• Manson’s Lawyer Gets Jail

Manson’s Lawyer Gets Jail

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 12 – Charles Manson’s lawyer was sent to jail for a second time Friday after being cited for Contempt of Court.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charles H. Older, presiding at the murder trial of Manson and three female followers, ordered Irving A. Kanarek to spend the weekend in jail for repeatedly “interrupting and disrupting” testimony of a prosecution witness.

It was the second time in the 13-week-old trial that Kanarek had been cited for contempt of court and sent to jail.

Kanarek argued that he had been objecting to a certain line of questioning of Danny DeCarlo, 26-year-old former motorcycle gang leader and a one-time member of Manson’s “family” of hippie nomads.

DeCarlo, dark-haired former leader of the “Straight Satans,” lived at the “family” stronghold—the Spahn Ranch near Chatsworth—at the time actress Sharon Tate and six others were slain a year ago.

The prosecution has contended Manson ordered the killings and told his followers to make it appear that the victims had been murdered by Negroes in order to start a black-white civil war.

DeCarlo, who lived at the ranch about six months, said Manson had expressed a desire to have blacks and whites fight “and just sit on a hill and watch them—watch them shoot each other.”

Earlier, DeCarlo had painted a picture of Manson as a man “worshiped” by his female followers.

He said there were five men, including Manson and himself, and about 10 women living at the ranch when he was there.

Co-defendants Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel, both 22, and Leslie Van Houten, 20, were among the women, DeCarlo added.

He claimed Manson often ordered the women to take off their clothes and walk around in the nude, but with a smile admitted, “I dug it. I like women.”

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