• ‘Sexy Sadie’ Admits Guilt In Murder

‘Sexy Sadie’ Admits Guilt In Murder

LOS ANGELES, May. 28 — Susan Atkins pleaded guilty Thursday to killing musician Gary Alan Hinman nearly two years ago.

The slender, Pale young woman, her head shaved, a faint “X” of the Charles Manson “family” scarring her forehead, waived all rights and listened without emotion as the judge sentenced her to life in prison. She has already received a death sentence in the Tate-LaBianca slayings.

“The court believes, from having read the record in this case of the grand jury indictment,” said Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Raymond Choate, “that she is a person who would be dangerous to the community.

“And the court believes that, for the guidance of the (California) adult authority, that she should spend the entire term of her life in custody.”

For 22-year-old “Sexy Sadie,” Choate’s words may only be academic. He ordered her taken to California Institution for Women at Frontera in Riverside County.

There she will join Patricia Krenwinkel, 23, and Leslie Van Houten, 21, in a special security area prepared after the three and Charles Manson were condemned to death for the Tate-LaBianca murders.

After Judge Choate pronounced sentence with “Sadie” standing beside her attorney, Daye Shinn, she turned and seemed to nod at the 36-year-old Manson sitting to her left at the counsel table.

He showed no sign of recognition.

As Miss Atkins walked behind Manson’s swivel chair, she lightly pulled her right hand across his back. Manson didn’t appear to notice, nor did he look at her as she walked from the courtroom.

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