DR 69-059 593

FOLGER, Abigail Anne, CC No. 69-8794
FRYKOWSKI, Wojciech, CC No. 69-8793
PARENT, Steven Earl, CC No. 69-8792
POLANSKI, Sharon Marie, CC No. 69-8796
SEBRING, Thomas John CC No. 69-8795

DATE AND TIME OCCURRED: August 9, 1969, 2400-0415 hours
DIVISION OF OCCURRENCE: West Los Angeles Division
PERIOD COVERED BY THIS REPORT: September 1, 1969 - October 22, 1969

TO: Lt. R. J. Helder, Supervisor of Investigations, Robbery-Homicide Divn.


On 9-2-69, investigators took the glasses found at the crime scene to the Armorlite Optical Company, 727 South Main Street, Burbank. They talked with Mr. Robin Graham, the manager, and Mr. Nerad Frank, optometrist. This company is the largest manufacturer of plastic lenses in the USA. The glasses concerned were checked, and it was determined they were not Armorlite Optical lenses.

On this same day, investigator also went to 412 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, and talked with Mr. John Delgato, the branch manager of American Optical Company. The glasses were examined by American Optical and it was determined from their investigation that the lenses were not theirs. They were unable to identify the manufacturer. It was also learned that the prescription in these lenses is a stock item carried by most lens manufacturers. They are not necessarily ground to order.

The frames were identified by American Optical as a popular type sold by them and known as a "Manhattan" frame.

All optical lenses ordered through American Optical are filed under the requesting doctor's name. A stop was placed on all incoming orders for the concerned prescription. Investigators will be notified of any order requesting this particular prescription by American Optical.

On 9-3-69, investigators learned from an informant that a Mr. Robert Topaz had stated to her that he had seen one of the victims of these homicides the night of the occurrence. Investigators went to 9777 Wilshire Boulevard, suite 803, and interviewed Mr. Topaz. He stated he knew Jay Sebring and had last seen him on 8-6-69, at approximately 1830 hours. Sebring had gone to the Topaz home at 1471 Forest Knoll Drive, Los Angeles. He was attempting to contact a girl by the name of Liv Lindland. The girl had stayed with Topaz for several weeks and Sebring was now attempting to locate her. He was intent on spending the night with the girl. According to Topaz, he could not tell Sebring where the girl was, as she had left him several days earlier. Sebring left Topaz after the conversation with Topaz, investigators felt he was cooperative and honest.

On 9-4-69, Liv Lindland was interviewed at 1443 Devlin Drive, Los Angeles. She is presently staying with a movie producer by the name of Jack Haley. Miss Lindland state that she had been on a movie location for Paramount Studios near Corona from Monday, August 4, 1969, and returned to Los Angeles late Friday night, August 8, 1969. She stated that she had known Jay Sebring in the past but she had not seen him in the last few weeks. She first learned of the multiple murders while at the Jack Haley residence about 10:30 in the morning of August 9, 1969. Miss Lindland spoke frankly to the investigators and appeared to be sincere. She had no independent knowledge of the murders.

On 9-4-69, officers also contacted the Los Angeles County Optometric Society, 2411 West 8th Street, Doctor Wayne W. Hoeft, president (Office 5554 Santa Monica Boulevard). Doctor Hoeft gave permission for investigators to send him approximately 1300 Los Angeles Police Department bulletins describing the physical makeup and description of the glasses found at the crime scene. Additionally, he personally examined these glasses and verified investigators' earlier information as to the type of lens and frame of the glasses. He stated he personally felt, because of the curve of the ear pieces, that the owner of the glasses had a small round head and probably the left ear was approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch higher on the head than the right ear. The doctor further stated that the concerned individual was myopic and very definitely needed the glasses in his possession to see normally. Doctor Hoeft stated the bulletins would be distributed throughout southern California and would cover a range between San Diego and Fresno. His organization paid the expense of mailing these bulletins (See Addendum No. 14).

On this same date, the president of the Ophthalmologists, Doctor Robert E. Christensen, Julestien Eye Institute, 800 Westwood Plaza, UCLA, Los Angeles, agreed to mail at his own expense 500 bulletins to the members of his organization in the southern California area. Affiliated organizations included the American Optometric Association and the California Optometric Association.

On 9-30-69, Doctor Sloan phoned this office from Fallbrook, California (714-443-1075). He stated that on 9-3-69, a male Caucasian, approximately 25 years, 5-8, 135, brown and brown, with an oval face and short hair, came to his office wearing a pair of optical sunglasses. He stated he was teaching English at DelMar High School and gave an address which later proved to not exist. He stated his name was Owen Davis. He ordered a pair of reading glasses from Doctor Sloan. The doctor took the prescription from the sunglasses. The right eye was the same prescription as on our wanted flyer. The left eye was slightly off.

Owen Davis never returned for the glasses (no deposit paid). The doctor has been unable to locate Davis as he did not teach at the school in DelMar.

After consulting with investigators, Doctor Sloan, who is the president of the San Diego County Optometric Society, distributed 230 letters that he had mailed out himself providing virtually 100 percent of the optometrists in the county with the information on Owen Davis.

At the time of this report, investigators are checking approximately six other phone calls made by optometrists to this office regarding glass prescriptions similar to the concerned eye glasses.

On 10-25-69, this Department made a national news release concerning the eye glasses found at the crime scene.

On 9-5-69, Mr. Mike Gavin, National Broadcasting Company, news room, Burbank, was interviewed regarding Charles Tacot. He told investigators that he had first talked with Tacot via telephone sometime in July of this year. On July 9, 1969, he had lunch with Tacot at the Hamburger Hamlet in Hollywood. They had discussed Tacot making some short film strips regarding the use of marijuana. There was no mention of Jamaica or any large amounts of money to be paid to Tacot. There was no mention of any long documentaries to be produced by Tacot. There was no mention of NBC financing in any way Tacot's film making. Tacot was very smooth and polished according to Gavin. He passed on names during the conversation such as George Emerick, the head treasury agent at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City (now deceased). He also mentioned Larry Katz, another treasury agent in San Diego. Tacot stated to Gavin that he was a producer for Jutaric Films Incorporated. Although Tacot inferred he had made films in Mexico and was very familiar with the making of films concerning marijuana, he at no time actually produced any film strips or any other items which would prove that he indeed had made any movies. The meeting between the two men concluded on the note that upon Tacot's return Gavin would be willing to look at any short strips of film available and that Gavin might be willing to purchase approximately 45 seconds of footage. Gavin would be authorized to purchase this material for as much as $300 maximum.

On 9-8-69, an appointment was made by Kate Saxton, aka Baird, Pegrum, and Marilyn Kirk to talk with Sergeant Calkins at Parker Center at 1630 hours. Both women arrived at approximately 1900 and were interviewed in room 318. At the beginning of the interview it was noted that Kate Baird had been drinking to the point where she was slurring her words to a noticeable extent.

