• Tate Witness Describes ‘Vibrations’

Tate Witness Describes ‘Vibrations’

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 19 – Serene but weary, Linda Kasabian is concluding her key prosecution testimony in the Sharon Tate murder trial, telling how she received “vibrations from the universe.”

“It’s sort of like when you get down on your knees and pray and you wait for an answer,” said Mrs. Kasabian.

The “vibrations,” she said, told her: “That to be here now testifying is the will of God.”

The green-eyed, Mrs Kasabian, her sandy-colored hair falling softly to her shoulders sighed frequently during recross-examination. She appeared disappointed when her 17th day on the stand ended Tuesday with more questions to come.

Irving Kanarek, third of four defense attorneys to reopen recross, hammered away at Mrs.Kasabian’s use of the term “vibrations.”

Mrs. Kasabian had testified that shaggy-haired clan clan leader Charles M. Manson was communicating with her in ‘the courtroom through “vibrations.” She said she received them from others as well.

“It’s energy, awareness of energy being transmitted,” she said. “It’s like a channel leading to the universe.”

“Have you used these vibrations to obtain any of the information you told us here in court?” Kanarek asked.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Kasabian.

“About my drug taking, my realization, my ESP experiences, that’s about all I can think of at the moment.”

“Did you first send off vibrations to the universe?” asked Kanarek.”

“Yes, I did,” she replied.

Earlier, Paul Fitzgerald representing Patricia Krenwinkel, 22, elicited testimony from the 21-year-old mother of two that her son, born in March, could have been fathered by any of five men, including Manson.

But she said she believes her husband, Robert, fathered the baby, Angel. “I saw my husband in my child’s face when it was born,” she said.

Manson, 35, and three women followers are charged with murder-conspiracy in the slayings of Miss Tate and six others last August. Mrs. Kasabian, also charged in the crimes, was granted immunity from prosecution for her testimony implicating the defendants.

Mrs. Kasabian was questioned about courtroom signals and messages exchanged by her and the defendants.

She said Manson once whisked his finger across his throat in a slitting gesture while she was on the stand, then put his fingers to his lips.

“It was around the first time was testifying,” she said, “and I got the impression he was telling
me to keep my mouth shut ”

She said the three women defendants sometimes spoke to her in court,” saying, “God is your judge.”

As court ended, an attorney handed Mrs. Kasabian an intricately braided length of strings. He said defendant Leslie Van Houten had made if as a bracelet, a present for Mrs Kasabian’s baby.

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