• State to Seek Death For Manson, 3 Young Women

State to Seek Death For Manson, 3 Young Women

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 28 – The state will try to send Charles Manson and three young women to the gas chamber for the murders of actress Sharon Tate and six other persons.

Deputy district attorney Vincent Bugliosi suddenly changed the mood of the Tate murder trial Friday, after weeks of motions and counter motions, by his first statement to the prospective jurors.

“I would like to make one point at the outset,” Bugliosi said. “It is the intent of the prosecution to ask for the death penalty for all of these defendants.”

Hippie cult leader Charles Manson scribbled with a yellow lead pencil as Bugliosi spoke. The three young women defendants — Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten — appeared not to hear.

Bugliosi then turned to questioning the first prospective juror, Herman Stokes, a Negro employe of the Post Office Department.

“Would the fact that three of these defendants are women prevent you from bringing in the death penalty if the evidence bears out they’re guilty?” asked Bugliosi

“No,” said Stokes.

“Would the fact that they are young adults influence your decision?”


“Would the fact that one of these defendants may not necessarily be charged with the physical killing of one of the victims prevent you from returning the death sentence?”

“No,” said Stokes.

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