County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department




R. G. Fimbres, Chief
Detective Division

James F. Downey,
Assistant Sheriff


V: HINMAN, Gary MC/34

D#1: BEAUSOLEIL, Robert Kenneth MC/21
D#2: MANSON, Charles Miles MC/36
D#3: ATKINS, Susan Denise FC/22
D#4: DAVIS, Bruce McGregor MC/27

Captain G. S. Walsh, Homicide Bureau, advises:

On 6-15-70, a hearing was concluded into a motion for a new trial and reduction of the death penalty in Department 107, before Judge William Keene. Motion was denied and defendant Beausoleil was sentenced to be taken within 10 days to the Warden of San Quentin Prison and, after a Hearing of Appeal, to be put to death under the terms prescribed by law.

During the hearing, this date, Mary Brunner arose from the spectators and shouted, calling the Judge a "jack ass" and that the defendant was innocent. Judge Keene cited Miss Brunner for Contempt of Court and sentenced her to five days in County Jail.

Investigators will seek a Complaint from the District Attorney's Office for Miss Brunner's arrest and prosecution in the Hinman Murder.