• Bobby Beausoleil’s Parole Hearing Postponed Again

Bobby Beausoleil’s Parole Hearing Postponed Again

Monday, July 13th, 2015


Jul. 13 – Bobby Beausoleil’s parole hearing, scheduled for this Thursday, has been postponed for the second time, according to the California Department of Corrections.

The hearing, which was set to take place in February, was initially postponed because of an unresolved disciplinary action. At that time, the Board of Parole Hearing issued a request for further investigation into the matter and the hearing was moved to July.

According to the CDCR, neither the disciplinary action or the investigation have been resolved and the hearing will be rescheduled after the conclusion of both.

Beausoleil, 67, serving a life term for his role in the 1969 murder of musician Gary Hinman, has been denied parole 17 times, was given a 5 year denial at his last hearing, held in 2010.

Gary Hinman’s cousin, Kay Martley, along with Sharon Tate’s sister, Debra Tate, planned to make opposition statements at the hearing via telephone, according to an Associated Press report by Don Thompson.

While the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office routinely attends Beausoleil’s hearings, Martley’s participation would mark the first time anyone made a victim impact statement at one.

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21 Responses to Bobby Beausoleil’s Parole Hearing Postponed Again

  1. Lee says:

    Bobby Beausoleil is a complete jackass, but what in the hell in the hell is Debra Tate doing? This case has absolutely nothing to do with her sister’s. I really feel that she is taking this stuff too far and losing focus on what her goal is, which ultimately is to make a victim’s impact statement at the hearings for Krenwinkel & Watson. Manson, for obvious reasons need not waste her breath on, since he will have no more hearings, unless he lives to be father time. While I think Debra Tate has good intentions, she is coming across as a very unlikable busybody who is involving herself in a case that she wasn’t a victim in. I think Bobby Beausoleil does enough damage as it is every time he opens his big yap, placing blame on the victim and coming up with ridiculous lies in between. The guy is arrogant, macho and a douchebag for spreading that horrible lie about Gary Hinman being killed over a drug deal. Now, every damn article or book I read has Gary labeled as a drug dealer that burned Bob because the Straight Satans were mad at him. Debra Tate does NOT need to stick herself in this horrendous situation. I am no bleeding heart, either, but damn, she needs to stay focused on those other creeps, Krenwinkel & Watson.

  2. Maisie says:

    Does anybody know what disciplinary rule he broke, and why it is taken so long to be resolved? He does seem like an egotistical dude, and I am not sure he feels remorse for Gary Hinman at all. He has however served around 45 years, which is pretty much as long as my life has been. As long as he meets the criteria for release: work plans, housing, etc., I think he should be set free. I wonder how much time the average life with parole prisoner in CA or Oregon serve. I know he was spared the death penalty, but he is entitled to a fair parole hearing. I do nor believe that Debra Tate should be allowed in the hearing.
    This is my first post, so please forgive me if I sound uninformed. Now ask me ANYTHING about Jonestown and Peoples Temple and I am an expert! LoL
    Tate/ Labianca is a fascinating case, and I am enjoying learning about it.

