• State Ends First Tate Trial Case

State Ends First Tate Trial Case

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 28 – The state concluded the first portion of its closing argument in the Sharon Tate murder trial today, calling for a verdict of first degree murder against Charles M. Manson and three women co-defendants.

The prosecutor said Manson was “a dictatorial maharaja of a tribe of boot-licking slaves who were willing to do his killing for him.”

Deputy Dist. Atty. Vincent Bugliosi concentrating on Manson said the hippie-style clan leader “preached love and practiced cold-blooded savage murder.”

The prosecutor told the jury Manson probably believed that others killed Miss Tate and six others and that he wasn’t responsible.

“When you folks come back with your verdict of first degree murder against Charles Manson, you’re going to tell him it’s not that easy,” said Bugliosi.

After the defense completes its closing arguments, the prosecution will deliver the second part its final statement.

Bugliosi said he had presented “repetitive testimony” during the trial to prove a bizarre motive for the slayings of the actress and six other persons.

He explained his theory was so strange that “you couldn’t believe it from the lips of just one witness.”

He referred to Manson’s alleged obsession with a Beatles’ song, “Helter Skelter,” and his belief that it meant the coming of a black-white revolution.

The state says Manson sought to incite the war.

The prosecution has said that Manson’s “twisted, crazed mind” hatched the plot for the murders and that he send his “band of vagabond robots” out to do the killings.

Girl Booked As Dope Carrier

Sheriff’s deputies booked a 19-year-old girl for investigation of possession of dangerous drugs and carrying them into a county jail.

Officers said Nancy Laura Pitman apparently attempted to take drugs yesterday to Charles Manson, 36-year-old cult leader on trial for the killing of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

The drugs were discovered in two balloons found in the girl’s purse, deputies said.

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