• Anthony DiMaria’s Victim Impact Statement

Anthony DiMaria’s Victim Impact Statement

Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Dear Commissioners Dianne Dobbs & Dale Pomerantz,

My name is Anthony DiMaria, nephew of Jay Sebring.

Before I begin my statement I’d like to address that a week and half ago or so, my mother and I made a request for her to be present and speak at today’s hearing. That request was denied due to the 30 day rule. We certainly respect rules but I’d like to ask if the board could consider realities our families deal with regarding family, business and medical demands before these hearings particularly with regard to vetted victim’s next of kin. My mother, Margaret DiMaria, Jay Sebring’s sister, has been vetted by CDCR since 2004.

Today’s hearing is the fourth we have attended in the past 7 months related to the Manson Crime Organization. It bears acknowledging that the Manson family is no hippie cult, it is defined by its extensive crimes as a violent crime organization that conspired, tortured, mutilated, and killed collectively as a syndicate. Patricia Krenwinkel is no “follower,” she is a cold-blooded killer of eight people.

The more accurate number of Krenwinkel’s victims is eight, as I include the murder of Sharon Tate’s unborn son.

To be clear, our family’s involvement in today’s hearing has nothing to do with anger, revenge or hatred towards Ms. Krenwinkel, rather we are present out of love to speak for eight people who remain voiceless in their graves. The only hatred I feel is for the actual crimes and parasitical vermin who exploit these murders for profit and self-promotion.

Part of what continues to impact our families are these hearings and what is said in these hearings, past and present. This is exacerbated by the twisted legal and policy reforms that perversely favor Patricia Krenwinkel, at the expense of her victims.

For the 6 killed by Patricia Krenwinkel at Cielo Drive, there is no Youthful or Elderly Victim Programs. For the couple she butchered at Waverly Drive, there is no Next Step Program. There are no ‘Special Considerations’.

Under the current leadership of LA DA George Gascon, our loved ones have been stripped of their legal voice after Gascon’s sweeping mandates forbidding all representation from his office and/or any involvement with our families with regard to all Manson parole hearings. Violent killers are coddled, as the victims and our families are discarded like trash.

I remind the Commissioners that Patricia Krenwinkel is one of the most deplorable killers of the entire Manson family. She dealt more direct and fatal blows than Charles Manson.

Under California Department of Correction & Rehabilitation supervision, Patricia Krenwinkel and her cohorts have benefitted from doing numerous interviews with Diane Sawyer, Larry King, Rolling Stone magazine, writing books, etc., etc. In 2014, Patricia Krenwinkel produced her own documentary titled LIFE AFTER MANSON: THE UNTOLD STORY OF PATRICIA KRENWINKEL, available for purchase on Amazon and on its own website. The petitioner’s role as producer is irrefutable as the film’s director Olivia Klaus states Patricia Krenwinkel “approached me to capture her story.” Commissioners, I wonder if you might understand that, from the victim’s perspective, the world has been perversely twisted upside down.

There is talk today about pre-commitment offense influences, prison programming, good behavior, Elderly Offender & Youthful Offender Programs, Twelve Step Programming, Coping Mechanisms, Sponsorship Support, the Parole Board’s investigative conclusion that Ms. Krenwinkel is an Intimate Partner Abuse Victim, rehabilitation and suitability for parole.

I appreciate the opportunity to address these:
But first, I direct each of us in this hearing – to LAWRENCE.

If ever murders could be described as “Crimes of the Century,” Ms. Krenwinkel’s actions embody this heinous standard. The unspeakable number of stab wounds, mutilations, Ms. Krenwinkel’s threats smeared in her victims’ blood of DEATH TO PIGS and HELTER SKELTER on the walls at her crime scene terrified the nation. Patricia’s obscene behaviors throughout her trial not only spit on the memory of her victims and tormented our families, but directly created the destructive Manson family mystique, causing permanent scars on American history.

As noted author Joan Didion writes in THE WHITE ALBUM, “the Hippie Movement ended abruptly on August 8, 1969,” the exact night Patricia Krenwinkel killed 5 people and an unborn child at Cielo Drive. The “rare, severe, egregious nature” of the petitioner’s killings meet every criteria defined by LAWRENCE. The severity of her actions are so profound that her lethal legacy has been influential in similar horrific murders well after her incarceration.