  3. Lee says:


    With Bobby Beausoleil, it could be a number of things. Of course, the guards are pricks too and a lot of times, they write up prisoners for simple misunderstandings. I can understand the frustration, but Bobby B. always comes up with excuses & justifications for his write-ups. His huge ego & head get in the way of him having a successful parole hearing. 45 years is a long time, but he held a guy hostage over a weekend and then stabbed him. It was horrible what they did to Gary Hinman. Gary’s face was cut up too, so not only was he a hostage, but he was in torturous pain the whole time. Gary suffered horrible before death. I am sure he was extremely frightened, confused (because he thought those people were supposed to be his friends) and probably had so many thoughts running through his head that it is hard to even realize what the man went through. He probably was thinking that he was never going to see family again. When you think about those things, 45 years in prison for the guy responsible isn’t anything. Bobby should of gotten just life without parole, so they aren’t wasting everyone’s time with useless parole hearings. Bobby is his own worst enemy. He has done irreparable damage to his future, simply from making completely idiotic choices, like requesting that he be housed with Manson early on in his incarceration, making ridiculous statements to Truman Capote to make himself look like a tough-guy, smoking dope as recent as 1999, running a child-porn-illustration mail order business, and last but not least, blaming the victim for his own death by repeatedly telling the parole board and anyone else who will listen that Gary ripped him off on a drug deal. Anyone with a brain knows that story is complete bullshit. He’s trying to make himself look less culpable by putting the blame on the victim. He has even told the parole board that he felt he was backed into a corner because Gary threatened to tell the cops about the assault, etc. Every parole board hearing, he comes in with a new & updated version of what happened! I think the last time, he told the board that he killed Gary Hinman so he could “be a man” and fit in with the Straight Satans. As Judge Judy would say, “ABSURD!” Oh, another thing. I have always thought that Mary Brunner should of been in prison too for this crime. She did not deserve immunity from prosecution. Gary was friends with her and had helped her recover her baby when the authorities had taken away custody from her. What a rotten thing to do! She turns around and helps keep the guy hostage, then watches as he lays gasping for breath in the throes of death. That is SICK!!

    • Morrighan says:

      Thank you!. ANY one that is so uninformed aka unintelligent as to believe that ‘cupid’ should be set free is an ignorant, naive person. The very type that someone like the ‘family’ and ‘cupid’ would gleefully kill. The people -all of them should never be set free.Except when their bodies finally quit. Susan Atkins got the supreme karmic pay-back. She told Sharon Tate “bitch I got no mercy for you or your baby,you are going to die here tonight”. ANd..the courts/parole board told her when she stupidly asked for mercy “bitch we got no mercy for you or your husband,you are going to die here”. Of course the court was much more P.C. about how it was said. But she got what she deserved. I’m sure the deaths of the remaining ‘family’ members will be just as memorable too. The one that was paroled a few years ago will eventually met his killer,I’m positive that he will not be allowed to live as a free man unencumbered by karma.

  4. Gena says:

    Debra Tate makes me sick.

    • Paddy says:

      Why? Its been a viable, credible theory for 45 yrs that one of mansons 3 known motives for ordering the Massacre on Cielo was to create a copycat crime (the “witchy” writings on the walls)door in order to get Bobby released from jail. Manson wanted him out bad. The detectives would think it was the same killers. Manson had lost it at that point.

  5. Frankie says:

    Can someone please fill me in on the motive for the Hinman killing? I would also appreciate some info on the child porn mail order thing? Thanks in advance, and for the great site!

    • Morrighan says:

      Hinman was supposed to have sold bad dope to bobby who sold it to the straight satans gang. Bobby/cupid is the child porn manufacturer and seller from behind bars aided by his wife whom he found after being locked up for years. You know- one of those types of women. And yes,I agree with the others that Debra Tate is a total attention seeking hoe. But right is right,and she’s right to try to keep all these people locked up.

  6. Lee says:


    The motive for killing Gary Hinman was because Manson & his “family” needed money to go live in Death Valley. They discussed for weeks amongst each other how they were going to come up with some money, and one of the girls (Ella Jo Bailey) told the group that she had heard that Gary Hinman had inherited some money. Well, next thing you know, Manson told Bobby to go to Gary’s house, take a couple of the girls and go get the money and whatever else of value. It was NOT over a drug burn. It wasn’t over Gary putting strychnine in the drugs, or anything along those lines. I encourage you to visit mansonblog.com and look at the post entitled “Gary Hinman was murdered for money!” It will completely convince you of what the motive was. If you click on Bobby Beausoleil’s name on the blog, it should be the 4th posting down.

  7. Paddy says:

    Bobby is his own political prisoner. One of the several elements considered for suitability for parole is remorse.Slandering his victim’s character by saying he was a drug dealer who sold him bad dope which made people ill proves he has none. How on earth can you parole a man who, 45 years later, is still crapping on this poor man’s grave.

  8. Suzie Q says:

    One is forced to wonder how many people jailed in 1969 for a single count of murder are still in jail.

