• Manson Sues for Millions

Manson Sues for Millions

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 3 – Charles Manson has sued Dist. Ally. Evelle J. Younger, Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess and 10 others for $1 million each accusing them of violating his civil rights.

Manson, on trial with three female codefendants in the murder of actress Sharon Tate and six others, filed the suit a month ago in U.S. District Court, a county counsel’s office spokesman revealed Thursday.

To his suit, Manson contends he was denied possession of a copy of the U.S Constitution, refused paper and pencil, was unfairly confined in solitude and was psychologically harassed since his arrest by loud noises, constant awakenings and noisy cell neighbors.

The spokesman said several of those carried as defendants have yet to be served with the suit, which Manson filed on his own behalf.

Besides Younger and Pitchess, others named in the suit were Aaron Stovitz and Vincent Bugliosi, trial coprosecutors; Superior Court Judge William B. Keen, who handled pre-trial proceedings, attorneys Paul Caruso and Richard Caballero, who represented some of the defendants charged with Manson in the case; three sheriff’s deputies and writers Lawrence Schiller and George Fields.

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