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Walter Scott’s Personality Parade

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3 — Want the facts? Want to learn the truth about prominent personalities? Want informed opinion? Write Walter Scott, Parade, 733 3rd Ave, New York, N.Y. 10017. Your full name will be used unless otherwise requested. Volume of mail received makes personal replies impossible

Q. Would you please tell me if Charles Manson has a real “family”? Isn’t it strange that we have never heard anything of his parents or family? Is it because they are so rich the media has been told to “keep quiet”?

— Mrs. Jeanne Brown, Oakland, Calif.

A. Charles Manson’s mother and 9-year-old half sister live virtually in hiding, “it’s for my little girl’s sake,” says the convicted murderer’s mother. “She doesn’t know any of this and I’ve hoped I could keep it quiet until she’s older.”

Manson’s ex-wife, the former Rosalie Jean Willis, has remarried and also hopes to retain her anonymity because of the son she bore to Manson.

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