• Bobby Beausoleil Parole Hearing Date Moved Up

Bobby Beausoleil Parole Hearing Date Moved Up

Saturday, May 19th, 2018


May 19 – Bobby Beausoleil’s parole hearing, tentatively scheduled for October of 2019, has moved up to January. Beausoleil last appeared before the California Board of Parole Hearings on October 13, 2016 and was denied parole for three years.

Beausoleil petitioned to have his hearing date moved up. In April, the board approved the request and a hearing has now been scheduled for Thursday, January 3, 2019.

Beausoleil, now 70, has been incarcerated since June 23, 1970, serving a term of 7-years-to-life, for the 1969 murder of musician Gary Hinman. He was tried twice, the first resulting in hung jury and the second, a conviction. He was sentenced to death on April 15, 1970, but saw that sentence commuted to life when the death penalty was briefly outlawed.

He has been found unsuitable for parole 18 times since becoming eligible in 1976.

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16 Responses to Bobby Beausoleil Parole Hearing Date Moved Up

  1. brat says:

    A brilliant man and seems like he has redeemed himself . His music and art are out of this world good.

  2. Alexander Hill says:

    Good luck, Bobby.

  3. Cybele Moon says:

    a sociopath period!

  4. Paul Grabsky says:

    Let Bobby make beautiful music outside the jail walls

  5. Chris Macera says:

    All of these followers should be glad death penalty was over turned let them spend their time behind bars always thinking about what they did eventually they will end up like Charlie

  6. Lee says:

    I think Bobby Beausoleil could’ve been released if he would’ve just been honest about the murder he committed. This stupid bullshit he tries to tell the board is what keeps him in. Every, single person involved with Gary Hinman’s death, except Manson, who lied about everything has stated that it was over wanting money. If Gary Hinman sold drugs, it was back in the day before any of this happened. If he kept money that Bobby gave him, where the hell did the money go? He was saving up to go to Japan and his parents even sent him some money, but where did the cash go? Nowhere, because Bobby never gave him any money. You think if Bobby had access to money back thrn, Manson wouldn’t have gotten his grubby paws on it? Listen to the tapes of the Staight Satan member Al Springer. This guy didn’t have a clue about any drug deal. This story is a lie created by Bobby Beausoleil to seperate himself from the Manson Family, but it makes no sense whatsoever. Yeah, Sandra Good might run off at the mouth and try to take up for Bobby, but you need to consider the fact that she is a nutjob. That, and she has a son with Bobby makes her pretty unreliable as far as I can see.

  7. Fred Bloggs says:

    Chris Macera says:
    eventually they will end up like Charlie

    Eventually, we’ll all end up like Charlie !

    Lee says:
    it makes no sense whatsoever

    The story overall does actually make sense. Ed Sanders in his book from the early 70s, Nuel Emmons in his from the late 80s and Vincent Bugliosi in a 2009 TV documentary all verify one way or the other that Hinman sold drugs. Bobby mentions it in his 1978 parole hearing. The original Police report, even before Bobby’s arrest, noted that he was a known user of psychedelic drugs and that he was trying to kick this for good.
    However, Hinman selling drugs does not justify or mitigate Bobby’s actions, if indeed he did sell drugs.
    What makes the story highly suspect are all the attendant details that, when put together, form a picture that strains credulity. Just one example of many; Bobby claims that the Straight Satans threatened him because the Hinman drugs were supposed to be bad. But if he delivered the drugs late on the Friday {he claims he picked them up from Gary on Friday night} and was at Gary’s by the Saturday afternoon demanding the money back, then the timeline is way too tight.
    In trying to get away from the prosecution narrative of holding Hinman hostage from the Friday to the Sunday, Bobby claims they were only there for 30 something hours. So given that a mescaline trip lasted anything from 8-14 hours {and sometimes, even longer than that} and Bobby was supposedly at Gary’s by Saturday afternoon, at what point between the late hours of Friday and early on the Saturday afternoon did the Straight Satans and the other bikers at the party distribute and manage to ingest 1000 capsules of mescaline {Bobby says there were no drugs left over to verify whether or not they were bad}, get sick, determine all the takers were ill and the drugs were the cause, be fit enough to make their way across LA to Spahn after psychedelic bad tripping, find Bobby, threaten him with knives and violence and demand their money back and Bobby then find Charlie, ask him for advice, then locate Danny DeCarlo for advice on what to do then find Bruce to be given a gun and advice…….
    It’s so lopsided. So much doesn’t fit but most telling of all, aside from Mary, Susan, Danny, Kitty Lutesinger, Ella Jo Bailey and Bruce not backing up Bobby’s tale, even Charlie, who is meant to be the one that corroborates his story, contradicts him at crucial points in the story. One cannot believe both of them because they cancel out each other.

    This story is a lie created by Bobby Beausoleil to separate himself from the Manson Family

    If so, it’s a good example of how one lie leads to another and then creates, literally, a web so tangled that it’s impossible to unweave oneself from it.