Detective Don Ryan describes the crime scene of Vivian French’s murder March 7, 1977: “As I entered the residence I could hear ‘The Pigs Are Coming’ song that was playing over and over again. When we walked in, I observed a white female, later identified as Vivian French, lying on her back. She was nude and I noticed what appeared to be a black handled knife in her right side just above the breast. I noticed on the wall there were some things written in blood: ‘Helter Skelter’ and ‘All Pigs Must Die’…”

“HELTER SKELTER” & “ALL PIGS MUST DIE”—— the same words written by Patricia Krenwinkel in her victims’ blood at the LaBianca crime scene.

On May 30, 2003, Jason Sweeney was murdered by four teenagers, ages 15 to 17. The weapons used to massacre the young man were a hammer, a hatchet, and several large rocks. At one point during the attack there was a hammer blow so severe that it remained protruding from Jason’s scull, as he continued to fight for his life.

During the trial, the teenaged killers testified listening to “Helter Skelter” over and over repeatedly for several hours before committing the murder. “Helter Skelter”…

The prosecuting attorney, Jude Conroy, stated, “It is really amazing that teenagers in Philadelphia, Memorial Day weekend, are attuned to the whole Helter Skelter mythology. It’s a sad testament to the twisted, brutal legacy those murders have left behind such that it attracts 15, 16, 17-year-olds.Over forty years later. 3,000 miles across the country. It is a powerful legacy.” (END QUOTE)

Charles Manson did not write HELTER SKELTER in blood, Patricia Krenwinkel did. There can be no Manson-blaming in this. Patricia Krenwinkel is the author that ignited what would become an endless cultural cancer with sinister and deadly consequences.

One of the things my mother wanted to share in this hearing was an incident involving her daughter, my sister, Mishele. Just a couple years ago she was at a concert. When the lead singer came out in a “Charlie’s Angels” shirt she was so disturbed and traumatized she immediately left the concert. On the T-shirt was Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten and Susan Atkins laughing on their way to court.

For many vulnerable and depraved minds in pop culture and among some youth- these crimes are almost cool. And in several circles- Patricia Krenwinkel and the other killers have attained serial killer rock-star status. You have only to reference the internet to evidence this.

The nexus of current dangerousness, and the threat of Patricia Krenwinkel and her crimes to society today——direct, symbolic and cultural——is permanent, lethal and malignant.


Glaring to our families is Ms. Krenwinkel’s extensive pattern of deflection and minimization for decades in these hearings, in public interviews and through her documentary.

At today’s hearing, Ms. Krenwinkel describes “allowing” and “allowed” as in “I allowed these things to happen” & “I allowed to lead me in this direction.”

After having lived with the loss and suffering caused by Patricia Krenwinkel for decades- any use of the words “allow”, “allowed”, “allowing” is quite disturbing.

Particularly painful and disturbing to our families were decisions and judgements that occurred at Patricia Krenwinkel’s last two hearings, on December 29, 2016 and June 22, 2017, when the Parole Board and CDCR decided to initiate an extensive investigation into whether Patricia Krenwinkel——the convicted killer of seven and an unborn child——was an abuse victim.

As I stated to Don Thompson of the Associated Press, “for this investigation to be initiated at this point——after several decades——is mind boggling. I don’t understand how we go from being a murderer——convicted killer of eight——to an ‘intimate partner victim’. It’s absurd. It’s like the world is upside down. How do you kill eight people, and then become the victim?!”

Just as sick and twisted at the initial December 29th hearing was Ms. Krenwinkel’s admission that she was in charge of watching the children at Spahn Ranch, and her knowledge that Charles Manson was raping the children there.

From page 124 of the transcript: “There was people that took care of the children…there’s a lot of people and there has to be a designation of labor…So I would take care of the children.”

Then on page 208, Ms. Krenwinkel refers to Manson as, “a pedophile. He slept with 12-year-olds at the Ranch. 13-year-olds. 14-year-olds. 15-year-olds.”

It was incomprehensible to hear this bombshell admission, and yet witness a rather feckless follow-up from Deputy Commissioner Nga Lam. The actual interaction is the following:

Deputy Commissioner Lam: “But you knew he was sleeping with 12, 13-year-olds then, right?”

Inmate Krenwinkel: “Yes. I never thought about it…yes.”

Commissioner Lam: “Did that—— did it bother you then?”

Inmate Krenwinkel: “A couple of times things that he did, I mean, his violence against some of these PEOPLE. But I didn’t think about it because we were all—— it was all this communal living.”

So, how does this rationale work? The inmate didn’t think too much about the rapes of children because it was “communal living”? This selective reasoning is sociopathic. Ms. Krenwinkel was also cunning enough to swap nouns after asked if Manson’s rapes of children bothered her. Her response: “A couple times things he did, I mean his violence against these people…”

PEOPLE? She was asked about crimes against children.

