• ‘Manson Weaned Girls Off Society With Sex Acts’

‘Manson Weaned Girls Off Society With Sex Acts’

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1st – Hippie leader Charles Manson “unprogrammed” his girls from a straight society by having them commit unnatural sex acts, a witness at the Tate-LaBianca murder trial testified today.

Curly-haired Juan Flynn, showing the strain of four days on the witness stand, said that Manson said society programmed children.

“Schools, churches and parents — all these things that lead to inhibitions — have the opportunity to program children,” Flynn quoted Manson as saying.

“They are programmed to accept society or the system approved by their parents,” he continued.

Flynn, who said that Manson offered him LSD while he lived with the Manson family at the Spahn ranch in Chatsworth, testified the hippie chieftain had planned to “unprogram” everyone he came in contact with.

“Manson said to unprogram yourself you have to get rid of all the ego, all the wants that you have, give up your mother and father, and get rid of all the inhibitions…Just blank yourself out.”

The six-foot four-inch cowboy-actor said that Manson’s unprogramming of his girl followers was based on their ability to perform unnatural sex acts with both sexes.

Flynn, who Wednesday said he spent the evening of Aug. 8 in his trailer at the ranch with three of the defendants, today admitted he was “not positive it was Aug. 8.” he added that the three —Manson, Susan Atkins and Leslie Van Houten — left the trailer at about 9 p.m. the evening the murders were committed at the Tate home.

Wednesday, Flynn, under stern cross-examination said he has had several threats on his life — one as recently as two weeks ago.

The witness, who claims to be a “manure shoveler” by occupation and a part time actor by inclination, said the latest veiled threats on his life came from two “family” members.

“I was supposed to come downtown and see someone…they said something about testifying for the prosecution, but I was chopping wood and couldn’t. So they said they were going to do me in right, there,” Flynn said. “I had a small axe, so nothing happened, and they just left. One of them started to cry.”

Other threats on his life came in the form of notes, telephone calls and shouts from cars passing his Canoga Park home.

The notes, which he said he lost, in the wash, threatened to “scrubb off the face of the earth a lacey image like you” and said it was “an indictment on your life, because it’s coming down.”

Flynn, who said he served three years in the Army, including 11 month and 29 days in Vietnam where he was awarded two Purple Hearts, said he had in change his telephone number because of late-hour telephone calls in which the caller only made “pig sounds.” He said carloads of people would also drive hy his home shouting obscenities.

Under redirect examination by Dep. Dist. Atty. Vincent Bugliosi, Flynn expanded on a trip he made with Manson before the Tate-LaBianca murders, something the defense attorneys had touched upon in cross-examination.

“We went to the ice cream parlor,” Flynn said, “and I wanted to look up some relatives, so we went looking for the house and finally parked outside.

“Manson asked if they had a dog, and I said ‘Yes, they have a little, dog.’ He said, ‘Why don’t we go in tie them up and cut them in pieces?’ I told him, no.'” Manson was against the establishment, Flynn said.

“Manson said the white man abused the black man,” Flynn testified. He said the white man got him out of the bushes and that the white man had used him and that he (the black man) was nothing but an animal with a white man’s suit and a white man’s thought.”

Only once during Flynn’s testimony Wednesday did Manson appear irritated, saying in a voice that was audible throughout the courtroom: “There’s no defense here.”

The comment was prompted by Flynn’s story of Manson creeping up on him and three companions as they slept in a desert cabin. Awakened by a dog, Flynn said he saw Manson “tiptoeing” up to the cabin with a knife in his hands. When confronted, Flynn said, Manson just said “hello.”


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