• Manson Wins Several Motions

Manson Wins Several Motions

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16 – Cult leader, Charles M. Manson, accused in the Sharon Tate multiple killings, came to court for the first time as his own attorney wearing a red velveteen shirt and an embroidered vest.

He carried a fistful of motions, including one asking that he be permitted to form a “family” of co-counsel consisting of fellow inmates at the county jail.

He won a few and lost a few in his Wednesday appearance.

Manson, 35, and four other persons, who police say were members of his nomadic hippie-type “family,” are charged in the deaths of actress Sharon Tate and four others at her Bel Air home last August. The same five and another former “family” member are accused in the slayings the next night of wealthy grocer Leno LaBianca and his wife.

The slight, brightly attired Manson carried several long, yellow pencils as he appeared before Superior Court Judge George M. Dell to enter a plea on the charge. Instead, he and the judge carried on a 40 minute conversation as Manson presented his motions.

One asked that Manson and six jail inmates be allowed to become directors in the “Family of Infinite Soul, Inc.” an organization Manson formed to act as his co-counsel.

Manson said, “The people of California have the defendant outnumbered in legal assistance and such action would not be fair play.”

“It certainly is an interesting document,” Dell said, denying the motion.

In other motions, Manson asked for:

1. A continuance. Granted until Jan. 28.

2. Disclosure to him of evidence held by the district attorney. Denied, pending a plea to the charges.

By Bob Kerr

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