• Six Hurt in Brawl At San Quentin



Six Hurt in Brawl At San Quentin

SAN QUENTIN, Apr. 25 – A free-swinging brawl involving six convicts with two prison-made knives and two baseball bats broke out shortly after lunch yesterday in San Quentin’s lower yard but was broken up after a guard fired a warning shot.

The intense fight, which left all the participants wounded to one extent or another, apparently was an “in-house power struggle” among members of the Aryan Brotherhood, according to Lee DeBord, prison information officer.

He said the brawlers were all members or “closely associated with” the inmate organization, composed of Nazi-like white supremacy advocates.

The fight broke out at 12:44 p.m., when the yard was filled with inmates during the lunch break, DeBord said. Other convicts apparently quickly scattered to avoid the fight, and a correctional officer in a tower fired a shot into the air.

Other officers rushed to the fight, picked up the participants and the weapons.

Most seriously injured was Dan Rawlinson, 24-year-old inmate sent to prison from San Diego County for escape and an attempt to free another prisoner. He was reported in satisfactory condition today in the prison hospital with stab wounds in the chest, neck and leg.

Also stabbed was Joshua Hill, 28, a former Death Row inmate serving time for the murder of a Los Angeles liquor store owner. He was treated for wounds on his face and left shoulder.

One of Charles Manson’s crime partners, Bobby Beausoleil, also a former Death Row inmate and convicted murderer, “apparently was the recipient of a baseball bat,” De Bord said. Beausoleil suffered a broken jaw and broken hand as well as a black eye.

Three other inmates, who suffered cuts and scrapes, were not identified by prison officials as “they may be charged” in connection with the incident, DeBord said.

Prison authorities said the Aryan Brotherhood is not so much interested in political activities as in imposing its members’ will on other inmates.

Last Tuesday another member of the organization, Lin Paul Jeffers, 24, was stabbed in the prison kitchen.

Yesterday’s incident brought this year’s stabbings at San Quentin to 18. DeBord said that counting Beausoleil, there have been 19 serious assaults.

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