• Police Report New Evidence In Tate Case



Police Report New Evidence In Tate Case

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19 – Homicide investigators have uncovered evidence they believe could lead to solution of the two-month old Sharon Tate murder case, assistant Police Chief Robert Houghton had revealed today, but he would not say what it is.

Reviewing the work of homicide detectives with Lt. Robert Helder, who is in immediate charge of the investigation. Houghton said the evidence had never been mentioned publicly before, and he still declined to disclose its nature or its relationship to the mystery.

Houghton specified:
• In his opinion, more than one person committed the five murders at Miss Tate’s Bel-Air mansion.
• There is no “clear cut” motive for the killings discovered Aug. 9.
• There is no imminent solution to the case.
• He is confident that “someday, somehow” the “pieces will fit together,” the bizarre slayings will be solved and the killers brought to justice.
• The initial phase of the probe has been completed without giving detectives a definite lead to the killers, and his men are “back-tracking” the entire case and are running down any possible new leads.

Helder said his men have held over 400 interviews, some of them in foreign countries, and that more than 500 letters, most from out of state, have been received by the department expressing theories in the case, with some giving possible leads.

Many, he said, were crank letters.

The file of correspondence has already filled five lettersize filing cabinet drawers. Helder added, noting that some of the letters apparently resulted from the $25,000 reward offered by actor Peter Sellers.

“We welcome every possible clue and thank the public for the cooperation already given.” Helder concluded.

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