• Polanski’s Partner Says Law Knows Who Killed Sharon Tate



Polanski’s Partner Says Law Knows Who Killed Sharon Tate

LONDON, Nov. 20 – Roman Polanski is due back in London this week, I learned from his film partner, Gene Gutowski. I also learned the reason why Roman was not in Hollywood at the time his lovely blonde wife Sharon Tate was murdered.

“There were three factors that had delayed Roman’s return to Hollywood,” Gene assured me. I had been critical of the fact that Sharon’s husband had lingered in London when she was due to have their baby within a month.

“He was finishing the screenplay for his next film, ‘The Day of the Dolphin.’ It was actually finished on the day that Sharon was murdered. He had telephoned her in Hollywood, a few hours before her death to say he would be with her in a few days.

“Secondly, he had been seeing the rushes and supervising the final cut of ‘A Day at the Beach,’ which Roman and I produced for Paramount. We did this picture to launch a new director, Simon Hesera. We discovered the property when a reviewer sent the book with the note, ‘In the hands of a good director this could make a great picture. How about you Mr. Polanski?

“‘A Day at the Beach,’ which we made for our Cadre Company, cost three million.”

The third reason Roman was not in Hollywood with his wife (which could have saved her life) was that he was working on his script of “The Life of Pagannini.”

“Every day he would say to me, ‘Gene, I must leave tomorrow.'”

“When Roman and Sharon spoke a few hours before the murders, she asked him ‘Will you be here for your birthday?’ She was killed on the Saturday and he promised he would be with her by the following Wednesday.”

Mr. Gutowski told me he is convinced that the Los Angeles police know who the murderer is but through lack of evidence, cannot make an arrest.

Another sad note. The Rolls Royce that Polanski bought for Sharon’s birthday — I remember her pride when she took me for a ride in it — landed in Los Angeles the day after her murder. It was a Silver Cloud, painted white with tinted windows for privacy. Now he wants to give it away.

Roman has given away everything else Sharon owned. He gave his own Ferrari car to Sharon’s father who was planning to retire from the army this year, because it was Sharon’s dream to buy him a sports car.

All those stories that Sharon was on dope, aren’t true. She was not — at least not after she became pregnant.

“Since then, she neither drank coffee nor any kind of liquor. Nor did she smoke cigarettes. She liked to smoke and used to come over secretly to my house for a cigarette because Roman disapproved of her smoking. But after she became pregnant, she didn’t even take a cigarette.”

Mr. Gutowski’s present to her was the Rolls Royce of English baby carriages which she took back with her on the boat. If only she had not left!


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12 Responses to Polanski’s Partner Says Law Knows Who Killed Sharon Tate

  1. Silvermoon says:

    I, not for a second believe in the stories that Bugliosi told. I believe that the Tate murders have more to say than meets the eye. Look, there were 2 guys with Sharon and Abigail Folgers and they could have easily take on stupid Watson, Jay was taught to fight by Brice Lee so I don’t believe for a minute that they just gave up and were killed. This was a drug thing, the day after the murders, they did find a lot of cocaine inside Jay’s car and cocaine in the house too. Who killed Sharon and why? it was someone that was in the house at the time of the murders. This is satanic and diabolic Hollywood we are talking about and Bugliosi and his book don’t quite convince me. Sharon did drugs but not while pregnant but she did them.

    • Lorri says:

      “Stupid Watson” had a gun, and the others had knives. Bruce studied Kung Fu for most of his life. Jay wasn’t Bruce Lee. He had a few lessons from him is all…big difference. No one wanted to rock the boat I’m sure, when looking down the barrel of a gun as well as some knives. I’m sure that at first they were all hoping that if they cooperated they would simply be robbed and left alive. Once Jay bravely decided to defend Sharon though, he was no match for a gun. Frykowski had deep knife wounds to his legs and was further attacked once he got outside- that kind of thing will render a person pretty much unable to do anything.

    • kathryn says:

      However dont forget they were taken off guard, and the family were armed. If i had a gun pointing my head and given demands, i wouldnt have retaliated. By that time anyhow, they would have been tied up.

  2. Lorri says:

    Roman,according to some of his friends, was staying away from Sharon as much as he could because he complained that the pregnancy made her b*tchy and he wanted the old Sharon back. In other words he seemed to be a self-centered,immature jerk. He was also screwing around with other women, something he’d done throughout the marriage as well as off and on during the entire time they’d been together, period. I highly doubt he “couldn’t get away” from his his work or that no one could have helped fill in for him or think of some other way of dealing with the work. It’s ridiculous, Sharon could have gone into labor at any time yet his lame butt was still in Europe. His lack of character was further revealed after Sharon’s death, when he fled the USA after drugging and forcing sex on a minor.

  3. ed says:

    Frykowski was most likely the real target in the Tate killings. He was known to be dealing large quantities of drugs and was probably being supplied by the Family. He was killed because he owed money for drugs and the others in the house were collateral damage. Sharon was not even supposed to be there that night. She was supposed to be spending the night with Sheila Welles. Bugliosi was involved in a cover up meant to protect the many Hollywood stars that Manson and his bunch were supplying with dope. This angle was not discussed in the trial. I spoke to a reporter who had interviewed Leslie Van Houten and she talked about Manson and his drug dealings with Peter Sellers and others.
    The full story of the killings will never be known. Manson also had connections from prison with mob guys Bernie Carbo, Alvin Karpis and others. Leno La Bianca had large gambling debts that he owed to the mob and his grocery stores were mob financed. There has been speculation that the La Bianca massacre was a mob hit done by Charlie and his kiddies. The kids were unwitting dupes in the whole thing, so the story goes. The Manson killings, Altamont, Kent State, etc put the kibbosh on the sixties and showed it for what it was. I mean, how far was a hippie from a criminal, if you really think about it?

