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ACTIVE: Investigation Made; Vehicle Impounded

V#1- HINMAN, Gary
V#2-SHEA, Donald Jerome MC-36

#1: GROGAN, Steve (AKA "Clem")
#2: DAVIS, Bruce
#3: MANSON, Charles (AKA "Charlie")
#4: WATSON, Charles (AKA "Tex")


1962 white Mercury, License NLM 841; Impounded at Calabasses Garage
Registered to: Barbara P. Enfield, 12121 La Maida, North Hollywood, California

During the investigation into the homicide of GARY HINMAN under the above file, the undersigned proceeded to Inyo County on 10-12-69 and returned to San Dimas Station with KATHERINE LUTESINGER, FC-16. Miss Lutesinger, a runaway from 17730 Devonshire Street, Northridge, stated she had lived at Spahn Movie Ranch with the Charles Manson family and was presently pregnant by ROBERT BEAUSOLEIL, a suspect in the Gary Hinman killing.

She stated in early September the Manson Family moved to Barker's Ranch, Inyo County, where she heard numerous girls and Charles Manson relating how they had killed a cowboy named "Shorty" who frequented the Spahn Movie Ranch. Charles Manson related to her that he, Clem (Steve Grogan), Bruce Davis and possibly Tex (Charles Watson) killed "Shorty" in Box Canyon near the Spahn Movie Ranch by stabbing him to death and burying him nearby. Further, that someone of the Manson Family drove Shorty's car to a different location and hid it. Miss Lutesinger stated this crime occurred approximately 9-1-69.

She further described Shorty as a 35-year-old cowboy, 5'10", 180 pounds, who lived with a Negro girl friend.

On 10-14-69, the undersigned returned to Inyo County and interviewed BROOKS POSTEN, MC-20 of Shoshone, California. Mr. Posten stated he had a conversation with Charles Manson the latter part of September 1969 at Barker's Ranch. Mr. Posten stated Charles Manson said, "Do you remember Shorty? We had to kill him because he was badmouthing the ranch (Spahn Movie Ranch). We warned him two or three times. Clem (Steve Grogan), Bruce (Bruce Davis), Tex (Charles Watson) took Shorty for a ride. We hit Shorty with a wrench or pipe (Mr. Posten is not sure which) and waited for him to come to and held him down."

Manson further stated, upon regaining consciousness, Shorty said, "Why, Charlie, why?" Manson replied, "Shorty, you know why."

Charles Manson further stated, "His (Shorty) fear was up when he got to now: we killed him. (Manson's philosophy is each person reaches a point where he will plead for his life or submit. Manson calls this "reaching now."

Manson further stated, "We cut his head off and buried him."

Mr. Posten further related that on or about 9-15-69 at Barker's Ranch, he had a conversation with Steve Grogan (AKA "Clem"). Steve Grogan stated, "Shorty came to the ranch (Spahn Ranch) and we hit him in the head with a pipe. There were four of us, Bruce, Tex, Charlie and me. We got him into the car and took him for a ride. We pulled him out while he was unconscious and waited for him to come to 'now'. Shorty wouldn't give up. I cut his head off and the girls buried him while I smoked a joint."

The undersigned then interviewed PAUL WATKINS, MC-19, of Shoshone, California. Mr. Watkins stated approximately September 4th or 5th, 1969, Charles Manson stated, "You know we killed Shorty. Clem cut his head off."

At approximately the same time Mr. Watkins had a conversation at Spahn's Movie Ranch in Chatsworth with Bruce Davis who stated, "We took Shorty for a ride in the car. Clem hit him in the head. There was me, Charlie, Clem and Tex. We took Shorty off the road in the woods. Shorty asked, 'What's this all about, Charlie?' Charlie stabbed him, then we all took turns. Shorty got to 'now'. Steve cut his head off with a machete. We stashed they body under some leaves. It was dark. Clem came back later with some girls. It was a night and the moon was full and the girls buried him. We had to put him out of the way, he knew too much."

The undersigned then interviewed PAUL CROCKETT of Shoshone, California, who stated in September at the Barker Ranch, Charles Manson stated, "Shorty couldn't keep his mouth shut. It's hard to kill a man that's brought to 'now'. I had to cut his head off."

