Charles Manson: Music, Mayhem, Murder by Tommy Udo

Charles Manson: Music, Mayhem, Murder

By Tommy Udo

In Charles Manson: Music, Mayhem, Murder, author Tommy Udo retraces the links between Manson and the music industry, covering Manson’s metamorphosis from folk singer to some kind of anti-establishment icon/heavy metal poster child. Unfortunately the entire book is plagued with factual errors. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Book Description: Detailed account of Manson’s life, including his attempt to break into the LA scene of the mid ’60s, to his bizarre relationship with the Beach Boys, his obsession with The Beatles, his demo releases from prison which achieved quadruple platinum sales, the resultant lawsuit to ban his royalties, his influence on Guns n’ Roses, and his links with ne-Nazi rock underground.

Pages: 260

Publisher: Sanctuary Publishing (August 2002)

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One Response to Charles Manson: Music, Mayhem, Murder by Tommy Udo

  1. Fred Bloggs says:

    It’s actually a very readable book that explores some interesting angles and presents certain matters in a thought provoking way.
    But it’s credibility is severely undermined by the number of factual errors that give the impression of sensationalism over serious study. Anyone that’s followed the case, it’s pre~history and it’s 46 year aftermath will be facepalming a little too regularly for one’s liking and in the end, I think Tommy, despite being an interesting writer, ends up being annoying and won’t be taken seriously as a bona fide member of the Manson intelligensia.
    But if you can find it cheap, buy it. If you really hate it, consider what you paid as the price of an education !

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