• Texas Judge Uses Legal Whip On Manson Cultist’s Lawyers



Texas Judge Uses Legal Whip On Manson Cultist’s Lawyers

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13 – District Judge David Brown Friday sentenced two Los Angeles lawyers to 72 hours in jail and fined them $100 each for trying to make a “press spectacular” out of the case of Charles D. Watson, charged in the Sharon Tate murders

“I am fining you $100 and jailing you for 72 hours but I will suspend this provided you take the next plane back to California and shut your mouths,” Brown told the attorneys, Perry Walshin and David DeLoach.

“I admonish you for making a circus out of my courtroom,” said the Judge.

Watson, dressed in green work clothes, made his first public appearance since he gave himself up Nov. 30 in answer to a California murder warrant.

He since has been indicted on seven counts of murder and one count of conspiracy.

Susan Denise Atkins, another of a hippie band charged in the California murders, has told a Grand Jury Watson was the one who killed Miss Tate with a knife.

“Do you want to talk to these men or be represented by them?” Judge Brown asked Watson Friday about the two California lawyers.

“No, sir, I do not.” Watson said.

“Do you want to see them?” Brown asked.

“No, I do not,” Watson replied.

At least 39 Texas highway patrolmen guarded Watson. At least 20 patrolmen and Sheriff’s deputies were in the courtroom. Watson, who grew up at nearby Copeville, Tex., was moved into the courtroom before 6:30 a.m. and no reporters or photographers were allowed near him.

Leaving the courtroom, officers threw a coat over Watson’s head and hustled him past photographers.

Walshin and DeLoach came to Texas last week. Walshin said he had represented Watson on the coast and that Watson’s mother wanted him in the case.

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