  4. Kevn Graham says:

    In the LAPD’s first investigative report(first theory)-they considered the possibility that the murders were the result of paid killers for hire. As there was no robbery and the methodology of which they invaded Sharon Tate home, cutting the phone line after climbing the right pole in the dark.
    But if this initial theory is correct who would hate Sharon Tate so much as this? Who would want her and her unborn child dead, along with her ex-fiancé Jay Sebring(they died together bound by the same rope around their necks), along with her other guests/friends.
    If LAPD’s initial theory was the correct one, someone sure wanted her dead! But why?

  5. LJ says:

    My theory is the Killers were paid for hire, My gut tells me Roman could only be sexually involved with young teens, he no longer had the desires for a woman with a child. He had the money and to tight of an alibi. I was ten years old when this happened, and was one time I stayed up late and watched this on the news. Knowing now that both Sharon and Roman were having affairs it really makes sense that he would have arranged this. He benefited all the way around.

  6. L. Drye says:

    You people are nuts. Manson and his “family” were the killers. End of story.

  7. Susan says:

    I agree with L.Drye, manson and his ghouls did this. Another interesting and highly thought provoking is this “how much difference was there between a hippie and a criminal?” . That’s actually exactly right,a hippie did nothing but rage against the establishment,the laws,the good orderly direction of a civilized society. The sixties were maybe not so grand at all,i remember i was 6 in 1969 and the teens across the street from my house had a lot of friends over. They were all in the front yard rolling around kissing and others were straddling a partner. My was horrified that i couldn’t even play outside because of teens half naked making out. Ha! The summer of love mt ass!. Summer of blatantly sexualized Criminals is more like it. And that’s the same things mansons crew did between killing.

  8. Denise says:

    Ronan Polanski was not saint at all but I do not believe Sharon Tate was doing drugs. I have thought in the past it was a mistake by allowing Frykowski and Abigail Folger to stay there with her. I understand they did house sitting while she and Roman were in Europe. I did question the closeness of Jay Sebring and Sharon. The night of the murder it was very hot but she was wearing bikini parties and a bra and they were sitting in the bedroom together. Maybe Jay thought he would eventually get her back. I don’t think Roman had anything to do with the murders. I do think he was staying away for other reasons. As far along as Sharon was in her pregnancy it seems she would have been with her family since Roman was not there. I do question the LaBianca murders. It didn’t make sense to me why Charles Manson would have picked their house after supposedly driving around. I think he went to the LaBianca house for another reason other than what’s being told. As for Bugolsi I didn’t care too much for him because of some comments he made over the years. He fought for the death penalty but yet and this one of the examples when Susan Atkins was dying with brain cancer he was not against her being released from prison. It seems to me he wouldn’t have said this considering how hard he pushed for the death penalty. Much of the public over the years never has wanted any of them released under any circumstances. All of this are just thoughts I’ve had over time whenever this case would come up. Unfortunately many of us will never be sure if the complete truth has ever been told.

  9. SnipersNest says:

    Denise, The Complete Truth will only ever be told when every person connected to this is dead. Considering some of them were quite young at the time, we still have some time to go. Even then, the truth will not be seen as The Truth. Still, we get closer and closer to the truth as time passes because, sometimes the truth has to go on a journey when people hide things and/or remain mute.
    I mean, just look at Polanski. The general public think that he drugged, assaulted, and raped a thirteen year old girl because his wife was killed a few years earlier. Bit weird that one would do that to a child because of their own wife being murdered but humans are weird, right? Turns out that Polanski is not a weird human but a Terrible Person and has been all along, since before Mrs. Polanski & her child died. He was even awful to Mrs. Polanski. All this was known by the people around them. Then, the police found video tapes in the attic of Mrs. Polanski being forced to do things of a sexual nature. Yet, only since the #MeToo reckoning has the world said, Oh – you mean that Roman Polanski?

  10. Sean K. says:

    Wow! Talk about spinning revisionist nonsense! The majority of you people on this thread should start a new organization : Conspiracy Theories Are Us! I don’t always agree with Bugliosi either (ie his conclusions on the JFK assassination) but to suggest he was protecting Hollywood elites because they were being supplied drugs by Manson? Peter Sellers going out to Spahn to pick up dope? That’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it? Charlie out of the Haight and into the mob? Please! You people need to give your heads a shake.
    The bottom line is that Manson had a major beef with the establishment and blamed society for his rotten lot in life. When he failed to convince Terry Melcher to bankroll his dreams of stardom and Dennis Wilson stole his song and denied him credit, this pushed him over the edge. He then invented the impending race war to incite his LSD-sodden minions into a murderous frenzy. He chose Cielo because of his grudge against Melcher and because he and Tex had been there and knew the property. Even though Melcher had long since moved out, he realized it’s seclusion would be ideal for his plans. Same goes with the LaBianca home. He knew the terrain. He had been in the house next door on a few occasions, visiting his friend Harold True. He chose the houses, not the victims. In fact, it’s even possible his children had “creepy-crawled” the LaBianca residence prior to the murders.
    Stop inventing scenarios and imagining intent! These killings were about revenge and the personal score Manson needed to settle. The “family” was simply expendable human collateral.

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