Kate Baird, with the help of Marilyn Kirk, related the following information: Kate Baird is from England and had been an actress in that country for a number of years. She was married to a male Negro by the name of Harry Fredericks Patterson Baird, an American, born May 12, 1931, probably in British Guiana. Harry Baird was educated in England and at the present time has no known means of support. According to Kate Saxton, Harry Baird is a close friend of Mohammed Ali and ex-pro football player, Jim Brown. All three of the individuals are active in a black power movement which encompasses both England and the USA. Kate Saxton states she has received numerous severe beatings from her ex-husband prior to their separation and divorce. She came to the United States and is presently living at 1875 Ocean Way, Laguana Beach, with Marilyn Kirk. She is convinced that the homicides were a means of the black power movement in this country to show their force and strength.

She states she is afraid for her own safety if it becomes known that she has contacted the police. She has been contacted by a male Caucasian by the name of Otelio DiBolchona, Reverse Runaway Productions, Inc., 9000 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, (no record), and another male Caucasian by the name of Eldon Shelby Setterholm, DOB 8-20-23, CII 606232, LA 339159, FBI 309 2709, 777 1/2 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach. Both these individuals have made indirect threats on Kate Saxton's life. She states that Setterholm is a drug salesman for the "jet set" in the Hollywood area.

Saxton states that her ex-husband knew about the murders "almost as soon as they happened." He is in England and has phoned her on several occasions requesting all news clippings regarding the multiple murders. Investigation will continue regarding the statements made by Kate Saxton.

On 9-8-69, investigators received information from Karlene Ann McCaffrey, receptionist for Sebring, Inc., that Joel J. Rostau, residing at 840 North Larabee Street, apartment 119, had delivered narcotics to the Tate residence on the night of the homicide. Rostau informed McCaffrey that he had delivered cocaine and mescaline to the house but that Frykowski and Sebring wanted some additional narcotics and that he had gone back down the hill but was unable to locate the other narcotics they requested and therefore he did not return to the Tate residence. McCaffrey stated that on August 7, 1969, she had talked to Sebring and he had informed her that he had been burnt on $2,000 worth of bad cocaine. McCaffrey stated that in her opinion Sebring would do almost anything to get back at the person who had burnt him.

McCaffrey was arrested on 4-13-69, along with Rostau after two armed men had entered Rostau's apartment at approximately 0600 and tied both Rostau and McCaffrey up and subsequently shot Rostau in the foot. When Sheriff's investigators arrived at Rostau's apartment, they conducted a search and found a quantity of marijuana, cocaine and hashish. The District Attorney refused to file on McCaffrey, but did file Possession of Narcotics for Sale against Rostau. Rostau is presently out on $5,000 bail awaiting trial in Beverly Hills.

On 9-16-69, investigators Bachhelder and Lee interviewed Rostau at which time he stated he had only met Jay Sebring once or twice, but he was on friendly terms with Frykowski. Rostau denied being at the Cielo address prior to the homicide. Investigation is continuing on this subject.

On 9-9-69, investigators received information from Herb Hache, C.I.D., U.S. Army, that the police in Dusseldorff, Germany had in custody a Gordon Alexander Brown, described as a male Negro, DOB 9-1-45, 5-11, 230, brown and black. Suspect was reported to have murdered his ex-wife in Dusseldorff and had referred to her and her family as "pigs" in correspondence to them prison to his incarceration. The German police were of the impression that Brown had been in Los Angeles at the time of the Tate et al murders and was involved in the crime. The above information was investigated thoroughly and it is established that Gordon Alexander Brown is a male Caucasian, CII 3-530 859; that he was in the Los Angeles area on June 24, 1969, regarding divorce proceedings with his estranged wife who at that time was residing in Germany.

Correspondence, prints, photos and reports from the Dusseldorff Police indicate that Brown was arrested in Dusseldorff, Germany on September 7, 1969, for aggravated arson, property damage and threats. Brown, after writing several threatening letters to his ex-wife and her family, in one of which he refers to the family as "pigs," went to Dusseldorff, put together two Molotov cocktails (glass bottles filled with gasoline) and threw the gasoline bombs through his ex-wife's bathroom window. The bombs did not function. There was no physical damage to persons, and the property damage was negligible. The suspect Brown is in the process of being deported from Germany as an undesirable alien. Criminal charges will be dropped. Through fingerprints' elimination and other investigations, we are unable to implicate Brown in this series of murders and are of the opinion that the original information from C.I.D. was erroneous and the only connection between the Tate et al case and Brown's arrest in Germany is the use of the word "pig" in his correspondence.

Upon receiving an anonymous phone call that a Bruce Litow was seen the day after the Tate murders with blood on his clothes, we attempted to locate Litow.

On 9-9-69, we interviewed Daniel Scharre, 1233 Wentworth Avenue, Pasadena, at his place of employment at IBM, 6005 East Washington. Scharre had been Litow's roommate at CIT during '68/'69 semester. He described Litow as a loner, spent his off time in the library and did not make friends easily.

On 9-10-69, interviewed Mrs. Ned Hale, Master of Student Housing, Cal. Tech., Pasadena. She was very cooperative and stated that Litow terminated his occupancy on June 12, 1969, turned in his key and said he was returning to his home in Illinois. She has received $50 from his as room deposit for '69/'70 term housing.

On 9-11-69, interviewed Jonas Butkus, 808 North Lafayette Place, L.A.. He took Litow to the airport on June 12, 1969, when Litow went home for the summer.

On 9-30-69, interviewed Litow at Cal. Tech. Institute, Pasadena. He said he spent the summer in Evanston, Illinois; attended summer session at University of Chicago and did not return to California area until 9-28-69.

This individual has been eliminated as a suspect due to his not being in the State. Records at the University of Chicago verify this information.

On 9-12-69, investigators were contacted by Sergeant Charles Nelson, West Hollywood Narcotics, L.A.S.O. They were informed that a narcotics officer from their department, Officer Bob Taranto, had arrested a narcotics suspect for possession and sales of marijuana. During a subsequent interview this suspect stated that a peddler that he knew by the name of "Fred" had told the subject that he, "Fred" had participated in the multiple homicides at the Polanski home.

This narcotics arrestee was identified as Robert Gean Speredes. He told narcotics officers that he would help build a narcotics case on Fred if the Sheriff's would drop some of the charges they had pending on him. It was at this point that Officer Taranto contacted Sergeants Calkins and McGann.

