• Sandra Good and Susan Murphy Plead Innocence

Sandra Good and Susan Murphy Plead Innocence

SACRAMENTO, Jan. 27 — Charles Manson cultist Sandra Good and another former roommate of Lynette (Squeaky) Fromme pleaded innocent today to charges of conspiring to mail threatening letters to business and government leaders.

“I’m guilty for saying the mean truth no one wants to hear, but I haven’t broken the law — so, not guilty,” Miss Good told U.S. Dist. Judge Thomas MacBride.

MacBride set a March 1 trial date despite Miss Good’s protest that she needed more time to prepare motions.

Miss Good, 31, and Susan Murphy, 33, are charged with conspiring to mail 171 letters threatening harm to their recipients unless they stop polluting the environment.

Both women are acting as their own attorneys, assisted by court appointed lawyers.

Miss Good is also charged with making similar threats in television interviews, with a newspaper and three radio stations.

She is held on $100,000 bail. Miss Murphy is free without bail.

MacBride presided over the trial of Miss Fromme and sentenced her to life in prison last month for attempting to kill President Ford last Sept. 5 in a park outside the state Capitol.

Miss Fromme and Miss Good were early followers of convicted mass murderer Manson.

After Miss Fromme’s arrest, Miss Good released a list of names of business and government figures she said were marked for death by “a wave of assassins” of the “International People’s Court of Retribution” for polluting the earth.

The FBI has said the letters in the current charge contained similar threats. But Miss Good has maintained the letters were helpful warnings, not personal threats.

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