Investigation revealed SHORTY to be DONALD JEROME SHEA, MC-36, born 9-18-33, 5'11", 190 pounds, brown eyes, brown hair. Mr. Shea was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His mother, Elizabeth Marie Shea, lives at 349 Boston Avenue, Medford, Massachusetts. His father is deceased. Mr. Shea entered service and was wounded in Korea in 1951. His ankles were crushed and his hips were shattered in a parachute jump. Mr. Shea has tattoos of three horses on his chest, a tattoo of a rose and a lady on the upper left arm and the words "I'll always love you Nicki" on his heart. Mr. Shea had five pitchfork scars from an accident in his early teens.

Mr. Shea married Mrs. Charles Henderson [Sandra Harmen] of 313 Route Lane, Chainsbury Court, Defiance, Ohio. There were two girls and one boy by this marriage. Mr. Shea divorced Mrs. Henderson in 1966. Prior to their divorce they trained horses and lived at Spahn's Ranch with their family. This was in 1963.

Mr. Shea's Social Security Number is 028-24-2319. His Driver's License is California Operator's Number B979490.

Mr. Shea went to work for the Cab Inn Beer Bar at Alondra and Avalon in Carson approximately March, 1969. While there, he met a topless dancer, Madelaine Velma Shea; and on 7-1-69, they were married in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mrs. Shea stated that he had worked as a horse wrangler, movie stunt man and beer club manager. Close friends are Ruby Pearl, Ray Parrot and Randy Starr who all frequent the Spahn Movie Ranch and work there part-time.

On 11-19-69, the undersigned interviewed DANIEL DE CARLO who stated while staying at Spahn Ranch, Bruce Davis and Charles Manson said they killed Shorty with Little Larry and Steve Grogan. They further stated that they cut off his arm and buried him. Prior to Mr. DeCarlo hearing of this, Bruce Davis gave him (Mr. DeCarlo) two pawn tickets for two Italian made .45-caliber revolvers belonging to Donald Jerome Shea. Mr. DeCarlo stated he went to the pawn shop and recovered the guns and then found out that Mr. Shea had been killed and sold the guns to another pawn shop.

On 11-26-69, the undersigned interviewed ALLEN SPRINGER, a Straight Satan Motorcycle Rider and a friend of Daniel DeCarlo. Mr. Springer stated on 11-26-69, at 28 Club House Drive, Venice; he had a conversation with Bruce Davis who stated he and the other suspects had killed Shorty in Devil's Canyon and buried the body in a shallow grave. Mr. Springer stated that Davis told him the motive was because Mr. Shea had been informing to the police department.

On 11-4-69, Malibu Deputies contacted RAY PARROT, 10538 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Chatsworth, phone 341-8607. Mr. Parrott stated he had not seen Donald Shea since approximately September 10. He stated he believes that Mr. Shea may be working at a salt mine in Vallejo, California.

On 11-10-69, undersigned contacted SGT. J. MUNK of the Vallejo Police Department who checked with the only salt mine in their area, Leslie's Salt Company. Sgt. Munk stated their records go back to September 15, 1969, and they show no record of a Donald Shea working for them.

On 12-2-69, Los Angeles Police Department interviewed BARBARA HOYT, FC-17, 20302 Mobil, Canoga Park, phone 304-4946. Miss Hoyt stated one day at the Spahn Ranch she heard Charles Manson ask Daniel DeCarlo if lime would get rid of a dead body. Manson stated he had killed a guy named Shorty and cut him into nine pieces and wanted to get rid of him.

On 12-4-69, the undersigned interviewed MARY T. BRUNNER in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Miss Brunner stated approximately 9-23-69, she returned from Wisconsin and went to the Spahn Movie Ranch with Charles "Tex" Watson. While at the ranch, Watson stated they had killed Shorty and buried him by the railroad tracks and ditched Shorty's car near the old Gresham Street address. Miss Brunner stated the address where they had previously lived was 13150 Gresham Street, Canoga Park.

On 12-9-69, MADELANIE SHEA contacted this office and stated she last saw Mr. Shea on 8-16-69 in the early morning hours in Hollywood. Further, that he was driving a 1962 Mecury, white in color, License NLM 841.

