• Manson Told To Hire Own Private Eye

Manson Told To Hire Own Private Eye

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17 – If Charles Manson wants to use a private investigator, he is going to have to pay for one himself, it was ordered Friday.

Manson is charged with conspiracy and murder in the Tate and La Bianca slayings.

California Superior Judge George M. Dell, who on Wednesday granted Manson’s request that he be allowed to employ an investigator at public expense, has reversed his ruling.

He did so, Judge Dell said, because he has learned that Manson, in a previous court appearance before another judge, represented that he as not indigent.

Such a statement, according to Judge Dell, could have precluded county payment for investigatory services.

Judge Dell his week allowed Manson $750 for an investigator after the defendant pointed out that Judge Keene had granted a similar privilege to Leslie Van Houten, who is accused of the La Bianca murders.

Miss Van Houten, however, represented that she lacked funds when attorney Marvin L Part was apointed to defend her.

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