• Release of Good Delayed

Release of Good Delayed

ALDERSON, W.Va., Nov. 22 — Sandra Good, a Charles Manson follower who was to be released here Friday from the federal prison for women, will not be paroled until at least Dec. 2 because the parole board has not completed a release plan, a prison official said.

Good was eligible for release from the Alderson prison last spring, but refused to sign a release form because she did not agree to the terms of her parole, said David Helman, executive assistant to the warden.

“It’s a mutual thing there of meeting the parole commission’s requirements of supervision and at the same time providing arrangements that she thinks are in her best interest,” Helman said.

Good was to be released on good behavior last spring after serving about 10 years of a 15-year sentence, Helman said. But Good refused the conditions of her parole, which included that she go to a halfway house in Camden, N.J., and that she not associate with any members of the Manson family, he said.

Helman said he assumes the parole panel chose the Dec. 2 date because it expected to have a release plan ready for Good by then.

Good can continue to refuse her release from prison until 1991, the end of her sentence for conspiring to send death threats to corporate officials she accused of polluting the earth, he said.

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4 Responses to Release of Good Delayed

  1. Kim says:

    I always had the impression she is a true believer for the rest of her life. I thought she had stronger core beliefs and convictions than Manson.

  2. Lee says:

    Absolute nutjob who justified (and still does) the mass murder of innocent human beings for her cause, which, I might add, wasn’t in existence until Manson moved off his Helter Skelter trip and got on his fake environmental one. How murdering a pregnant woman or a grocer has anything to do with the environment is beyond me.

  3. Sean K. says:

    The sad truth is that Good and essentially all of Charlie’s girls were extremely vulnerable and especially susceptible to his persuasive charms. He was able to entangle each of them into his perverse fold on an individual basis. He had studied the bestseller “How To Win Friends And Influence People” in stir and upon his release in’67 was prepared to put into action all he had learned about manipulating people. In particular young people.

    Charlie also wanted sex and plenty of it. After being released from Terminal Island he wisely figured that the burgeoning free love movement in Haight Ashbury would suit his needs abundantly. He began collecting “young loves” through his newly acquired technique (primarily drugs, sex and guitar) and the rest is history.

    The pathetic part is that Manson really had very little regard for the fairer sex. To him they existed only to be of service to man, vessels of pleasure if you will. In his own words they were “put together well and were fine as long as they did what they were told and kept their mouths shut”. In fact, before he was led away to his death row terminus, he confided to Bugliosi “I don’t need broads, there’s plenty of sex in prison”!

  4. Matt says:

    I remember when she was doing the daytime talk shoe circuit and just parroting some of Charlies nonsense like ” I’m a reflection of you”. But when someone would try to get her to elaborate, she never had anything interesting to say. She was the spoiled rich girl that needed attention.

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