Investigators went to the jail at West Hollywood Sheriff's and talked with the subject. He appeared to be honest and very desirous of getting out of jail. Investigators informed him that any deals he made would be through Sheriff's Narcotics, but that they requested his help in identifying Fred further. At the present time Sheriff's Narcotics has determined that Fred is in fact Fred Byron Small, CII 120 6647, FBI 744 419C, male Caucasian, 33 years, DOB 9-19-36, 6-2, 180, brown and blue. Fred Small was born in California and has spent the majority of his life in the City of Avalon on Catalina Island. He has an arrest record which includes 459 P.C. of which he was convicted in San Luis Obispo. He also was arrested in Avalon for child molesting and was convicted on this charge.

At the present time, Sheriff's Narcotics have worked up a reasonably substantial case of conspiracy to sell dangerous drugs and narcotics against Fred Small and two of his confederates. Sergeant Nelson and his narcotic unit are working closely with homicide investigators in an effort to determine if Fred Small is actually involved in these homicides.

Fred Small is known to frequent some of the same bars and restaurants that the victims did. Investigation continues by both Sheriff's Narcotics and Homicide investigators.

On approximately 9-20-69, two male Negroes, Sylvester Edward Chapman and Bernard Hicks, were identified as associates of Small. Neither has a police record. After a long investigation by LASO Narcotics, working closely with Homicide investigators, both Hicks and Chapman were arrested 10-10-69, for three counts each of possession and selling marijuana and hashish.

Extensive interrogation failed to reveal a connection between Small and the concerned homicides.

Fred Small is known to have learned that a warrant has been issued against him charging one count of Conspiracy to Sell Marijuana. He has presently left the State and is reportedly en route to South America through Mexico City. He is driving a leased 1969 Grand Prix. All three subjects' prints have been eliminated concerning the latents at the crime scene. Investigation is continuing on Fred Small.

During the period covered by this progress report, 182 fingerprint cards have been checked including all of the police officers and Coroner's deputies at the crime scene. At this point in the investigation there are 16 partial or complete fingerprints from the crime scene that are still not identified. See Addendum 13 for a list of suspect's fingerprints that have been eliminated.

On 9-15-69, investigators received a teletype from Blythe, California Police Department. It gave information indicating that an arrestee by the name of Robert Owen Greene was in custody of that department for 459 P.C. A teletype indicated that the word "pig" and also the two words, "fuck you" had been written on the wall of a drug store that was burglarized for narcotics. Investigators went to Blythe P.D. and returned him to Parker Center. He was extensively interrogated and readily admitted to two 459's in Blythe, but denied any knowledge of these concerned homicides. On 9-18-69, a polygraph examination was administered to Greene by Lieutenant Earl Deemer. The results of the examination were negative concerning the homicides.

It is the investigators' opinion that Greene is not connected with the multiple murders. He was transported back to Blythe Police Department and filed on for 459 P.C.

Between 9-3-69 and 9-5-69, 66 letters were mailed out to different law enforcement agencies in the State of California (See Addendum 12). The letters were concerning 131 different Longhorn model revolvers sold in this State. The intent of the letter was to request assistance from different police agencies in an effort to track down and eliminate as many of these firearms as possible. In addition to the 66 enforcement agencies, several of the guns had been sold to service men and assistance was requested in tracking down those revolvers. At the time of this report, responses to the letter have indicated that a great many of these gun owners have moved to jurisdictions other than where the gun was purchased. A total of 105 of these guns have been checked and eliminated by these concerned jurisdictions. Investigation will continue until all of the revolvers have been eliminated.

On 10-1-69, investigators proceeded to Orange County Jail where they interviewed Stanley Arthur Sorling, booking No. 029766 (Possession of Narcotics and Violation of Federal Parole). Federal parole Officer Mr. Monahan informed investigators that Sorling stated he had info on the Tate case. He stated to investigators that Garretson had set up the deal and that he, Garretson, and a male Mexican named "Wado" Mack from East Los Angeles, with some friends, went to the Cielo address to score on a large amount of heroin; the deal fell through and consequently Wado and his friend killed everyone at the residence. The weapon supposedly used was a Luger. The info received from this subject does not check with the physical evidence at the scene and the subject's statements were inconsistent enough that investigators feel he has no actual knowledge and is only attempting to make a deal," although at this time Garretson has not been positively eliminated.

On 9-29-69, William Barbour Rinehart (Billy) was brought into Parker Center at 2000 by SIU for interview. After talking with investigators it was evident he was under the influence of some type of narcotic. He admitted he was "high on grass." He talked freely and implicated Mama Cass, Doyle, Harrigan and Charles Tacot in heavy drug traffic on the Sunset Strip. He denied ever being on Cielo Drive or being aware of who the murderers were. His only aim in life, according to him, is to sell songs, smoke grass and sit on a hill and play his guitar. He agreed to a polygraph examination on the following day.

On 9-30-69, at 1000, Lieutenant E. A. Deemer, ran Rinehart with negative results, the subject hyper-ventilated to an extent which made it impossible to run him accurately. An extensive interrogation resulted and Rinehart talked freely to investigators. He admitted selling marijuana, using all types of narcotics numerous times. He feels Mama Cass, John Phillips, Billy Doyle and Harrigan as well as a number of other persons in that crowd could be involved. He could furnish no details. Lieutenant Deemer and investigators have eliminated Rinehart as a principal in this crime. The evidence does not substantiate this individual's statement and it is the investigators' opinion that he is fabricating his story.

On Saturday, 10-4-69, Dianna Linkletter committed suicide at her residence by jumping from the 6th floor kitchen window at her apartment. At the time she jumped, Edward Durston (LA 978 312D) was in the apartment. This occurred in County territory. As result of previous information from an unreliable informant, Durston had come up as a possible suspect in this case. With Sheriff's homicide investigators cooperating completely (supervised by Lieutenant Norman Hamilton), Durston was given polygraph examinations on the 4th at 2200 and on the 5th at 1100. Included in the examinations were some keys in the Tate homicides. The polygraph operator (LACSO) Sergeant Ben Luvon, and the investigators are convinced Durston was not involved in the Linkletter death or the Tate case.

Also connected with Durston in the original information received were three other hippies, all users of drugs and car thieves: Harvey F. Dareff (LA 978 313D), is the boy friend of Dianna Linkletter, and had lived with her for several months and was substantially supported by her. He is presently in New York as of approximately 9-25-69. He has not been eliminated as a suspect.

Robert Parker MacDonald, aka Bobby Jamison (LA 684-737J), and James Steven Williams (LA 978-318W); these two subjects are presently in the Sunset Strip area and dealing in narcotics. Narcotics Division, LAPD is attempting to build a case on both subjects at this time. Neither has been eliminated positively as suspects.

Investigators feel Dareff is a good suspect as some information has been received indicating he may have gone to the Cielo residence on the evening of 8-8-69, to possibly buy or sell some form of narcotics. This information has not been verified--investigation is continuing.