    If he kept money that Bobby gave him, where the hell did the money go? He was saving up to go to Japan and his parents even sent him some money, but where did the cash go?

    This is one of the key questions that has never been answered and the police looked into Gary Hinman’s finances. They knew that he’d paid $550 for a ticket to Japan. They knew a month previous to his death that his Dad had given him $1050 toward the the trip. It was established by Glenn Krell, Gary’s boss, that sometimes he was broke and had to borrow money. It was also established by Krell that he had been buying Hinman’s VW and had paid him about $200 out the the $700 Hinman wanted for it. So it’s not like they weren’t looking seriously at his finances or had no idea of his spending. And on the Saturday if he didn’t have the $1000 when Bobby supposedly came for it, he must have spent or stashed it with someone. No such a person has ever turned up and no record of Gary spending big on Saturday 26th emerged. So what happened to it ? How, between the Friday night when Bobby supposedly picked up the drugs, and the Saturday when Bobby & the women supposedly turned up {denied incidentally by the two women, Mary Brunner and Susan Atkins – they say they were there 3 days and from when they turned up on Friday night until Gary died on the Sunday, they never left Gary alone} did Gary get rid of $1000 ?
    Bobby hasn’t done himself any favours from 1969 right to the present day. Even in something like spending so many years trying to include Danny DeCarlo as part of the crime then having to admit in 2016 that actually, he wasn’t a participant. He really has lost credibility and it’s almost impossible to determine if what he says is the truth because he’s changed the details of the story too many times. On this site, just read through the 6 parole transcripts and it’s amazing just how many discrepancies one is able to find. Not between the “official narrative” but those of the other people involved ~ and Bobby himself.
    It’s interesting that in his second trial, Bobby fingered Charlie as the murderer, but years later, when asked why he was now coming out with this mescaline/Straight Satan story, he said that he did not want to involve others as it would be dangerous for him to be seen as a snitch. He’s right, it would.
    But he’d already pegged Charlie as the killer which, however one looks at it is snitching. On a royal scale.
    Right from the moment he was arrested on August 6th 1969 to the present day, he’s been caught in lies and even worse for him, lies that are easily demonstrable.

  8. Larry Feigh says:

    Considering someone who was convicted and assigned the death penalty for parole is totally insane!! But in California, anything is possible. “The only way that I would consider Beausoleil or any of the other killers for parole is if their victims rose from their graves like Lazarus as if nothing happened.

  9. Fred Bloggs says:

    brat says:
    A brilliant man and seems like he has redeemed himself

    Do you really think so ? If you follow Bobby from the moment of his arrest right through to his last parole hearing in 2016, redeem isn’t a word that springs easily to one’s thoughts. The moment he was arrested, he was lying. Through his 2nd trial, he was lying. Through each of his parole hearings, he has changed his story so many times and even though on occasion, he’s explained why, it doesn’t take away the fact that he was continually lying. Even in the last hearing, he said things that demonstrated that previous things he said were lies. That’s 47 years of consistently lying and changing his story.
    That’s not close to redeeming himself.
    The tragedy of Bobby’s life is that if he spends till his dying day in jail, it would be only him that is to blame. He seems to have long thought that he was simply smarter than everyone else around him and it’s almost as though he refuses to acknowledge that he isn’t.

    Larry Feigh says:
    Considering someone who was convicted and assigned the death penalty for parole is totally insane!!

    Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.
    I often stress this but in arguments like these, one needs to address the time factor. 48 years is a long time, it really is. So although someone may have been sentenced to death 48 years ago, so many things could have changed in that time frame.
    That said, Bobby has gone a long way towards keeping himself in prison for 42 of those years. A read of his parole transcripts demonstrates that.

  10. Louis says:

    Doesn’t make sense why he would want his hearing moved up. As it was set for Oct, 2019, Moonbeam would be gone by then. He might have had a chance, however slim. But now, with it being in Sept., under Brown, he has no chance. Is this an early sign of Bobby losing it? Alzheimer’s?

  11. Alexander Hill says:

    The governor can’t review it until after a 120 day review period by the parole board so the next governor is the one who would end up reviewing his case.

  12. Louis says:

    Thanks Alexander. Wasn’t thinking of that…sometimes, hard to relate. I’m in a different country, different laws, different setup.

  13. Lee says:

    I read a book about the parole procedures in California, and it seems that the actual governor isn’t the one who actually makes the decisions of reversals/grants. He has a legal team who reads thru all the info, and advises him on what to do. He probably doesn’t even write the reversal letters. He signs his name, and moves onto another project.

  14. Robin Bailey says:

    I hope Bobby gets his freedom. He is smart,and talented,maybe a little eccentric. I believe he is harmless to society at this point. I believe he can survive in society.

  15. Jerome says:

    your all trying to make sense of something Beausoleil did as a very Young man ,he is a very gifted artist and musician but if one steals from Kenneth Anger then …..

  16. Robin Bailey says:

    I am so happy you have decided to let Bobby have his freedom. Hopefully it will really happen. God bless.

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