• Bobby Beausoleil Denied Parole For The 18th Time

Bobby Beausoleil Denied Parole For The 18th Time

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Oct. 13 – Bobby Beausoleil was found unsuitable for parole today by the California Board of Parole Hearings, marking the 18th time he has been denied release. The hearing, which was set to take place in February of 2015, had been postponed three times because of an unresolved disciplinary action and Beausoleil’s relocation from Oregon back to California.

Beausoleil, now 68, has been incarcerated since June 23, 1970, serving a term of 7-years-to-life, for the 1969 murder of musician Gary Hinman. He was tried twice, the first resulting in hung jury and the second, a conviction. He was sentenced to death on April 15, 1970, but saw that sentence commuted to life when the death penalty was briefly outlawed.

Beausoleil will not be eligible for another parole hearing until 2019.

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16 Responses to Bobby Beausoleil Denied Parole For The 18th Time

  1. Alex Hill says:

    Not too surprised. He should be glad that he only got the minimum 3 year denial. He might have a better chance next time because he can then argue that he’s been incarcerated for 50 years and will be in his 70s at that point.

  2. Roger says:

    I don’t understand this. He didn’t have anything to do with the Tate-Labianca murders. I’m not surprised though.

  3. Lee says:

    Have you read this man’s past transcripts, including his trial testimony & parole hearings? He has appeared before the parole boards in a brash, cocky manner, and tries to control the hearing. Then, to make matters worse, he labels his victim a drug dealer, and basically pulled that bullshit story out of his ass, to make Gary Hinman look like he brought on his own murder by ripping poor Beausoleil off. The whole story is ridiculous, and makes no sense. On top of all of that, none of the other participants have ever said it had anything to do with a drug deal gone bad. He even tries to blame Danny DeCarlo. Thanks to Bobby Beausoleil’s mouth, you now read articles, books, and blogs that list Gary Hinman as a drug dealer. If Gary Hinman ever sold drugs, or even did drugs, that had nothing to do with his death. The Manson Family had a common practice, which was to take what didn’t belong to them by any means necessary. Manson convinced these idiots that other people’s money & possessions didn’t belong to them, but to EVERYONE, particularly Manson himself. They were trying to gather funds for their move to the desert, and were having a family huddle, so people could think of ideas of where they could get money. Ella Jo Bailey is the one who first brought up Gary, because she heard that he had come into some money. That is why Manson sent them over there. You really think a biker gang would not go take it out of someone’s ass themselves, if they got ripped off? Bottom line, until Beausoleil stops spewing that birdbrained, fraudulent narrative of the crime, tone down that machismo, own up to hanging out & being buddies with the Manson Family, he is going to stay put. It didn’t help that he was illustrating mail order beat off material for pedophiles either.

  4. Richard says:

    It doesn’t look like Cupid will make it to his next parole hearing.

  5. Black Heart says:

    Good assessment.

    A characteristic that ran through this bunch was laziness. They believed that others should provide for them. If they needed something, they’d steal it. Yeah, they earned their room at Sphan’s infested ranch I’ll grant that.

    I never bought the drug angle on Gary. It was,as Susan said, all about the money. It became apparent that Hinman had nothing but Manson had already committed assault with a deadly weapon, and possibly attempted murder. Therefore, to keep Charlie out of jail, along with the rest on various charges, Hinman had to die. So it was ordered and so it was done.

    Before the murder, life had given Bobby three precious gifts important to sane people: talent, a pretty girlfriend, and the same who was carrying his child. He threw it all away.

    Bobby said he went back to Gary’s after the murder and before police discovered the body to remove his fingerprints. I don’t buy that either. He went back to get a kick out of his handiwork. He wasn’t freaked out by what he found; Gary’s decaying body and the sound of maggots eating on the corpse.

    Bobby had lived in Gary’s house and the Family visited there, so fingerprints were explainable. As for the panther print on the wall, the remedy was to simply scrape away the outer layer of the sheet-rock or cut out that chunk. He did neither. He went back to enjoy the crime scene. Sick-o.

  6. creepy karpis says:

    i’m glad he is where he belongs, along with the other killers. i’m still upset grogan got out by playing dumb. that was a real injustice to shorty and society. never underestimate the stupidity of the liberal left.

  7. cam says:

    he seems to be definitely dying from this photo. Despite his condescending manner in the past and notwithstanding he did kill a man in cold blood, I think BB should have got parole. I say this for all of the Manson family in jail except Charlie and Tex who stay inside. They were all incredibly young and lets be honest not quite right in the head. The notoriety keeps them inside and that is wrong. They got life with possibility of parole and 45 years inside should be considered a life sentence in anyones book. Let the poor guy out for one last walk along the beach before he dies

  8. Wayne says:

    I don’t understand this. This guy had nothing to do with the Tate-LaBianca murders but yet that is the only reason he never gets out for political reasons and the notoriety of the case. If Sharon Tate had not been one of the victims I don’t think this would have gotten as much attention. I could be wrong but that’s what I think and what does that say about our justice system? I agree he is a cocky jerk at these hearings. Bobby was a beautiful guy when he was young and committed these crimes he could have had a bright future. I think all of them should be paroled except Manson of course. He can rot. I’m on the fence about Tex too. Leslie Van Houten should definitely be paroled. They were all young and stupid when it happened and have spent their whole lives and are denied parole because the parole board are chickens. Just my opinion though.

  9. Lee says:

    Is Bobby Beausoleil sick with cancer? He looks very ill.

  10. C word says:

    He looks like he has AIDS

  11. Brokenspell says:

    I would not wish cancer on my worst enemy. I hope he has shingles, and Fournier’s gangrene, never cancer.

  12. Lee says:

    I don’t wish this man to be sick at all. NEVER would I wish cancer, or anything else on anyone, including Bobby Beausoleil. I said he looks like he is sick. Also, he is being housed at the California Medical Facility. They have hospice there, along with a chemo room. While I have no doubts that BB would kill again, or be a danger to society, they aren’t going to release him, nor anyone else that was in the Manson family (on the outskirts of the family, or not). He killed on Manson’s orders, and that, right there is enough for the parole board to veto it. He doesn’t look healthy at all, so it is probably a matter of time before he is released but not in a way that he wanted. Shit, they wouldn’t even release Susan Atkins, and she had brain cancer with one leg already amputated. Sad situation all around, especially for the victims.

  13. Kathy says:

    Didn’t Bobby once yell in court “You better hope I never get out”? Hahahaha

  14. Sharon Bilof says:

    As a matter of fact, he did. Each and everyone of them is exactly where they belong. Being young at the time of the crime has nothing to do with their actions, nor did their poor upbringing or lack of a 2 parent home. They knew right from wrong and chose HORROR !

  15. Bill Bradley says:

    The judge, who presided over Grogan’s case was James Kolts, a Republican appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan. He determined that Grogan was too stupid to have decided anything on his own. He’s the person who reduced Grogan’s sentence, not the “liberal left”.

  16. Julie E. says:

    Damn! This guy was hot looking when he was young!!

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