On 10-13-69, Mrs. Mamie White reported one of the tenants in her apartment house at 1163 East 46th Street missing. Winifred Chapman, the Polanski maid who discovered the five bodies at the crime scene on 8-9-69, is the missing person Mrs. White reported. She left without her purse or identification which was in a wallet. Mrs. White last saw Winifred Chapman on 10-10-69, in the hallway of the apartment house. Winifred stated she would be down to talk to Mrs. White in a few minutes. She had not been seen since.

On 10-23-69, Robbery-Homicide investigators assumed the responsibility and obtained reports from Newton Division for the missing Winifred Chapman.

Teletypes have been sent to the following locations inquiring as to the whereabouts of the missing person. At this time all results have been negative:

COP Cleveland, Ohio
COP Denver, Colorado
COP Seattle, Washington

Mr. Will Farmer
Clarence Chapman
Corinne Montgomery

2868 Torrington Avenue
2829 Vine Street
5653 SW 30th Avenue

Investigation continued.

On 10-9-69, investigators obtained a revised and more complete list of blood types and groupings obtained from the crime scene by S.I.D. (See Addendum 17).

On 10-22-69, investigators had a letter drafted and distributed to 12 different gun shops throughout the United States requesting information regarding their orders for extra custom walnut grips for the concerned .22-caliber revolver.

The information requested resulted from a letter sent to this Department from High-Standard, notifying us that these grips had been requested from the factory (See Addendum 16).

On August 24, 1969, it was decided that several out-of-state interviews would have to be made in order to verify or eliminate alibis of persons suspected in the Tate homicide. Lieutenant Earl Deemer, 6923, Rampart Detectives, was selected due to his familiarity with the case and the fact that he had administered all of the polygraph examinations previously given. Deemer's investigation took him to Washington, D.C., Ottawa and Toronto, Canada and New York City, New York. For a report of each interview and polygraph examination administered, see the attached interviews of Harris P. Dawson III, William Doyle and Suzan Howe.

As a result of Lieutenant Deemer's investigation and other facts that were revealed in the subsequent investigation, it was decided that interviews and polygraph examinations should be administered to several additional out-of-state suspects and witnesses. On September 3, 1969, Lieutenant Earl Deemer, 6923, and Sergeant M. J. McGann, 10329, left for Washington,-D.C., to re-interview Harris P. Dawson III. For the results of this interview, see interview of Harris P. Dawson dated September 4, 1969.

Investigating officers proceeded to New York City, New York, and then on to Massachusetts. The results of the Massachusetts trip are included in the statement of Harris P. Dawson.

In regards to the purchase of the "Buck" knife by Dawson, Mr. Gerald M. Ponce, 87 Phelps Street, Marlboro, Massachusetts, MA0-1752, forwarded a copy of the purchase receipt. The purchase was made on 8-21-69, at West's Camp and Ski Center, Sudbury (suburb of Marlboro) for an upcoming camping trip. Ponce, an old friend of Dawson, stated to investigating officers that he purchased the knife for Dawson on his credit card. For a copy of this receipt, see Addendum 15.

Investigating officers proceeded to New York City, New York, where interviews with New York City Police Department, the Brooklyn, New York District Attorney's Office were conducted. These interviews were in relation to narcotics suspects Dennis Dwayne Hartford, DOB 12-31-44, Oroville, California and David Wayne Weatheral, DOB 1-6-45, Chico, California.

Investigating officers also interviewed Alma Sharp and Troy Donahue regarding Miss Sharp's younger sister, Jean Sharp. For the results of this interview see interview titled Interview of Alma and Troy Donahue.

Also interviewed in New York was the houseboy of William Doyle and Thomas Harrigan. For further information, see interview of Terrance Cooksley.

Investigating officers then proceeded to Kingston, Jamaica for further investigation into the alibis of William Doyle, Charles Tacot and Daniel Stanland. While in Kingston, investigating officers attempted to obtain a list of telephone calls, incoming and outgoing, from the house which was leased by Charles Tacot and Daniel Stanland. Due to a rather sloppy method of bookkeeping, the telephone company was unable to supply investigating officers with this information immediately. Senior Superintendent, Richard Levy, Jamaica Police Department, Detective Bureau, stated he would attempt to obtain this information and forward it to investigating officers.

Investigating officers traveled to Ocho Rios, Jamaica where Miss Lesrine Small was interviewed. For details, see Interview of Lesrine Small.

Lord Ronald Graham, Realton, P.O, Box 16, Ocho Rios, Jamaica was interviewed regarding the lease of a house and hiring of servants for a period from July 12, 1969, to November 1, 1969. The lease was signed by Ravenel Stanland and Charles Tacot. The terms of the lease was a rent of $3,000 payable by a 25 percent deposit with balance on arrival. A cook, maid and gardener were to be supplied by Mr. Graham's real estate office. Sometime following the Tate murder, August 8-9, 1969, the dates of the lease were changed. The departure date was changed from November 1, 1969, to August 23 , 1969. The last person to occupy the residence left August 18, 1969. Investigating officers then traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica where it was learned that Daniel Stanland had leased a car from Avis-rent-a-car.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, investigators were assigned to locate Daniel Ravenel Stanland. The following is the result of that investigation:

Attempts to locate Stanland to date have proved negative. The following is a collection of background information collected during the course of the investigation:

A check with local and CII criminal records shows no record, wants or warrants for above individual.

A check with Traffic Fines (Los Angeles) showed that Stanland was cited for speeding in the Newhall area on 2-4-69, and at that time he was driving a '69 Ford Sedan, yellow with California license XVD 654 which is registered to Budget-Rent-A-Car, 6935 Hollywood Boulevard. At the time of this citation he gave a home address of 1020 Rio Vista, Pacifica, California. He indicated a business address of San Francisco International Airport.

A call was made to DMV where it was learned that Stanland was issued an operator's license, K-343138, in 1963. At that time he gave a DOB of 11-12-38, and a home address of 417 South 8th Street, San Jose. On 12-11-68, he renewed his license and at this time he gave a DOB of 10-12-39, and a home address of 1020 Rio Vista, Pacifica, California. His operator's license indicates that he is married and had a previous license in Southern California.

DMV shows the following vehicles registered to Stanland:

'63 Triumph M/Cycle, license 109294, last registered in 1967, no '68/'69 registration. Address: 85 Aviador, Millbrae, California.

'64 Triumph M/Cycle, license 646190, last registered in 1969. Address: 1020 Rio Vista, Pacifica, California.

'58 Chrysler Sedan, License CHK 941, last registered in 1968. No 1969 registration. Address: 85 Aviador, Millbrae, California.

'58 Chevrolet station wagon, license QSF 353, last registered in 1967. No 1969 registration. Address: VR-3 McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey.