  9. Lee says:

    There is a guy in California that has been in prison since 1966 for one count of 1st degree murder. There are probably a lot more in other states too. Bobby is his own worst enemy. He probably would of been paroled years ago if he hadn’t made the idiotic choices he made in the past. That tuff comes back to haunt him. Plus, he doesn’t sound too remorseful when he continuously blames his own victim. It’s the same old ludicrous stuff over & over again.

  10. Jason Dixon says:

    These killers should been executed in the first place, thanks to that damn supreme court overturned there sentences! And i think Debra has every right to oppose any of these Manson murderers, yes not all of them are connected to her sisters death, but they all represent one cult, so it makes total sense to me! I just wish all remaining Manson murdering f***s would hurry up and join Susan Atkins in the firings depths of hell!

  11. charlotta says:

    He should never be released. if you torture and murder someone for any reason, you should never be free. it takes a sick individual to torture another human being, and I don’t think that kind of sick mind can ever be cured. of course he did it to try to get money and property, he forced the man to sign the pink slip to his car over to him. and I don’t think it makes any difference if its one murder or 12 or 100. who knows how many would have died at his hands had he not been so stupid. most likely he would have been sent to the tate house instead of tex. and I agree that mary brunner as well as linda kasabian should be sitting in prison with the rest of them. mary was as involved as bobby and susan, Charlie and bruce and linda, even if she didn’t know what was going to happen at the tate house she clearly knew the second night. which I don’t believe she didn’t know the first night. I hope the governor will stop bruce from being released again as well.

  12. Rachel says:

    FYI for those interested, according to the California Dept of Corrections site, Beausoleil is now an inmate in Deuel Vocational Institution, Tracy, CA. According to the site, it’s a “reception center” as well as permanent housing for level I and II inmates. Just my opinion, but this man has not mustered up the courage to honestly describe his responsibility in killing Hinman for 45 YEARS, FORTY FIVE YEARS. Instead he blames his victim for getting himself killed, constantly minimizing his own actions. Nothing he says during any parole hearing I’ve read shows any insight into his TORTURING and KILLING a human being. IMHO he should never be released.

  13. Lisa Artley says:

    Has anyone put ant thought into Bobby’s age environment at the time of the crime. The human brain is not fully developed until someone is in their mid twenties. Then lets throw in Manson’s multiple doses of lSD he gave the ” family”. Now lets add the sleep deprivation and the malnutrition. I am not saying these things are an excuse but you can not tell me they were not factors. Have we not heard from our own government what sleep deprivation and malnutrition does to P.O.W.s. I don’t want anyone thinking “family” members are being compared to our soldiers but that’s who those studies were done for. Why has the “family” not been called what it really was? A freaking cult. why was none of that taken into consideration? If these trials happened now with the followers it would most certainly be brought up now. I am sure the outcomes would be different. Look at the O.J. and Anthony trials.

  14. ivy says:

    Debra Tate has a right and is allowed to attend these hearings. The victims the victims of these heinous crimes should not be forgotten. She speaks for them.

  15. ivy says:

    They willingly took drugs and participated. No cure or solution for personality disorders sociopathic tendency in people so afflicted, heinous crime involving days of torture and stabbing to death…and it was a choice to hold hostage torture and murder Gary Hinman for money and two cars. No excuses. No real accountability for ten yrs Beausooleil. Allegedly denied involvement. A killing cult yes a criminal cult yes but the killers should be accountable for their crimes. Read Lee’s posts. I do understand and comprehend why DEBRA Tate is so involved. I agree with her. The reason some criminals are not paroled is the patch history is considered also. I see a very selfish self centered criminal here again read Lee’s posts about Beausooleil activities in prison and his various excuses and accounts to the parole board.

  16. ivy says:

    Psych history is considered.

  17. Susan says:

    Debra Tate has every right to be involved! Charles Manson and his gang killed her sister and Bobby Beausoleil is a part of that group. Debra Tate wants to see them ALL rot in jail! Get over it!

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