defense, Dianne Lake, a 17-year-old former member of the “Manson Family,” was permitted to give an “edited” version of admissions she said were made by the two young members of the hippie cult.

She said Miss Van Houten told her that she stabbed Leno Labianca and his wife after they were dead. She also said that Miss Krenwinkel told her she dragged Abigail Folger into the living room at the home of actress Sharon Tate.

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