'60 Oldsmobile convertible, license XKY 632, last registered in 1969. Address: 1020 Rio Vista, Pacifica, California.

The following vehicles were in Stanland's possession at the time he received traffic citations.

10-26-67, license CHD 941. The license registered to '61 VW sedan, Mark G. Deitchman, 1178 Hamilton, Palo Alto. Vehicle junked in 1968. (This could be an incorrect license. Stanland had vehicle registered to him with license CHK 941--vehicle No. 3 above.)

2-4-69, License XVD 643. This license registered to 1969 Ford Sedan, Budget Airport Associates, 9725 Airport Boulevard, L.A. (Newhall Municipal Court records show license number to be XVD 654, also registered to Budget Rent-A-Car.)

2-27-69 No license number VIN 5154123 (Out of file).

5-3-69, license ZFR-084. This license registered to 1963 VW sedan, Linda Elizabeth Stanland, 1020 Rio Vista, Pacifica, California.

A check was made with Auto F.I.'s (LAPD) with negative results.

A check with CII Gun Records indicates that Daniel R. Stanland purchased a .25-caliber Browning automatic, serial 239242, on 9-29-61. His address at that time was 390 South 5th Street, San Jose, California. Their records indicate that this gun was booked Evidence in San Jose, with the San Jose Police Department under file B-36381 on 10-7-61.

A call was placed to Captain McKenzie, Detectives, San Jose Police Department, with a request for reports and information relating to the booking of this gun as Evidence. Sergeant Moore of their intelligence Division called back and stated that since 1961 they have changed their system of numbering reports and that they are unable to locate related reports to file B-36381. He found a detective who remembered the gun being taken into custody. It involved this gun being discharged into the walls of a house. Sergeant Moore states that the gun and a pillow case with powder burns are still in custody under that number. If and when they locate reports they will forward same to this Department.

A call was made to COP Neil Tremaine, Pacifica, California. Chief Tremaine made a quick check on Stanland's name and found that they had a signed Petty Theft Report, 61884, which lists Daniel R. Stanland as the suspect who moved from 1020 Rio Vista on 7-8/9-69, and took drapes and a chair belonging to the landlord. Chief Tremaine stated that attempts to locate Stanland were negative. He called back later and stated that he had checked with the San Francisco International Airport and found that Stanland had been a Pan American Airlines pilot who quit in July, 1969. Stanland left a forwarding address of "Kinlock Plantation," Georgetown, South Carolina.

A check was made with LAPD Crime and Traffic Records: however, his name does not appear in our files.

A check with local F.A.A. resulted in a three-way conversation with their record section, Oak City, Oklahoma. Their records indicate that Stanland is not a command pilot but is a licensed pilot (co-pilot or flight engineer). Their records indicate a 6-3-64 address of Kinlock Plantation, Georgetown, South Carolina, with a birth place of Charleston, South Carolina, DOB 10-12-39. Stanland was issued a first-class license on 3-29-69 (no limitations). He has 20/20 vision uncorrected.

Sergeants Harry Smith and Ponce, Intelligence Division, LAPD, obtained the following information from Pan American Airways Sector Chief Pilot D.W. Saulsberry. This information was obtained with the strictest confidence and should not be released. This information was flown in from New York and Pan American would appreciate being left out of the limelight.

Stanland applied for a 90-day leave of absence on April 7, 1969, and was granted same. He failed to return to work in July and on 7-28-69, acknowledged receipt of his termination papers by mail. These papers were mailed to Kinlock Plantation, Georgetown, South Carolina,

On 9-22-69, a request was made of Agent Roger "Frenchy" LaJeunesse, FBI, to make a discreet inquiry to determine if Stanland is in fact living with his parents at the Kinlock Plantation. He will do so and inform this Department.


Mrs . Maurice "Linda" Cusak, 4905 Tarhell Way, Annandale, Virginia 202-461-9607, was contacted at 0800, August 27, 1969. She stated that she was Dawson's sister and that Dawson had been staying at her home for several days. She said he had left her home the day before (Tuesday) and she had not seen him since that time. She volunteered to attempt to contact him by phoning friends with whom he might be staying.

Mrs. Cusak phoned several times during the day and at 1400 hours, Pic Dawson arrived at the hotel room of the Mayflower Hotel in downtown Washington. Dawson was dressed in bell-bottom levis, open sandals, and a dirty white T-shirt. He was disheveled, appeared to be highly nervous and under the influence of some narcotic, probably an excitant drug. He had a bandage on his left hand. The cut appeared to be very recent in nature. Dawson stated he had not slept for two days and was starting to hallucinate due to the sleep loss and the drugs. He said, "Someone is out to get me in the hotel" and suggested we call his sister and ask permission to use her home for the interview. Permission was received.

After leaving the hotel, Dawson appeared to calm down somewhat and conversed rationally en route to Virginia. The interview was conducted in the den of the Cusak residence in Annendale, Virginia. Dawson did not object to the use of the polygraph, but his loss of sleep, coupled with the use of drugs, made it almost impossible for him to follow instructions or remain still during the testing period. He was, therefore, interviewed informally and the following information was obtained:

Dawson admitted to drug use since a teenager and stated that his worst experience with drugs was during the period he spent in Los Angeles. At that time he was on heroin and "was out of it" most of the time. He indicated this was the reason he was unable to recall some incidents. Dawson stated the Cielo address was always full with people who were under the influence of narcotics. He gave a video tape to investigators, indicating the tape pictured Abigail Folger, Witold Kaczanowski, Wojiciech Frykowski and an unknown female under the influence of narcotics. (This tape was reviewed at Scientific Investigation Division Lab and does in fact show the above-mentioned people smoking marijuana. The tape is in Evidence, item No. 74).

Dawson stated he was the son of Harris Pickins Dawson II, who is the Secretary to the State Department Attache in Bonn, Germany. He stated he was born in Alabama, but due to his father's career, he had traveled extensively throughout the world. He stated he is the principal of a trust fund which is in the hands of Brown Brothers and Harriman, 59 Wall Street, New York City, phone 212 809-1650. He claimed this fund to be his principal source of income and during the period of August, 1968, through April, 1969, he received $12,000 from the fund.

Dawson said he arrived in the United States January 17, 1969, after having spent some time abroad in Paris, Kuwait and (Corfu). While abroad he became involved romantically with a Miss Beverly Paulding whose father is a former Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Her family was violently opposed to this romance causing a break-up which he claims left him mentally disturbed and precipitated his stepped-up use of narcotics. He states he arrived in Los Angeles February 3, 1969, and initially stayed at the Tropicana Hotel. In March he began staying with Cass Elliot, whom he had known since he was 18, having met her in Washington, D.C., when she was singing in a local night-club. He said he had been intimate with Mama Cass repeatedly and that she was, "A beautiful person whose naivete makes her susceptible to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals." He stayed only briefly with Cass and in late March moved in with Harrigan and Doyle at 1459 Kings Road (Thomas Harrigan and Billy Doyle). He also lived briefly with Mimi Jester at 915 Kings Road until early April when he moved into a hotel on Sunset with John DeToro. He was using narcotics (heroin) heavily by this time and DeToro helped to "dry him out." He also lived at 362 North Flores with Harrigan.

