• Same Tate Murder Knives Believed Used in Girl Case



Same Tate Murder Knives Believed Used in Girl Case

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 12 – The teen-age daughter of screenwriter Hans Habe may have been slashed to death by the same knives that killed actress Sharon Tate and six others, it had been learned today.

The stabbing death of 17-year-old Marina Elizabeth Habe a year ago is one of the cases sheriff’s homicide investigators are checking in connection with the migrant hippies led by 34-year-old Charles M. Manson.

Manson and five of his disciples have been indicted by the County Grand Jury on charges of murder and conspiracy for the deaths of Miss Tate and four others on Aug. 9 and with the slayings of supermarket owner Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary on Aug. 10.

All but one of the victims were hacked to death with long-bladed knives.

Miss Habe, home on Christmas vacation from the University of Hawaii last December, was also the victim of a savage knifing.

She died of multiple stab wounds in the neck and chest.

She had also been struck several times in the face. The bruises indicated the blows were inflicted by someones fist.

The body of the raven-haired, blue-eyed coed was found on a heavily-foliaged hillside off Mulholland Drive New Year’s Day.

She had been missing since Dec. 29 when she left the West Hollywood home of her mother, actress Eloise Hardt, 89621 Cynthia Ave., for a date with a long-time friend of the family.

The girl’s mother and Habe, author of “Christopher and His Father,” “The Mission” and “A Thousand Shall Fall,” had been divorced for more than 10 years.

Miss Hardt said she last saw her daughter when she left on her date with 22-year-old John Hornburg, although she said she heard a man’s voice muttering “go” or “blow” at about 3:15 a.m., Dec. 30 — the time the young man said he returned Miss Habe to her home.

Sheriff’s investigators said the voice presumably was that of the girl’s abductor.

Apparently the similarity in the way the victims died was the link that turned suspicion toward Manson’s admittedly hate-oriented band of hippies.

Victims of the Tate and LaBianca massacres had also been savagely hacked to death with knives.

Homicide investigators declined to elaborate on what direction their investigation was taking but would say only that the Habe death was one of the cases under scrutiny in connection with the Manson tribe.

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6 Responses to Same Tate Murder Knives Believed Used in Girl Case

  1. gusgoiania says:

    I read in another site that an undercover policeman hanging out with a gang of bikers at that time got information or overheard that Marina Habe was raped and murdered by a member of a well-known LA gang of bikers….does anybody know anything about that….question mark

    • rob b says:

      I have read a car pulled up, there was some arguing or exchange of words then she was forced into the car and it sped away. Maybe it was someone she knew? Did she know any of the members of the Family, even casually? And if her date dropped herboff at her house wouldn’t he have seen or heard something? How long does it take to walk from the driveway to the front door? He couldn’t have driven far…

  2. Lastourdumoine says:

    I swear I remember reading the same thing somewhere. Her future stepbrother refuted that claim in an article he wrote in the ’90s, if I remember the date correctly (I want to say 1993 or ’94), so that information must have been floating around somewhere. My money’s kind of on the biker gang as well.

  3. john says:

    I came across this story(Marina Elizabeth Habe) while surfing the net about the Manson family,and it has really affected me, because of the lack of clues and suspects there has never been a factor in finding the perpetrator(s). Seems to me there must of been more than one person who had commited this crime hence the mother hearing someone saying “go” or “blow” as the car with her daughter sped away,as if there was a wheelman driving the car. Also a lot of contradictions or false information about the crime on the web the Official Autopsy report said the the body was fully clothed and no sign of rape, where another says the victim was held,fed, and raped? Which is it? Also I read that the parking brake on her sports car in her mothers driveway was pulled on extremely hard kind of refering to that she hadn’t that kind of strength to pull it that hard, what about Fingerprints on the hand brake or the car itself the perpatrator must have touched something?? Gloves?? Its such a shame the girl only 17 years old had to die horrifically like that with no justice in sight to find out who did it. Seems like lazy/ shoddy Police/Detective work at the crime scenes not looking for clues that could have been discovered. One thing that remains in my mind is the haunting photo of Marina Elizabeth Habe.

  4. gripper says:

    very pretty girl too many unknowns

  5. sam d says:

    i dont think marina habe or that other pretty young girl Reet Jurvetson were killed by manson et al, he had nothing against them. my moneys on a serial killer, plenty of them around.

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