• New Jury Panel Asked In Tate Case

New Jury Panel Asked In Tate Case

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 7 – A judge asked a new panel of jurors at the Sharon Tate murder case Monday whether they could give the four defendants a fair trial, Twelve citizens stood up and said they could not.

A third venire of prospective jurors was brought into the courtroom, bringing to 153 the total number of persons called in the case against Charles Manson and three female members of his “family.”

Deputy District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi estimated final selection of 12 permanent jurors and six alternates would take two more weeks.

Fifty four of those excused by Monday morning were persons who said their personal lives would not permit them being locked up in a hotel room for the three to five months the trial itself is expected to last.

Superior Court Judge Charles H. Older declined to reverse his original position that the jury would be sequestered throughout the trial.

When the new panel of 48 prospective jurors was seated Monday, Older gave them general instructions about jury service and asked whether any of them felt they could not give Manson and the three young women the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. He asked them to stand up if they could not.

Seven persons rose from their seats immediately and five others joined them shortly. The 12 were not dismissed right away but they were expected to be excused later.

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