• Suspect In Tate Case Extradited By Texas

Suspect In Tate Case Extradited By Texas

AUSTIN, Jan. 6 – The state of Texas yesterday ordered Charles D. Watson extradited to California to stand trial in the slayings last August of Sharon Tate and six others.

Watson’s attorney, Bill Boyd of McKinney, Tex., argued during the 30-minute hearing that the Tate case was so sensational and received so much publicity that it would be impossible for the 24-year-old Watson to receive a fair trial in California.

Boyd said he thought Watson could receive a fairer trial in Texas. He also suggested having Watson’s trial moved into a federal court, which would permit the trial to be held anywhere in the United States.

Watson and five other persons have been indicted on charges stemming from the slaying of Sharon Tate and six other persons on two successive nights.

Watson was not at the hearing. He is being held without bail in the Collin County Jail at McKinney, about 50 miles northeast of Dallas. Watson had been picked up at his parents’ home in McKinney on a warrant from the Los Angeles police department.

Boyd told the hearing that “there is bound to be a tremendous amount of pressure on California officials because of the publicity.” He said this included the entire state of California and the West Coast.

Officials from the Texas attorney general’s office, acting for the state of California, argued that Boyd’s plea of excessive publicity was “premature.” They said this would have to be decided by a court in California.

Boyd entered as evidence to back up his assertion of excess publicity 15 copies of the Los Angeles Times and one copy of Life magazine.

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