The undersigned proceeded to the Gresham Street address and around the corner at 8864 Independence, the vehicle was observed, apparently abandoned due to heavy layers of dust and rain spots. A latent print deputy was called and Deputy P. Chamousie responded. The vehicle was impounded and dusted for prints which were lifted from a foot locker in the trunk and later identified as the palm prints of Bruce Davis. The vehicle contained numerous clothing, a foot locker with the name "Donald James Shea" and personal effects. The vehicle was impounded at the Calabasses Garage. This vehicle was registered to Barbara P. Enfield, 12121 LaMaida, North Hollywood, California. Miss Enfield was subsequently contacted by Deputy Guenther and stated she had sold the vehicle to Donald Jerome Shea approximately May 1969.

On 12-12-69, MRS. SHEA filed a formal missing persons report under File No. 069-09544-2010-400 which will be made part of this file. Mrs. Shea added at the time of the filing of this report that just prior to 8-16-69, Donald Jerome Shea told her that the previous Saturday night he had gone to Spahn Ranch and Charlie tried to kill him by throwing a knife at him. Shorty was in the corral breaking a horse at this time. Charlie told Shorty he might as well do it before her black brothers did it.

On 12-12-69, Los Angeles Police Department interviewed DON HAROLD SWARTZ of the Bar None Ranch on Fern Ann Falls Road, Chatsworth, phone 882-9990. Mr. Swartz stated he last saw Shorty approximately 9-1-69. When he asked Charles Manson where Shorty had gone, Manson replied, "He's gone to San Francisco. I told him about a job there." Mr. Swartz noticed that after Shorty disappeared from the Spahn Ranch, Bill Vance and Daniel DeCarlo each had one of Shorty's matched .45-caliber pistols. Shorty, according to Mr. Swartz, would never part with those pistols regardless of what happened or how hard up he was.

On 12-29-69, the Los Angeles Police Department interviewed BARBARA JEAN HOYT. This was a reinterview from 12-2-69. Miss Hoyt stated that on or about 8-19 to 8-31-69, while staying at the Spahn's Movie Ranch, she recalls hearing screams that sounded as if they were coming from the creek area. These screams sounded as if they were coming from the creek area. These screams sounded as if they were from a male. She remembered seeing Shorty before that evening but has not seen him since. Some time during the first part of September 1969, while at the Barker Ranch, Charles Manson talked about killing Shorty and how Shorty asked Charlie why and Charlie stabbed him. She stated she also heard the conversation in August 1969 at the Spahn Ranch when Charlie told Danny DeCarlo about using lime to dispose of a body.

A check with CII Gun Records revealed that two .45-caliber Dakota Italian revolvers were pawned on 7-25-69 by Donald J. Shea at the Collateral Loan Association, 1612 North Vine, phone Hollywood 4-6175.

On 12-14-69, the undersigned interviewed RANDY STARR, RUBY PEARL and GEORGE SPAHN at the Spahn Movie Ranch. All stated that they had not seen Donald Jerome Shea since approximately the middle of September 1969.

On 12-17-69, Deputy Charles Guenther interviewed CATHERINE SHARE at the Inyo County Jail. Miss Share was advised of her Constitutional rights which she waived and stated that in approximately September 1969, she was awakened at the Spahn Movie Ranch by Charles Manson and told to get into a car. She got into the car with Steve Grogan, Brenda McCann, Bruce Davis and Charles Manson and was driven down to the railroad tracks bridge where she observed Donald Shea's car parked half way out into the roadway. Charles Manson told her to get in the car, drive it down into the valley and ditch it and thumb her way back. Miss Share stated she drove the car down to Northridge and left the car on a dirt road and hitchhiked back to the Spahn Movie Ranch.

In January 1970, on a court order, the undersigned transported Susan Denise Atkins and her attorney, Richard Cabalaro, from Sybil Brand Institute to the Spahn Movie Ranch. Miss Atkins stated that she was awakened by Charles Manson in the early morning hours and taken to an area alongside Santa Susanna Road where she was told to clean up blood. She stated she found blood on the bushes leading down to a small ravine and she had been told that Donald Shea had been killed and was buried down in the ravine. A search was made with negative results.

Investigation continuing.


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