• Watson Directed To Return To California

Watson Directed To Return To California

McKINNEY, Tex., Feb. 17 – Charles Watson looked more like the high school football hero he used to be than the person charged with taking part in the Sharon Tate murders.

When he arrived in the courtroom Monday he wore striped trousers, loafers and a cowboy-style shirt. Gone was the long hair and the beard he acquired while a member of the Charles Manson family.

He sat and watched while his attorney presented 114 exhibits to show that Watson could not get a fair trial in California because of extensive publicity.

He sat and listened when District Judge David H. Brown upheld the extradition order and directed Watson be returned to California to face charges of murdering actress Sharon Tate.

He heard a Los Angeles District Attorney’s report which said no one would go on trial for the Tate murders until Watson was sent to California. He heard Brown say justice demanded, Watson be extradited.

He heard Brown say:
“The Court finds no evidence of irresponsible handling of the matter by California news media.”

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