• Sharon’s Blood Used to Scrawl ‘Pig’ on the Door

Sharon’s Blood Used to Scrawl ‘Pig’ on the Door

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26 – The blood of pregnant actress Sharon Tate was used to write the word “pig” on the door of her Benedict Canyon home the night she and four others were murdered, a police department blood expert testified in Los Angeles today.

The actress’ blood also was found spattered and puddled on the front porch, as well as inside the $250,000 home she leased with her film director husband, Roman Polanski.

M. Joseph Granado, of the Los Angeles Police Department’s scientific division, today detailed his findings in the Superior Court Tate-LaBianca murder case.

The blood of Hollywood hairdresser Jay Sebring was found at the gate control switch at the entrance of the Tate estate. Sebring’s blood also was found on the front porch and on top of two trunks which were in the living room.

Sebring’s blood also was found on a walkway, 28 inches from the front porch, indicating the hairdresser had apparently attempted to flee from the house.

Testimony up to this point in the trial has indicated that only Polish playboy Voilyck Frykowski and coffee heiress Abigail Folger had run outside in a vain try to elude their murderers.

Miss Tate’s blood also was found spattered outside, and a bloody footprint on the front porch was identified as being of her blood.

Granado testified that massive amounts of the actress’ blood were found on the front porch, on the front door jamb, and in the entryway.

Granado said he recovered pieces of what appeared to be a gun grip outside the front door, but they did not bear enough blood to be typed for identification.

Interrupting Granado’s testimony was a female deputy from the Sybil Brand Institute who testified briefly that she took hair samples from Susan Atkins, one of the defendants, last February.

Miss Helen A. Tebbe admitted under cross-examination that she did not ask permission from the defendant before removing the hairs from her hair brush. The prosecution has indicated that hair samples were found in some of the victims’ hands.

Meanwhile, two of the defendants, Miss Atkins and Leslie Van Houten sported new hair styles today. Miss Van Houten’s hair was curled in almost a frizz, and Miss Atkins’ usually straight locks curled softly about her face. The only girl to remain uncoiffeured was Patricia Krenwinkel.

The hair of their “leader”, Charles Manson, remained the same — uncombed and long.

Manson, who dozed through part of his murder trial Tuesday morning, woke up in the afternoon and attempted once again to fire his attorney for “doing things I don’t want him to do…and not doing things I want him to do.”

Interruption of the trial, in which Manson and three of his girl followers are charged, with seven counts of murder and one of conspiracy, came as Manson’s attorney Irving Kanarek cross-examined Los Angeles County Coroner Dr. Thomas T. Noguchi.

The long-haired cultist has asked another defense attorney, Paul Fitzgerald, to stop Kanarek’s questioning, but despite a whispered conference between the attorneys, the burly Kanarek continued to quiz the coroner.

“Irving!” Manson shouted, obviously exasperated.

Judge Charles Older turned toward Manson, sitting in a chair at the far end of the counsel table, but before he could say anything, Manson spoke.

“Your honor, this man is not doing what I want — not even by a small margin. He’s not my attorney.”

“I’ve reminded you in the past not to speak out,” Judge Older began, but Manson again interrupted.

“I would like to dismiss this man and get another attorney.”

The judge admonished the jury to “disregard the statements made by Mr. Manson” and called a recess to hear Manson’s complaints. With the jury out of the courtroom, Manson aired his grievances.

“I’ve said to this court numerous times that I have no rapport with this attorney — no communication with attorneys, at least any that I have ever met.

“I’ve asked permission to question witnesses myself and operate behind other attorneys, but was denied.

“I look this man (Kanarek) as my attorney to file a motion before the federal court to get my pro per back, but that’s been delayed.

“Since then I’ve asked Mr. Kanarek not to do certain things and he does them. I’ve asked him to do other things and he won’t do them. He does other things that are good, but I asked him not to ask certain questions but he asks them anyway.

“He’s sincere, honest, truthful human being, and I like him very much as a person. But as an attorney he can’t represent me — he doesn’t represent me. In the eyes of the court I’m inadequate to represent myself, so I’m forced to remain silent — I’ve been told to do so on several occasions. But I can’t bring him (Kanarek) to my thoughts. I have no control over his thoughts and I can’t express my words through this man.

“I would like to represent myself — it (the trial) would go much faster and be less confusing, would have very few questions to ask.”

Judge Older, who reminded Manson all defendants must speak through their attorney, denied the request, adding that what was needed “is closer rapport between you and Mr. Kanarek.”

“That’s impossible,” Manson answered.

“It takes two people to make an understanding,” the judge answered.

“Well,” Manson answered, rubbing his beard, “during the recess, Mr. Kanarek said he wouldn’t ask any more questions and listen to me — but the confusion hasn’t even started.

“At that ranch (the Spahn Ranch where Manson and his “family” lived) we had a definite reality. You have your reality. The two don’t even use the same words. You’ve got to have someone to interpret this confusion.”

Judge Older ordered resumption of the trial, and Manson’s attorney resumed questioning. However, the lawyer asked only four more questions before ending the cross examination of Dr. Noguchi.

The question which apparently stirred Manson’s ire was whether the blows which killed Miss Folger could have been inflicted on the lawn where her body was found, instead of in the Tate house. Linda Kasabian, the star prosecution witness, had testified she saw Miss Krenwinkel stabbing Miss Folger as she chased her across the lawn.


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