• Manson, Atkins Arraigned

Manson, Atkins Arraigned

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 17 – Hippie leader Charles Manson and Susan Denise Atkins were arraigned yesterday in Los Angeles County Superior Court in the slaying of musician Gary Hinman.

In an adjoining courtroom, a jury began deliberations in the trial of Robert K. Beausoleil, who also is charged with killing Hinman.

Manson and Miss Atkins, previously accused of the Tate-La Bianca murders, were indicted Tuesday on charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder and robbery in Hinman’s death July 27, 1969.

A third member of the Manson “family,” Bruce Davis, 27, also was named in the latest indictment, but he has not yet been arrested.

Testimony during Beausoleil’s trial indicated that Beausoleil, Miss Atkins, Manson, Davis and another Manson family member, Mary Brunner, were involved in the death of Hinman.

Miss Brunner testified for the prosecution after being given immunity.

Miss Atkins earlier was charged with Hinman’s death and is awaiting trial in Santa Monica, Calif. It is likely that that charge will be dismissed because of the new indictment.

In his appearance yesterday before Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge George M. Dell, Manson again asked that he be allowed to represent himself, but was refused.

Judge Dell told Manson that he is not capable of defending himself and that to allow him to do so would result in a “gross miscarriage of justice.”

The court postponed the matter until Wednesday for further proceedings, including the appointment of an attorney to represent Manson. Miss Atkins will be defended by Daye Shinn, who also is her lawyer in the Tate-La Bianca case.

Manson’s attorney in the Tate-La Bianca trial, now scheduled to begin Monday, but expected to be continued, is Ronald Hughes. Hughes said he will not be Manson’s lawyer in the Hinman case.

Manson again cited the constitution in his attempt to be his own attorney. He failed to impress Judge Dell.

He said the only lawyer he would accept would be William O. Douglas, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dell informed Manson politely that Justice Douglas has another job and is not available.

As he had done previously, Manson said he did not believe “a mouse could represent a lion.”

“I appreciate your lionization of yourself,” Dell told him, “but I acquaint you more with the other animal.”

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