• Police Raid Ranch, Arrest 26 Suspects In Auto Theft Ring



Police Raid Ranch, Arrest 26 Suspects In Auto Theft Ring

LOS ANGELES, Aug 17 – Twenty-six persons living in an abandoned Western movie set on an isolated Chatsworth ranch were arrested in a daybreak raid by sheriff’s deputies Saturday as suspects in a major auto theft ring.

Officers said they confiscated seven rifles, a 43-caliber automatic pistol and a 9 mm machine gun.

The group – eleven men and fifteen women including several members of a motorcycle gang called Satan’s Slaves – was stealing Volkswagens, dismantling them and converting them into dune buggies, according to deputies.

Seven juveniles, including four infants, were taken into custody and turned over to juvenile authorities.

More than 100 deputies swarmed over the 200-acre ranch shortly after 6:00 AM while most of the suspects were still asleep.

Automobile parts were strewn over the area, they said.

The suspects and their children, said deputies, had been living like animals. “The four infants, all under 2 years old, and four women were found sleeping on the floor of a dirty, broken-down trailer, officers said.

The ranch is owned by George Spahn, a blind, 80-year-old semi-invalid. It is located in the Simi Hills at 12,000 Santa Susanna Pass Road.

Deputies said Spahn, who lives alone in a house on the ranch, apparently knew there were people living on the set but was unaware of their activities. They said he “couldn’t get around and he was afraid of them.”


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4 Responses to Police Raid Ranch, Arrest 26 Suspects In Auto Theft Ring

  1. Thomas D. Reisinger says:

    15 Sept 11

    Were porn films found inside the Tate residence? One of the children taken into custody was possibly connected to the JonBenet Ramsey slaying. Allegedly, this child appeared in at least one of these films.

  2. Troy McLean says:

    Your comment on about a possible tie in to a case 20 years later and in Boulder Colorado sounds about as likely as the Easter Bunny. What source are alledging to use?

  3. Sean K. says:

    What an asinine statement! It has been established that there were some “private” homemade videos that were discovered in the loft above the living room. They were examined by the investigators and then discreetly returned. No, Sharon and Roman weren’t into kiddie porn. The suggestion regarding a link to the Ramsey case is so ludicrous it does not merit a response. Are you intrigued by Israeli lasers as well?

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