Dawson stated he was using narcotics very heavily at this time and did not go out in the daytime too often: (1) Because he was afraid of being stopped by the police and (2) Drugs were affecting his eye-sight and he was sensitive to bright sunlight. He admitted to having been to the Cielo address on several occasions and said that "The drug scene was very bad-there, and he anticipated trouble because of the prevalence of drugs." On one occasion, John DeToro arrived at the Cielo address accompanied by Billy Doyle. Dawson said he had a verbal altercation with Ben Carruthers and Billy Doyle earlier in the day and Doyle apparently brought DeToro as a bodyguard. Later in the evening, DeToro asked him to go outside where a heated discussion ensued ending with DeToro hitting Dawson across the nose with a wooden log. Dawson said that ended the argument and he and DeToro later became friends and eventually drove east together.

Dawson stated he had left Los Angeles in late May of 1969, visited his sister in Virginia, stayed at his father's home, 3704 Albermarle N.W., Washington, D.C., area code 212 363-3738, and eventually went to Massachusetts where he began working for the Jones Motor Company in Sheffield, Massachusetts as a swamper, and claims to have been so employed on the day of the murders. He stated he was living with Eugene and Carolyn Gregan in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The Gregans who reside permanently at 295 Warren Street, Brooklyn, New York were vacationing in Great Barrington at the time. He also indicated he had a knife similar to the "Buck" knife found at the Cielo address, but had not owned one prior to having purchased this one in Marlboro, Massachusetts.


Doyle was interviewed in Toronto, Canada on August 28, 1969, at approximately 1100 hours. Constable Dunlap of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was present during the interview. Doyle stated he was presently living at 61 Playwood Road, phone 222-2896, with his parents and working for his father as a real estate salesman.

Doyle was reluctant to take a polygraph examination, so initially the instrument was not used. He later agreed to submit to the polygraph if he could review the questions and no implication with his narcotics activities would make him liable for Canadian prosecution.

Doyle stated he was born and raised in Canada, had known Thomas Harrigan for a lifetime, and that Harrigan was responsible for his going to Los Angeles. He admitted to having a large supply of cocaine to "turn on the girls." He stated he had lived with Mama Cass toward the end of his short stay in Los Angeles and that he was going to marry her. He also thought Mama Cass could get him into the movies as an actor and that this was his primary reason for spending time with her. He admitted to constant use of narcotics, primarily cocaine, which added to his already developed paranoia. This paranoia became so pronounced that he carried a gun constantly, and admitted to having pulled a gun on Frykowski on one instance. He said Frykowski had taken the gun from him and called Charles Tacot to remove him from the Cielo address. He denied being sodomized by Frykowski at this time but said it was a possibility since he was heavily under the influence and admitted he might have told Mama Cass that such an incident did occur. He said Tacot chained him to a tree until he returned to sanity and that this led him to ease up on his use of drugs. (Doyle did not appear to be under the influence of drugs at the time of interview.) Doyle expressed a great admiration for Charles Tacot, bragging about Tacot's marksmanship and proficiency with a knife.

He stated he had left Los Angeles July 8, 1969, for Jamaica with Tacot for the purpose of filming a movie on marijuana. He said he stayed in Ocho Rios with Tacot and two girls (Rose Smalling and Marcia Figueroa). He indicated that a Daniel Stanland was putting up the money for the film. He said his first knowledge of the five homicides was received by means of a newspaper story in Ocho Rios. He said he called Mama Cass at this time and on August 17 left Ocho Rios for Canada where he had been to the present.

Doyle was then polygraphed. He was shown the knives on a visual peak of tension examination and gave no reaction to that key. His response to the critical questions regarding the homicides was truthful. A control question regarding an alleged beating of Terry Cooksley was used and Doyle lied at this stage. When confronted with the lie, he admitted to having participated in beating Cooksley. He stated that Cooksley had stolen money from Thomas Harrigan and him and that they had used a stick and a gun on Cooksley in an attempt to recover the money. He said they had to quit beating him when they discovered Cooksley was a masochist and enjoyed the beating. In the opinion of the polygraph examiner, Doyle is not a principal in this investigation.


Miss Howe was interviewed on August 29, 1969, at her hotel in New York City, Fifth Avenue Hotel, Fifth and Ninth Streets, room 416, phone 473-6400, at 1030 hours. Miss Howe is a divorcee living on alimony. She has a seven-week-old baby girl. She stated she was intimate with Sebring several times but denied that Sebring used whips or any violence when she had relations with him. She said they would merely sniff "coke" and have sex. She did not know Witold and said the last time she was at the house on Cielo Drive was May 15, 1969, and at that time she was with Sebring.

She said she was the mistress of Desi Arnez for approximately five months and that her break-up with Arnez was her main reason for leaving California on August 17, 1969.

She indicated she was arrested on three different occasions in Beverly Hills for shoplifting, marijuana and failure to appear. She disliked Billy Doyle and Pic Dawson and stated that Doyle had once thrown her out of the house on Kings Road. She said at that time both Doyle and Dawson were using narcotics extensively.

Miss Howe said she was treated by Doctor Ehrenholt, 9201 Sunset, CR4-9844, for a possible epileptic condition and had been hospitalized at County General Hospital in August. Miss Howe could add nothing to the information already received.


Dawson was interviewed at the Holiday Inn in Washington, D.C., September 4, 1969, at 1400 hours. Dawson stated that he arrived in Los Angeles on February 10, 1969. He had arrived in New York from Genoa by boat, arriving on the 17th of January. He drove from New York City, New York to Vail, Colorado with a sister of his girl friend, Balarea Paulding. They spent approximately one week in Vail and then continued their trip to Los Angeles, arriving February 19, 1969. They were driving Miss Paulding's white MG. After arriving in Los Angeles, they rented separate rooms at the Tropicana Hotel in Hollywood. After two days, Miss Paulding decided to return to New York.

After Miss Paulding left, Dawson went to Cass Elliot's house where he learned William Doyle and Thomas Harrigan were in town. He learned that Harrigan and Doyle were living on Kings Road in Hollywood. Dawson went to the Kings Road address and stayed with Doyle and Harrigan during the month of March.

At the Kings Road house he saw approximately two to three pounds of cocaine. Doyle and Harrigan were both selling the cocaine and it appeared to Dawson that they were making very good money on their sales.

