• To Divide Tate Estate

To Divide Tate Estate

SANTA MONICA, Jan. 3 – The $45,400 estate of actress Sharon Tate, who left no will, will be divided among her husband, parents, and sisters, according to court records.

A document filed Friday in superior court here by attorneys for Miss Tate’s father, retired Army Col. Paul J. Tate, 47, indicated that a search was made to determine if the young actress left a will. None was found.

Tate was granted permission by Superior Court Judge Mario L. Clinco to act as administrator for his daughter’s estate. Tate’s petition listed as her immediate heirs her husband, film director Roman Polanski, her father, her mother, Doris, 45; and two sisters, Deborah Ann, 17, and Patricia Gaye, 12, who both live with their mother in Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.

The documents indicated Miss Tate’s estate was $45,400, including cars worth $5,700.

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  1. Paul James says:

    Sharon met Jay for the first time in October 1964 and they began a relationship. He was still married to Bonnie Lee Marple although the marriage had been unofficially over since August 1963 and officially ended with divorce in March 1965.

    I mention this because Sharon signed over her earnings from the William Morris Agency to Jay in August 1965. Was this to help him fund his business? Was he in financial distress following his divorce? Whatever the reason, it seems to me that Sharon’s estate should probably have included something from Jay’s business, Sebring International. Perhaps it did but I speculate it didn’t as her arrangement with Jay was likely private and undocumented.

    This is the text of the letter from Sharon to William Morris Agency. I have an image of the original document, signed by Sharon.

    August 20, 1965
    William Morris Agency, Inc.
    151 El Cemino
    Beverly Hills, California


    As an accommodation to me, l request that all monles
    which you may receive on my account be paid, after
    deduction of any commissions payable to you by me,
    to and in the name of Thomas Jay Sebring at Sebring’s
    International, 725 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles,
    California 90046.

    You shall not be held responsible or in any way
    accountable for the disposition, by Mr. Sebring,
    of such funds. Your responsibility with regard to
    such funds shall end when a check payable to
    Mr. Sebring has been either delivered to him
    personally or deposited in the U.S. Mail addressed
    to him as indicated above.

    This authorization shall remain in full force and
    effect until you receive other instructions from me
    in writing.

    Very truly yours,

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