It has been established in several past hearings that Patricia Krenwinkel & Leslie Van Houten were the main caretakers of children at Spahn Ranch. In addition to Ms. Krenwinkel’s testimony, Leslie Van Houten revealed at her hearing 9/6/2017 (p.118 ll.18-9) “Pat and I were taking care of the children.”

I immediately filed a complaint and request to CDCR’s Jennifer Shaffer and Jennifer Neill, demanding a formal investigation focused on the rapes of children at the hands of the Manson family at Spahn Ranch. Quoting from my initial complaint:

“Since the Board is now opening investigations in addition to its chief role of determining suitability of parole, I demand an investigation to determine if Patricia Krenwinkel was an accessory in the rapes of children. If these children were ABUSE VICTIMS of Patricia Krenwinkel or any of the clan at the ranch.

Let there be no distraction from who the ACTUAL victims are…with regard to these murders. Or in the rapes of children.

When authority and judgement are formed selectively or politically, the scales of justice are thrown in the trash, leaving us all blindfolded. This is madness. I ask that this be entered in to the record.”

Commissioners, do you have this document in your records?

I am going to read a passage from Dianne Lake’s book MEMBER OF THE FAMILY. On page 125, “Lynette and a girl named Patty (inmate Krenwinkel) stroked my hair and passed me a joint while Charlie strummed out more tunes on the guitar…there was a lot of unspoken communication between Charlie and the girls. His expression changed slightly, and as if the scene had been rehearsed, Patty took his guitar from him. He stood, took my hand, and led me outside. We walked hand in hand to the black bus.” According to Ms. Lake, this is when Charles Manson first raped the 14-year-old.

Petitioner Krenwinkel might describe this incident as “communal living”, but a vast majority in civil society know this to be contributing to the delinquency of a minor, grooming & facilitating the rape of a 14-year-old child.

Ultimately, a formal investigation was initiated. It concluded that Patricia Krenwinkel was an intimate partner of Manson…and a victim. To date, no inquiries or investigations have been conducted by CDCR or the Parole Board delving into Ms. Krenwinkel’s admission that children were being raped at the Ranch. One can only imagine that the extent of Patricia Krenwinkel’s knowledge and/or possible involvement of child molestation at the Ranch would be of profound relevance in the calculus to determine suitability for release. But, no such regard or investigation for those crimes or those victims.

Commissioners, I point you to CDCR Executive Director Jennifer P. Shaffer’s response dated February 14, 2017 to my initial complaint. Quoting:

“Lastly in light of the fact that the board is opening an investigation into inmate Krenwinkel’s claim of intimate partner battering, you requested that the board also investigate allegations that inmate Krenwinkel may have been involved, or was an accessory in the rapes of children by Charles Manson around the times the murders took place, based on her testimony 12/29 hearing. I appreciate your desire for additional investigation into these allegations.

However, as I have explained above, the board is specifically required by law to investigate claims of intimate partner battering that were not admissible at the time of her trial. In rare occasions other investigations (that are not mandated by statute) can be requested by a hearing panel if necessary for determining an inmate’s current risk of dangerousness. No investigation has been requested.”

In light of Patricia Krenwinkel’s revelations of the rapes of children, Dianne Lake’s corroborating accounts- clearly Ms. Krenwinkel’s knowledge and/or involvement in these crimes against children at Spahn Ranch, her lack of regard for these children and her veiled secrecy after more than 50 years of rehabilitation- is more than enough evidence raising concern for the petitioner’s current risk of dangerousness and suitability for release.

On March 17, 2017, Ms. Krenwinkel, in a primetime ABC tabloid said, “I learned choice at the most horrific cost.” SHE learned at “the most horrific cost?” NOT HER VICTIMS?!

This statement is frighteningly insightful in its ironic narcissism—— as only can be said by a sociopathic killer who feels entitled to usurp the realities and rights of her victims…by positioning herself in the role of the victim. It’s in her nature. She doesn’t even know she’s doing it. Or she does.

I’m going to read from a cover of the inmate’s film LIFE AFTER MANSON: THE UNTOLD STORY OF PATRICIA KRENWINKEL, which for the record can be purchased online for $15, $25—— and for only $250 the “Educational Package” is available, which includes a booklet of “Krenny’s” personal collection of poetry & photos, a Power Point Presentation, and licensing options for public libraries and classes Kindergarten through 12th grade. I screen-capped images for your reference if you’d like me to send?