Dawson moved from the Kings Road address to Cass Elliot's house in late March of 1969. He moved to Elliot's house due to the fact that Doyle and Harrigan were living with different girls at different locations and were not staying at the Kings Road address. Shortly after he moved to Elliot's house he heard that Doyle and Harrigan had followed Terrance Cooksley to Stockton where they beat him up, due to the fact that Cooksley had stolen five to six thousand dollars of Doyle's and Harrigan's narcotics sales money.

A friend of Dawson's John DeToro, arrived from Canada in early April of 1969, and invited Dawson to share his room at the San Moritz Hotel in Hollywood. Dawson accepted the invitation and moved in with DeToro. It was at this time that he attempted to kick an opium habit which he had been on for three to four months. He was swallowing the opium and described his habit as a "stomach habit."

In late April or early May (three to four weeks after moving in with DeToro) he had kicked the habit and was able to leave the hotel. Dawson stated that DeToro picked up a cocaine habit after arriving in Los Angeles, but feels that DeToro had kicked the habit also.

Dawson was very vague as to the days and months after he arrived in Los Angeles. He talks in terms of three to four weeks at one place and then three to four weeks at another location. He also stated that he was "high" most of the time he was in Los Angeles, thus explaining the reason for his being vague on certain facts.

Dawson visited the Polanski home on several occasions during his stay in Los Angeles. He went there one time for a party prior to Roman and Sharon Polanski's leaving for Europe. After the Polanskis left, various types of drugs were always in abundance at the home.

Wojiciech Frykowski and Abigail Folger used all types of drugs. Sometime in May, Frykowski and Folger offered Dawson their house on Woodstock for $350 a month. This was after they had moved to the Polanski home and Dawson accepted and moved into the home sometime in May. He remained there until he returned to his sister's home in Virginia in late May.

He drove from Los Angeles to Virginia in a rent-a-car, accompanied by John DeToro. DeToro stopped briefly in Virginia and then continued on to Montreal, Canada. Dawson has not seen DeToro, Doyle or Harrigan since that time.

Dawson remained at his sister's home in Virginia for a few days and then went on to New York. Dawson left New York and went to Great Barrington, Massachusetts where he stayed with Eugene and Carolyn Gregan. The Gregans were acquaintances of his from New York City and they were vacationing in the Massachusetts area. They had rented a home for a month and Dawson stayed with them. He was employed by the Jones Motor Company, Sheffield, Massachusetts as a swamper for the company. He worked there approximately three weeks until he drew his last check August 14.

Investigators accompanied Dawson to his father's home at 3704 Albemarle, NW, Washington (202) 363-3738, where Dawson produced the "Buck" knife which was similar to the one found at the Cielo address. Dawson explained he had bought the knife in Marlboro, Massachusetts while in the company of August Gerald Ponce. He stated he and Ponce were going on a camping trip at the time and that Ponce had placed the item on his (Ponce's) credit card. He also produced a fixed-blade hunting knife with a blade approximately 8 inches long. The home was relatively devoid of furnishings and a subsequent search revealed no other weapons.

Dawson was polygraphed September 4, 1969, regarding his involvements in the homicides, and in the opinion of the examiner he was not involved. The following morning, September 5, 1969, Dawson was again polygraphed regarding his connection with the "Buck" knife found at the Cielo address. Once again Dawson was found to be telling the truth.

Investigators flew from Washington, D.C., to Boston, Massachusetts in order to check Dawson's alibi. Attilio Betti, a clerk in the Marlboro, Massachusetts sporting good store, phone 485-6630, was interviewed September 6, 1969. Mr. Betti stated his firm carries the "Buck" line of knives, but did not carry this particular model. He phoned the owner of Marlboro Sporting Goods and when investigators spoke with the owner, Raymond Cahill, he reiterated that information given by Mr. Betti. No other store in Marlboro was found to carry the knife.

Investigators drove to New Marlboro and discovered there were no stores in that town. Great Barrington, Massachusetts was the closest town to New Marlboro and the Eddie News Sporting Goods at Great Barrington, Route 57, was checked and found not to carry the "Buck" line. Two other stores in Great Barrington, Cooper Hardware at Railroad and 20th Streets, and Harland B. Foster Hardware at 20th and Bridge Streets also stated they did not carry the "Buck" line. The Jones Motor Company at Sheffield, Massachusetts was contacted and the Acting Terminal Manager, James Maloney, gave the following information. Time cards were checked and indicated Dawson worked July 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30 and August 1.

Investigators then drove to Marlboro, Massachusetts to the home of August Gerald Ponce, 87 Phelps Street, area code 617-481-2349. Mr. Ponce stated Dawson had spent the weekend of August 9 and 10 with him and his wife and they had gone to the beach. He further stated he had purchased the knife on his credit card at West Camping Supplies, Route 20, Sudbury, Massachusetts (A copy of the customers credit slip has been booked as Evidence, Item No. 75.) Mr. Ponce is employed by the Computer Data Processing Company, Zayre Computer at Framingham, Massachusetts.


Investigators returned to New York City in quest of Alma Sharp, sister of Jean Sharp who had been reported to be at the Cielo address on August 9-10, 1969. Alma Sharp was found to be employed by the New York City Division of Health and Services as a private secretary for Doctor Bucove, 125 Worth Street, phone 566-7711. This office was checked and it was found that Miss Sharp had taken the day off, but her address was given as 4525 Lexington Avenue, New York City.

This address was checked, but investigators found no one home. Later, Troy Donahue approached the apartment and was stopped for interrogation. Mr. Donahue cooperated and admitted investigators to the apartment.

He stated his acting roles had become few and far between in Hollywood and he had come to New York in search of work. He further stated he was moving in with Alma Sharp in order to cut down expenses. He said he had been friendly with Jean Sharp, but after he met Alma in Los Angeles in August he cut off his relationship with Jean and began living with Alma.

He admitted to having been at the Cielo address but could not recall any of the victims of the homicide. He phoned Alma Sharp at his hotel room where she was packing his belongings and she returned to the Lexington address and was subsequently interviewed.

Miss Sharp's statement indicated her sister Jean had been asking her to visit Los Angeles for some time. In July she agreed to this offer and did in fact fly to Los Angeles on July 26. She stated she was in Los Angeles at the time of the homicides. She also stated her sister was quite upset over the murders having known four of the victims and she repeatedly stated she could have been one of the people killed since her boy friend, Ian Quarrier, had invited her to a party the night of the homicides, but she had refused to go. Alma Sharp denied her sister had a nervous breakdown following the homicides, but did admit she was not in accord with the people Jean Sharp associated with.

Alma Sharp stated she did not like Quarrier and she mentioned two other names, John Douglas and someone named "Fat Sid." She stated she felt uncomfortable around these people and finally moved to the Tropicana: (1) in order to be near Donahue and (2) to get away from Jean's friends.

