• Tate Figure Arrested, Released

Tate Figure Arrested, Released

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 20 – Steven Grogan, accused by a defendant in the Tate-LaBianca slayings of going to the LaBianca home the night of the killings, was arrested in court Thursday by officers who said he appeared under the influence of drugs.

Tests failed to show that he had been using drugs, however, and he was released.

Grogan is not a defendant in the multiple slayings.

Grogan, 18, was taken into custody in the court of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Sterry Fagan where he had been brought on charges of auto theft.

When questioned by Fagan about substituting attorneys, Grogan stood motionless, stared into space and was unable to reply.

Attorney Daye Shinn, who was prepared to replace Grogan’s previous attorney, took the youth out of the courtroom to question him.

When they returned, two officers took Grogan into custody, saying his condition apparently was the result of using hallucinatory drugs.

Shinn said Grogan was dazed because of a lack of food and lengthy jail confinement.

Susan Atkins, one of the co-defendants charged with murder and conspiracy in the slayings of actress Sharon Tate and four guests last Aug. 9 and of Mr. and Mrs. Leno LaBianca the following night, has said Grogan accompanied the group to the LaBianca home but did not go in.

Grogan was arrested with Charles Manson and others during a raid on a Death Valley ranch last fall.

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