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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Hinman Files

Monday, October 7th, 2013


Oct. 7 – The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Homicide Bureau, Gary Hinman investigatory files. A retrospective of Hinman investigation as seen through never before released homicide, arrest, laboratory, investigation and progress reports, witness interview transcripts, and interoffice correspondences.

07/31/69First Homicide Report
08/04/69Residence Photographed
08/06/69Classification Change
08/06/69Bobby Beausoleil Arrest Report
08/07/69One Arrest Made
08/07/69Complaint Issued
08/08/69Palm Print Lifted
08/09/69Preliminary Hearing Set
10/13/69Additional Suspect Arrested
10/17/69Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme Arrested
11/00/69Arraignment Date Set
11/19/69Danny DeCarlo Statement
12/04/69Progress Report
12/04/69Stephanie Schram Statement
12/00/69Mary Brunner Interviewed
12/04/69Mary Brunner Statement
12/08/69Investigation Made
01/20/70Louis Puttek Interview
01/27/70Firearms Identification
01/29/70One Arrest
02/20/70Vehicle Impounded
03/09/70Sword Examination
03/17/70Gun Recovered
03/20/70Alan Springer Interviewed
04/06/70Brunner Warrant Issued
04/06/70Mary Brunner Statement
04/10/70Rosanne Walker Interviewed
04/19/70Grand Jury Indictments
04/21/70Defendant Sentenced
04/22/70Defts. #2 and #3 Appear for Trial Setting
04/29/70Defendants Arraigned
05/06/70Evidence Held
05/12/70New Sentencing Date Set
05/18/70Ella Jo Bailey Interviewed
05/21/70Mary Brunner Affidavit
06/15/70Defendant #1 Formally Sentenced
06/15/70Beausoleil Formally Sentenced
06/17/70Grand Jury Hearing Held
10/19/70Ronnie Howard Interviewed
12/19/70Bruce Davis Arrested
09/16/71Manson Family Activities