• Tate Case Girl Files 2 Motions

Tate Case Girl Files 2 Motions

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 25 – Patricia Krenwinkel, emulating the alleged mastermind of the Sharon Tate murders, requested permission yesterday to act as her own attorney to fight seven murder charges against her.

Miss Krenwinkel, 22, who was indicted for the slayings with Charles Manson and two other a his followers, made two motions during her first court appearance here since she was returned from Mobile, Ala.

One asked the court for permission to represent herself, and the other requested that she be allowed to act as her own attorney along with an associate counsel.

Manson made the same motions and ultimately won the right to defend himself. He and three other defendants go on trial March 30.

Miss Krenwinkel, who unsuccessfully fought extradition from Alabama where she was arrested, appeared in court without makeup and with her long hair hanging straight down from a part in the middle. She wore a gray, tan and white plaid sleeveless wool dress with black, flat shoes.

Superior Court Judge George M. Dell continued the arraignment until next Tuesday when Miss Krenwinkel will argue her motions. In the interim, he appointed Deputy Public Defender Paul Fitzgerald to represent the slender young woman.

At the beginning of the proceedings, Dell asked Miss Krenwinkel whether she had an attorney or the money to hire one.

“No, I do not,” she replied to both questions.

Fitzgerald said he would tentatively accept appointment as her lawyer unless he found there was a conflict of interest. Dell told Miss Krenwinkel that he would allow her to represent herself if he found she was qualified.

Also in court was Ira K. Reiner, who is representing Leslie Van Houten, 19, a co-defendant. He told newsmen later he had three long talks with Miss Krenwinkel during the weekend.

He said there were “many reasons” why she wanted to represent herself but declined to elaborate. He found her “very bright, articulate, quite verbal and calm.”

The possible conflict of interest mentioned by Fitzgerald involved another murder case in which Manson and his clan were implicated and which involves the public defender’s office.

Miss Krenwinkel was brought back to Los Angeles Friday night. The only other outstanding defendant is Charles “Tex” Watson, who continues to fight extradition from McKinney, Tex.

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