• Oust Manson 4 Times at Slaying Trial

Oust Manson 4 Times at Slaying Trial

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 3 — Charles Manson was ousted from the Shea-Hinman murder trial for the fourth time after he refused to stop yelling.

Manson’s outburst came Tuesday during the first full day of jury selection in the trial at the Hall of Justice.

Manson 36 and three of his hippie followers are charged in connection with the 1969 murders of Malibu musician Gary Hinman and ranch hand Donald (Shorty) Shea.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Burton Katz was questioning prospective jurors on their feelings about the death penalty when Manson yelled: “No money down!

“Thirty-seven months to pay!

“You sound like a used car salesman!

“You’d make a good preacher,” he said.

Later, referring again to Katz, Manson shouted, “He’s trying to lock them into the death penalty.”

It was then that Superior Court Judge Raymond Choate ordered Manson removed from the courtroom to an adjacent lockup cell.

However, after a recess, Manson was allowed back into the courtroom.

Manson was removed from the court three times during previous pretrial motions.

Five prospective jurors were excused because they claimed they could not bring back a death penalty in any type of case. Jury selection resumed yesterday.

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