• Slain Woman Had Estate Of $2 Million



Slain Woman Had Estate Of $2 Million

LOS ANGELES, Aug 22 – An estate of about $2 million was left by a woman found slain with her husband under bizarre circumstances in their expensive home, court records showed Thursday in Los Angeles.

Police have theorized the slayer or slayers were imitating whoever murdered actress Sharon Tate and four others the day before.

Rosemary LaBianca, 38, was found stabbed to death in the hillside home she shared with her second husband, Leno LaBianca, 44, a supermarket chain owner.

Near the LaBianca’s bodies, police found scrawled in blood words including “pig” leading to the theory the slayers mimicked those of Miss Tate, hairdresser Jay Sebring, Polish movie writer Voityck Frokowsky, coffee heiress Abigail Folger and 18-year-old Steven Parent. On Miss Tate’s door was scrawled “Pig.”

The LaBiancas were slain on Aug. 10 – a day after the bodies of Miss Tate and the others were found in her Bel Air estate, five miles away.

Superior Court Judge Ben Koenig appointed Suzan Struthers, 21, Mrs. LaBianca’s daughter by a previous marriage, executor of the estate. An exact breakdown of Mrs. LaBianca’s estate was not revealed in open court.

Miss Struthers and her brother Frank, 15, are Mrs. LaBianca’s sole survivors, court records showed. The LaBiancas had no children.

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