Tate Killing Link To Ukiah Murders?

UKIAH, Calif., Dec. 4 – Sheriff Reno Bartolomie has requested the Los Angeles police department to forward photos and fingerprints of suspects in the Sharon Tate slayings to probe the possibility of a link to the 1968 murders south of Ukiah of Clyda Jean Dulaney, 24, and Nancy Warren, 64, her grandmother.

Seven persons belonging to a nomadic cult led by Charles Manson were arrested on June 22, 1968, in the Boonville area and arraigned on a number of charges involving drugs.

Susan Denise Atkins, 19, arrested near Boonville tried under the name of Sadie Mae Glutz and convicted of possession of marijuana, made a statement Wednesday through her court-appointed attorney that a weird hippie band called “The Manson Family” had burst into the Sharon Tate estate and brutally killed five persons. Cult members are also suspects in the slaying of six other persons in the southern California area.

Bartolomie is probing into the activities of the seven men and women since the southern California murders are in the same “senseless” category as those of Mrs. Dulaney and Mrs. Warren who were savagely beaten and garroted with leather thongs at the antique store owned by the older woman, which was located six miles south of Ukiah on Highway 101.

Bartolomie has also asked that samples of leather thongs be forwarded if such items were in the possession of the suspects.

The sheriff was watching television when his memory was jogged by a reference of the newscaster to Susan Atkins, one of the numerous aliases of Sadie Mae Glutz as she was known to local authorities.

The sheriff also recalled that Charles Manson, although never arrested here had visited Miss Atkins while she was awaiting trial.

The sheriff said that a number of the persons arrested in the Boonville raid had been in this area while awaiting disposition of their cases past the time of the double murder south of Ukiah. Several were reportedly guests during this period of a Ukiah man at his home off Boonville Road.

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6 Responses to Tate Killing Link To Ukiah Murders?

  1. debrakeipp says:

    In the article about the Ukiah women, strangled, Nancy is the younger woman and Clida is the Grandmother. The article has it wrong. Also, the Patrolman supposedly pulled over a car load of Manson Family women on 101, driving high on acid with a small child in the car. They were arrested and the child taken into foster custody. In retaliation, they got the name of the arresting CHP, Warren, who pulled them over. His wife was Nancy. He was suspected in the killings, but not enough evidence to convict. It was also supposed that the Manson Family killed the CHP’s pregnant wife, in retaliation for taking Charlie’s baby away to foster care. 1968 in Ukiah, CA, Mendocino County California.


  2. Marisa says:

    Some people give Charlie way too much credit.

  3. Norma Gibson says:

    The article is correct. Clyda was married to Don Delany, the CHP officer, and Nancy Warren was the grandmother. I went to school with Clyda and had met her grandmother when she had the antique store on 101.

  4. Julie Reyes says:

    Hello Norma, I just came across your post and wondered if you could answer a question for me. All the information I’ve read on the case cites the antique shop as being where the Saechao strawberry stand is, but that’s not Burke Hill, that’s Nelson Ranch. Where exactly was the antique store (and, by default, the crime scene)?

  5. Sheila says:

    WOW. I’m a little slow on the uptake, I guess. I graduated from Ukiah High in 1967. When the Tate/Labianca murders happened, I was probably in Sacramento going to school or working. I had no idea that had hit so close to home.

    Do you (or anyone) remember a murder of a young man/kid, think he was the son of the Lake Co. DA and his girl friend, who was kidnapped. Then someone over on Highway 4 (outside of Angels Camp?) heard a sound by the road, the middle aged couple found her, she was taken to a hospital in S.F., was coherent long enough to tell her story, then went it to parasysis. (sp?) I didn’t know the kids, but a girl a year behind me new the girl.

  6. Janice says:

    Replying to Sheila. I believe you’re asking about the serial killers Braun and Maine who picked up a couple, just south of Ukiah, who had run out of gas. They murdered Timothy Luce and shot Susan Bartlomei 5 times, leaving her for dead over by Groveland, but she amazingly survived. I remember it all too well. Susan was still in a wheelchair when she would come into Medico Drugstore, where I worked when I was in high school.

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