• One Of Massacred May Have Owed Money



One Of Massacred May Have Owed Money

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 15 – Federal agents confirmed yesterday they were checking reports that one of the five persons massacred at the Benedict Canyon Estate of actress Sharon Tate was heavily in debt to gamblers.

The Internal Revenue Service said it was making routine inquires into the possible gambling activities of the victims, which in addition to Miss Tate, 26, included hair stylist Jay Sebring, coffee heiress Abigail Folger, 26, Voityck Frokowsky, 37, and Steven Parent, 18.

Federal narcotics agents also checked reports that narcotics were found at the Tate home. They said a report that hashish was found in the house was unfounded but would not comment on reports that drugs were found elsewhere on the estate including in Sebring’s car.

The bodies were found Saturday by a maid.

“This crime was so weird and bizarre that we are showing photos of the bodies to a psychologist and a psychiatrist who are consultants on our staff in an effort to determine from them a behavior evaluation of the killer,” said county coroner Dr. Thomas Noguchi.

Authorities denied a report that the bodies had been mutilated.

Homicide detectives, who have given out virtually no information on the case, said there were no new developments in the search for the killer or killers. They had indicated earlier there might be as many as three persons involved.

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