• Manson Follower Knifed: Shots Halt DVI Racial Fight

Manson Follower Knifed: Shots Halt DVI Racial Fight

TRACY, Jun. 8 — Security remained tight and tension high at nearby Deuel Vocational Institution last night in the aftermath of a racial battle which required warning shots to stop.

Eleven prisoners were injured, one seriously.

The seriously injured inmate was identified as Steve (Clem) Grogan, a Charles Manson follower, who was stabbed several times by Mexican-American prisoners. He apparently had not been involved in the racial battle, DVI officials said.

Robert Walraven, Deuel administrative assistant, said security personnel finally were forced to fire warning shots over the heads of the Anglo- and Mexican-Americans to halt the Monday night conflict.

He said the Anglo inmates attacked the Mexican-Americans with baseball bats in the exercise yard as the result of an ultimatum from members of the Nuestra Familia “New Family.”

“The Nuestra Familia have been walking pretty tall around here recently … They’ve tried to take over many operations around the institution and the blacks and whites haven’t been too happy about it,” he said.

Walraven said his information is that the Nuestra Familia issued the whites and blacks an “ultimatum” which was supposed to be answered by lockup time Monday … I guess the violence was the white’s answer,” he said.

The fight, involving 20 to 25 inmates, started about 8:25 p.m. when the inmates finished baseball practice and were told to put the equipment away. “Instead, the whites used them on the Mexicans,” he said.

He said after the fight was stopped and the inmates ordered to their cells, Grogan was attacked in his cellblock and stabbed numerous times in the upper area of his body. “He just happened to be there. It was apparently retaliation,” Walraven said.

Grogan was listed in stable condition last night at the prison hospital suffering from stab wounds in the shoulder, chest and stomach. His attackers had still not been identified late yesterday, Walraven said.

Grogan has been an inmate at Deuel since January 1972. He and Manson were convicted in 1971 for the murder of Donald (Shorty) Shea, a movie stuntman. Shea worked at the Spahn Ranch near Chatsworth where the so-called Manson family lived when the Tate-LaBianca murders were committed.

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