• New Attorney OKd for Manson

New Attorney OKd for Manson

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 1 – Charles Manson got a new lawyer today after the attorney promised the judge he would he ready to begin trial in the Sharon Tate murder case on schedule June 15.

Superior Court Judge Charles Older approved the substitution of attorney I. A. Kanarek in place of Ronald Hughes, a young bearded lawyer who had never tried a case.

Kanarek’s first move was to call for a psychiatric examination of Manson’s co-defendant and the thief prosecution witness, Linda Kasabian.

Kanarek said he had evidence Mrs. Kasabian had taken LSD more than 300 times. He said he believed a psychiatric examination would reveal she was incompetent to testify.

“I believe the prosecution has no case,” Kanarek told Older.

Older set a hearing on Kanarek’s motion for June 10.

He agreed to permit Kanarek to act as Manson’s attorney after denying another of Manson’s requests to act as his own lawyer.

After Older refused Manson’s request to act as its own lawyer, the cult leader turned his chair around and sat with his back to the judge for the rest of the proceedings.

His three co-defendants, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel, were garbed in colorful satin miniskirt dresses.

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