• Watson Ordered to Face Tate Counts

Watson Ordered to Face Tate Counts

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 13 – Charles D. “Tex” Watson, who successfully fought extradition from Texas to California for 10 months, appeared in Superior Court Saturday and was ordered to return Sept. 28 for formal arraignment in the slayings of Sharon Tate and six other persons.

Los Angeles Judge George M. Dell ordered Watson, 24, held without bail. Nattily attired in a business suit and sans sideburns and long hair, the one-time member of the Charles Manson hippie cult was extradited Friday.

Manson and three female members of the “Manson family” have been on trial for 13 weeks for the slaughter of Miss Tate, who was eight months pregnant, and the six other persons on two nights in August of 1969.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black Friday turned down Watson’s final appeal to delay execution of an extradition order.

In the custody of two Los Angeles police detectives, Watson arrived at the International Airport here Friday night after a three-hour commercial airline flight from McKinney, Tex.

He was taken to the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters and then to the county jail.

According to testimony by Linda Kasabian, the state’s principal witness, Watson was present when Miss Tate and four persons were murdered Aug. 9, 1969, and that Watson also took part in the deaths of Leno LaBianca and his wife the following night.

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