• Manson Indicted In Tate Murders



Manson Indicted In Tate Murders

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9 – Charles M. Manson, self-styled “God” of a desert commune, and five of his followers were indicted Monday on murder charges in the deaths of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

Named by a Los Angeles County Grand Jury on seven counts of murder and one of conspiracy each were Manson, 35; Charles D. Watson, 23; Patricia Krenwinkel, 21; Linda Kasablan, 20; and Susan Atkins, 21.

Leslie Sankston, 19, another girl, was named on two counts of murder and one of conspiracy.

Joseph Bishop, the Grand Jury foreman, said Miss Atkins’ testimony “certainly was a part of it.” Her attorneys said she described in detail the shooting-stabbing killings of Miss Tate and four others at her Benedict Canyon mansion Last August and the stabbings the next night of a wealthy couple in Hollywood.

The foreman said be was “very shocked” by the coroner’s testimony of the death scenes.

Bishop said Manson was not placed at the scene of the Tate killings but was among those who went to the other murder scene.

Miss Atkins’ attorneys have said Manson gave followers directions they followed slavishly.

Bishop said no witnesses were granted immunity from prosecution.

The Grand Jury were into deliberation at 3:47 p.m. after hearing 22 witnesses in two days. Last to testify were three young girls from Manson’s clan, Nancy Pittman, Rachel Morse, and Diana Bluestein, all of whom are charged with auto theft in Independence, Calif.

Manson currently is being held in Independence on a charge of receiving stolen property stemming from a raid on the band’s hideout on time edge of Death Valley.

Three of those indicted already had been arrested on murder warrants. Watson is being held in McKinney, Tex.; Miss Krenwinkel in Mobile, Ala.; and Mrs. Kasabian, who was arrested in Concord, N.H., in Los Angeles.

Five persons — Manson, Watson, Miss Krenwinkel, Miss Atkins, and Mrs. Kasabian — were charged with the Tate murders, and the same five plus Miss Sankston with the two succeeding murders.

All six were charged with conspiracy in all seven murders.

Among the witnesses in the second day of the jury hearings was Daniel DeCarlo, attired in dungarees and a khaki shirt, who swore and gestured obscenely as he entered the Hall of Justice.

A former leader of a motorcycle gang, DeCarlo reportedly lived for a tune with Manson’s group.

He testified recently in the trial of another member of the group, Robert A. Bausoliel, saying Bausoliel once admitted to him the killing of a Malibu Beach musician, Gary Hinman. Bausoliel’s trial ended in a hung jury. A second trial was scheduled.

Miss Atkins, whose statements to a cellmate are credited by police with providing the “break” in the Tate case, also is charged with murder in Hinman’s death.

Other witnesses in the Grand Jury probe that started Friday included Terry Melcher, son of actress Doris Day, who lived in the Benedict Canyon home before Miss Tate moved in.

According to Miss Atkins, Manson hated Melcher because he had refused to help Manson get a recording contract. She said Manson ordered the violent deaths of all who lived in the home, which had become a “symbol of rejection” to him.

Melcher had moved out and Miss Tate and her husband, director Roman Polanski, had moved in before Manson’s alleged orders were carried out.

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