• Sharon Tate’s Father Happy With Verdict

Sharon Tate’s Father Happy With Verdict

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 1 — Sharon Tate’s father, a retired Army intelligence officer who masqueraded as a hippie and hunted the actress’ killers for four months, says of the death verdict:

“That’s what we wanted. That’s what we expected.”

Slender, youthful-looking Lt. Col. Paul J. Tate, 48, said he spoke for himself and his wife, Doris. A jury had just decreed death for Charles Manson and three young women in the August 1969 murders of Miss Tate and six other persons.

“There’s still justice,” Tate said in a telephone interview.

“Naturally I wanted the death penalty. They look my daughter and my grandchild.” Miss Tate, the wife of director Roman Polanski, was eight months pregnant.

“But there’s no jubilation in something like this, no sense of satisfaction,” her father said. “It’s more a feeling that justice has been done.”

After the slayings, Tate grew a mustache and beard and mingled with drug addicts, lived in communes and frequented hangouts of youthful drifters in a search for the killers.

He said he worked constantly, sometimes alone but often with detectives, narcotics agents and other investigators.

“I turned up quite a bit, but that’s another story. It’s a book, really. If I knew how to write a book. I would,” he said.

He makes no claim that what he turned up led to the arrests of Manson and his women co-defendants.

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