9:15 A.M.

THE COURT: People against Watson. Let the record show the defendant and all counsel are present.

As I understand it, this is a motion by the People requesting the Court to appoint two additional doctors to examine the defendant.

MR. KAY: That is correct.

MR. BUBRICK: May I state for the record there have been two doctors appointed under 226 thus far. I have not received any medical reports. I think this motion is premature. I don’t think it is a proper motion.

THE COURT: The Court on its own will appoint these two physiatrists. The Court will appoint Dr. K. Grosvenor Bailey and Dr. Joel Fort under 1027 of the penal code, to make their examination and report to the Court.

Is there anything further?

MR. BUBRICK: No, your Honor, but I still feel, your Honor, that -- if there is some change. We were to be ready on the 19th; I think I told your Honor that.

THE COURT: Yes, I asked you to be ready on the 19th. We are not taking any cases here so that we can make sure you are ready to go.

MR. BUBRICK: I have three robberies set; one is set on the 7th; one on the 12th and one on -- the one one the 12th is not the --

THE COURT: How long will that take you?

MR. BUBRICK: I think a week each. I am doing my best to get the one on the 12th continued but the one on the 7th is a return from prison. He has been in custody for two and a half years.

THE COURT: How long will that take?

MR. BUBRICK: It is a robbery.

THE COURT: That won’t take beyond the 19th?

MR. BUBRICK: No. My big problem is I am out of contact with the individual who was being most helpful to me. He just disappeared. I don’t know what happened to him; where he has gone. I called his family back in Texas to find out if they know where he could be reached in the Los Angeles area. I am having no luck with him.

THE COURT: He is a defense witness?

MR. BUBRICK: Not only a defense witness but he is sort of my chief investigator. He has been doing all of my leg work.

THE COURT: If during the course of the trial it becomes necessary to give some additional time to locate him I imagine the People are going to take a few days with their case.

MR. BUGLIOSI: The People's case in chief?


MR. BUGLIOSI: It will take more than a couple of days, your Honor.

THE COURT: It will take more than a couple of days to pick a jury. By that time if you feel you need some additional time to locate him, I will take care of it for you.

MR. BUGLIOSI: Is there any other pending defense motion?

THE COURT: Is it a secret who this man is?

MR. BUBRICK: David Neale.

THE COURT: If you will give Mr. Bugliosi some leads, maybe he can help you.

MR. BUBRICK: He was as fraternity brother of Mr. Watson. He went to school with him. He went to Alaska.

THE COURT: We had another case in which the People did a fine job in helping the defense locate witnesses for them. I am sure the People would do the same for you. Give Mr. Bugliosi all of the information you can.

MR. BUGLIOSI: We will try to find him. We will turn it over to the LAPD.

Any other defense motion?


THE COURT: No change of venue -- nothing at all?

MR. BUBRICK: Not today.

THE COURT: I am just happy to see him. That is all.

(Whereupon the above entitled matter was concluded.)