Quoting from the DVD’s cover, “Now as California’s longest incarcerated woman, she continues to be demonized by the public and haunted by the suffering she caused over five decades ago.”

“Continues to be DEMONIZED by the public”?! It seems Ms. Krenwinkel and her production team lost sight of who the actual victims are in these murders…even after 53 years of supposed reflection and rehabilitation. So let us consider the untold stories of Patricia Krenwinkel’s dead:

LIFE AFTER KRENWINKEL: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROSEMARY LABIANCA: Stabbed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…41 times with a bayonet and hunting knives.

LIFE AFTER KRENWINKEL: THE UNTOLD STORY OF LENO LABIANCA: Bound defenseless in a chair and stabbed throughout his abdomen and thorax dozens of times with his own butcher knife & carving fork.

LIFE AFTER KRENWINKEL: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ABIGAIL FOLGER: A death so horrifically unbearable that her last words were, “Please stop. I’m already dead.”


LIFE AFTER KRENWINKEL: THE UNTOLD STORY OF MARGARET DiMARIA (my mother). Who was pregnant when her brother Jay was killed.

So traumatized she was by Jay’s murder that she lost her child (For the record, that makes two babies whose lives were stolen as a direct result of Patricia Krenwinkel and her crimes).

When I read that the petitioner is described as “California’s longest incarcerated woman,” I am haunted by the memories of our eight loved ones. All of them dead, for 53 years and counting.

All said, 424 years in their black, cold coffins.

Commissioners, you’ve asked the petitioner, “Who were you then? Who are you today?”

-I ask the same questions, “Steven, Abigail, Woyteck, Sharon, Jay: Who were you on the night of August 8, 1969? Who are you today?” “Leno, Rosemary: Who were you on the night of August 10, 1969? Who are you today?”

While the inmate, her attorney, and film team believe Ms. Krenwinkel has been rehabilitated and is a changed person, I remind the Board that her eight victims remain entirely unchanged. Unrehabilitated. Unparoled. As my mother has stated in past hearings, “They are just as dead today as when Patricia Krenwinkel sent them to their graves 53 years ago.”

As the attorney today invokes the law, you see blood relatives, Lou, Debra, Kay & myself, seeking justice. We implore you to indeed follow the law, particularly as defined in LAWRENCE.

For the rare, egregious, severe nature of Patricia Krenwinkel’s crimes: LAWRENCE. For how horribly her victims suffered: LAWRENCE. For her crimes against civilized society as she terrorized the nation with her blood-spattered threats and cruel, perverse behavior during her trial: LAWRENCE. For the permanent cultural, historical scars Ms. Krenwinkel has dealt with destructive consequences even today: LAWRENCE.

Commissioners, I reiterate the petitioner’s knowledge and grooming in crimes against children at Spahn Ranch as provided earlier in this statement. Again, I request an investigation to be conducted to determine the role of Patricia Krenwinkel & Leslie Van Houten in the rapes of children at Spahn Ranch crucial to current dangerousness and suitability of release of either inmate per Jennifer Shaffer’s response to my original request 1/30/2017.

I mentioned earlier how the world has been perversely twisted and turned upside down for the victims and our families. Commissioners, how you can make amends for Patricia Krenwinkel—— when nothing, no law, neither of you, can make amends for her dead or the diabolical destruction she has caused to society.

I urge the Board to consider parole for Patricia Krenwinkel, once you’ve paroled her victims from their graves.

As we acknowledge the cruel, severe nature of Krenwinkel’s crimes, the impact upon and threat to society, the pattern of minimization, the number of Krenwinkel’s victims and how horribly they suffered…

We ask for a parole denial, and for the longest period of time.

Thank You

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  1. Michael says:

    Very moving and worth considering no matter where you stand on parole for PK.

  2. Cybele Moon says:

    my sentiments also. Very powerful, articulate and moving testimony, I could understand the Governor blocking her parole on that statement alone.

  3. Pam says:

    Heart breaking testimony. Keep this vile killer in prison.

  4. Lee says:

    I agree, Pam. She is one vile killer! The intimate partner battering is obscene alone! She was one of the most loyal of all the girls out there and had a leadership role, along with Lynette Fromme, who was Charles Manson’s favorite. If I had to choose Manson’s top three girls, it was Lynn, Pat & Mary!

  5. Debbie says:

    My heart breaks,for the victims and their families. I can’t believe,that she was recommended. But,the governor will deny it, guaranteed!

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