• Two More Girls Seen Linked to Manson



Two More Girls Seen Linked to Manson

Dec. 9 – The possible involvement of two more young women in the affairs of hippie cult leader Charles M. Manson became known today when one of them was released from jail on bail while another, apparently about to be released on bail, was held instead on suspicion of murder.

Nancy Pitman, 18, also known as Brenda Sue McCann, was released on posting of $1,875 bail from Sybil Brand Institute at 12:52 a.m.

The bail was security for her appearance Jan. 5 in Division 74 for a preliminary hearing on check forgery charges.

Miss Pitman had also been held for the Inyo County district attorney Frank Fowles, on a complaint charging her with suspicion of possession of stolen property.

But Fowles dropped the charge, he said, “in the interest of justice.”

This left only the forgery charge, and a sheriff’s spokesman said a Duncan Pitman furnished the bail. The spokesman said he did not know Duncan Pitman’s relationship to Nancy Pitman.

The second woman was identified as Manon Minette, 23.

The sheriff’s spokesman said that shortly after midnight, when Inyo County authorities’ charges against her were dropped — as they had been in the case of Miss Pitman — sheriff’s homicide detectives charged her with suspicion or murder.

But no one in the sheriff’s homicide office or information bureau was able — or willing — to say who she was suspected of having murdered.

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