She left Los Angeles on August 15, 1969.

She gave the following information on her sister: She is secretary to William Penn, director of a studio based in New York. She is presently on location in Billings, Montana and lives at 3016 11th Avenue, North, area code 406-252-9732. Her office is located at 219 North 25th Street, Billings, Montana, 406-248-7441. (At the time of this report, Jean Sharp has not been interviewed. She is due back from Billings, Montana in late November or early December.)


Terrance Cooksley was interviewed September 9, 1969, at 306 East 55th Street, New York City, 759-3511 where he is employed as a musician. Cooksley admitted to being homosexual and had spent six months in Camarillo. Cooksley stated he was the houseboy for Thomas Harrigan and William Doyle at their rented home on Kings Road in Los Angeles from approximately mid February until mid March, 1969, during which time Harrigan and Doyle made numerous sales of narcotics.

Harrigan and Doyle accumulated approximately $5,000 from narcotics sales and Cooksley stated he stole the money and left for Stockton. Prior to leaving he went to the Whisky-A-Go-Go in the County of Los Angeles where he spent most of the money. He stated the largest tip he can recall giving was a $100 tip to a waiter. Doyle and Harrigan followed Cooksley to Stockton where they accosted him. During the assault Cooksley's front tooth was chipped.

Cooksley returned to Los Angeles in late March and Harrigan and Doyle removed him bodily from the Whisky-A-Go-Go. They drove him around the Hollywood hills. Harrigan was driving and Doyle was in the back seat beating Cooksley with a hammer handle. Cooksley stated they finally stopped and dumped him in a remote area of the hills. Cooksley did not have any further contact with Doyle or Harrigan. Cooksley states that he left Los Angeles for New York on August 14, 1969.

On September 7, 1969, New York Detectives, Roberts and Keebles, of the Safe and Loft Detail, New York City Police Department, arrested two suspects recently arrived from California in possession of 68 bricks of marijuana and 3 guns; (1) an H & S .22 (2) a Smith and Wesson .38 Chief and (3) a Browning automatic. Examplars from the .22 have been returned to the ballistics section, Scientific Investigation Division, Los Angeles Police Department. No comparison between fatal bullets and the examplars were evidenced.

The arrestees were Dennis Dwayne Hartford, Oroville, California, DOB December 31, 1944, and David Wayne Weatheral, Chico, California, DOB January 6, 1945. An interview with Deputy District Attorney Lanzaronne and Chief assistant D.A. Golden, indicated their office was not anxious to jeopardize the prosecution of their case unless we had something concrete in the way of evidence to connect Harford and Weatheral with our five homicides. Since no such connection existed we did not press the issue awaiting the outcome of the ballistics test which proved negative as indicated. No interview with these two suspects was held due to recent court decisions.


September 12, 1969, Miss Small was interviewed in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Miss Small stated that William Doyle and Charles Tacot arrived in Ocho Rios on Sunday, July 13, 1969. They were expected on Friday, the 11th, but for some unknown reason were delayed. Both arrived via taxi, traveling from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, a distance of approximately 65 miles. Doyle and Tacot told Miss Small, who was acting in the capacity of their housekeeper and cook, that they were there for an approximate four-month holiday.

On Wednesday, July 16, two Negro women arrived from Canada; Marcia Figueroa and Rose Smalling. Smalling was from Saint Thomas, Jamaica, a four-hour drive from Ocho Rios. According to Miss Small, Smalling had lived in Canada for one year. Figueroa was from Kingston, Jamaica, a distance of two hours driving time and had lived in Canada for the last nine years.

Smalling and Figueroa had one bedroom which they shared together and Doyle and Tacot each had separate bedrooms. It did not appear to Small that there were any sexual relations between the four people. Smalling, Figueroa, Doyle and Tacot would go out during the daytime, but would normally return for lunch. They were always home for dinner which was served around 6 p.m. Small states that they would leave for St.Thomas in the morning and would return for lunch at noon. Small states that this would be impossible due to the fact that there is a minimum driving time of four hours one way to St.Thomas from Ocho Rios. Small did not question their statements, however. Small described a small Kodak type camera as the only camera equipment on the premises. They never made mention of filming a movie or other type of photography.

On July 26, 1969, Daniel Stanland arrived, supposedly from California. The week preceeding Stanland's arrival, he called and Small answered the phone. He did not leave a number for a return call. When Doyle and Tacot returned from a trip in the hills they answered Stanland's call. Doyle and Tacot talked of a total of six persons eventually staying at the house as guests, including themselves. Stanland was the fifth to arrive and did stay as a house guest. The sixth person to arrive was identified only as a male Caucasian, 28, 5-6, medium build, brown hair parted on the right side, normal style, no other unusual features. This sixth guest arrived on the evening of August 9, 1969, between 2 and 5 p.m. Doyle and Tacot took their car and picked him up at the airport. The sixth guest did not stay at the house; however, every morning at approximately 7 a.m. he would call and either Doyle or Tacot would leave to pick him up, returning in approximately one hour. Small did not see any knives with the exception of a knife used by Tacot for throwing. This knife was examined by investigating officers during their interview with Tacot.

On August 2, 1969, at 7 a.m., Stanland approached Small and stated he did not have time for breakfast as he had to leave for the airport at 7:30 a.m. She understood him to say that he was going to Miami and is positive that he was to return on August 9. His destination was Miami Beach, Florida.

Both Figueroa and Smalling left the Island for Canada sometime in August, the week following the Tate murder. Stanland did not return on August 9 as he stated he would. He did arrive on August 18, mid morning, via taxi. Tacot took the same cab that Stanland arrived in for the airport and a return flight to Los Angeles. Doyle left for Canada on August 17, 1969. Stanland entered the house where he remained with the man (previously described as guest number six) until approximately 3 p.m. Stanland told Small that he and guest number six were going to Kingston on business and would return on Tuesday, August 19. Small remained at the house, but never saw any of the guests again. Small checked with the realtor who had leased the property and learned that the lease had been terminated on August 23, 1969. She left her position at that time.

Small also stated that Stanland leased a car while staying in Jamaica from Avis in Montego Bay.

Investigating officers made a follow-up to the Lord Ronald Graham and Company Real Estate Office, P.O. Box 16, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, the realtors for the property leased by Stanland and Tacot. A lease signed by Tacot and Stanland is included as Addendum No. 19, and the original booked as Evidence, Item No. 76. According to the lease, the period of tenancy was to be from July 12, 1969 to November 1, 1969. The lease shows a termination date of August 9, 1969; however, according to the realtor, the termination date was August 23, 1969.

R. L. CALKINS, 7287
M. J. McGANN, 10329
J. R. BUCKLES, 5829