• Bobby Beausoleil’s Parole Hearing Rescheduled

Bobby Beausoleil’s Parole Hearing Rescheduled

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015


Feb. 19 – The subsequent parole consideration hearing scheduled last week for Manson family associate, Bobby Beausoleil, has been rescheduled for Thursday, July 16th, due to a pending rules infractions investigation, according to the California Department of Corrections.

According to CDCR spokesman, Luis Patino, Beausoleil was cited for a rules infraction on January 27. Pursuant to Title 15 the Board of Parole Hearings is obligated to postpone the hearing until the infraction has been fully adjudicated.

Beausoleil, 67, serving a life term for his role in the 1969 murder of musician Gary Hinman, has been denied parole 17 times, was given a 5 year denial at his last hearing, held in 2010.

Gary Hinman’s cousin, Kay Martley, along with Sharon Tate’s sister, Debra Tate, planned to make opposition statements at the hearing via telephone, according to an Associated Press report by Don Thompson. While the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office routinely attends Beausoleil’s hearings, Martley’s participation would mark the first time anyone made a victim impact statement at one.

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21 Responses to Bobby Beausoleil’s Parole Hearing Rescheduled

  1. Lee says:

    Well, he did it again. He can’t seem to follow the muther fuckin rules, can he? He’s impulsive, extremely arrogant, macho and quite delusional. In this man’s arrogant way of thinking, he is a famous artist, who doesn’t feel the need to include in his parole plans, a realistic job (s) skill. No, he thinks he is going to leave prison and go work at Sony Pictures, because he’s so talented. He said he wants to work from his home studio, and his talent will be enough for him to bring in enough money to live in California or Oregon. Does he know what the taxes are in those states? Why would he have the luxury of not having to wake up in the morning, and commute to a shithole, minimum wage job with a prick supervisor? No, he wants to work at his home studio, which consists of drinking coffee, playing on Facebook, and the rest of the afternoon, playing around with his shitty music and painting some nude children being spanked. Yep, he will be able to pay a mortgage/rent, food, electricity, gas, insurance AND state income tax, AND property taxes. REALISTIC, right?

    • joe says:

      Excellent points. What is a 67 year old artist going to do? I don’t profess to be an art critic but I would think be gainfully employed as an artist is quite small. Interesting perspective about this from someone in the business in Oregon http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=1326543

      From what I understand, he can’t get social security, would have to pay fro Medicare, and realistically who is going to hire a 67 year old ex felon?

      I think the transcripts of his past parole hearings and the letter he wrote after the 2005 denial are insightful.

      From his letter, one gets the feeling the he is the one who is the victim when he talks about having to give up his public persona by not having his art or music or his communications to the public be available to the public if he ever to be paroled. He is just expected to be a nobody and just be good. Duh? Isn’t that what it means to be a convicted felon? Does he really believe that he can divorce anything he does now with his past? Who would care about his art or music if it were not for who he is? And that was the main reason for his denial; capitalizing on his past to sell his work. He just doesn’t get it.

      As for the transcripts, clearly he doesn’t understand how to follow rules. Just like Manson during his hearing to represent himself. Simple questions requiring simple answers. In Manson’s case, yes or no, do you want to represent yourself? Instead an irrelevant digression that showed why he shouldn’t represent himself. As for Bobbi, why does he go out of his way to just annoy the board? The hearing officer repeatedly told him the several topics that needed to be addressed by him as to why he should be paroled. Yet each time he tried to go off on a tangent that had no bearing on those topics. He then wonders why he i denied.

  2. Amy says:

    what was the infraction??

  3. DebS says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed Cielo!

    I believe that Bobby can collect social security from his wife’s account. They were married for more than 10 years, the amount of time needed to collect on your spouses social security. The same would be true for Bruce Davis.

  4. pecosbill says:

    I though Bobby’s 2005 letter was whiny as hell, although well written. He should downplay any pretensions of being a great musician or artist. He may think that he is, but it shows arrogance to publicly display that belief. He should tell the board that he’ll take any job he can get even if its only something like minimum wage dishwasher in a Greyhound bus station cafeteria.

    When Bobby gets paroled out, I’ve wondered if he’ll go down to Ballarat and pick up his Powerwagon. It looks the damn thing still has air in the tires.

  5. R.A.P. says:

    Rules infraction? How can anybody judge fairly if they are unaware of the precise circumstances surrounding the infraction?

    Furthermore, Mr. Beausoleil’s art and music are quite good and he possibly could support himself with his wife’s social security and any additional job regardless of what that job may be. The main question here is can he adjust to society and is he a threat to endangering others?

    If he can support himself and his no threat, perhaps considering release may be the avenue to take.

    Playing devil’s advocate, but interesting comments.

    • E.Q. says:


      “Furthermore, Mr. Beausoleil’s art and music are quite good and he possibly could support himself …”.

      Apparently, Gary Hinman’s musical talents were even better, but he was denied the opportunity to showcase them by Mr Beausoleil. Mr Beausoleil has continued throughout his incarceration to believe that he is not so much a person who is in prison, but more a ‘celebrity’ who just happens to be incarcerated. Bobby was not a successful, well known performer prior to incarceration (‘Ramrodder’ and ‘Invocation of My Demon Brother’? LOL), and his current ‘music’ and ‘art’ appear to receive publicity predominantly on the back of his membership of the Manson Family.

      If the 115 violation is upheld, then a parole denial would probably leave him in his seventies at the earliest when/if he is released. He can forget starting again in showbusiness at that age. If the Parole Board did approve his release at some time in the future, he still has to get past the Governor of California. After that, it is possible that the FBI might want to interview him again about the Jane Doe killing which took place near the location of his arrest in 1969.

  6. R.A.P. says:

    I can’t speak for Mr. Beausoleil, nor do I feel you can speak for Mr. Beausoleil. Subjective comments about his attitude are inconsequential.

    I understand the facts.

    Could he support himself? Probably, regardless of the reason for his public appeal.

    It’s not up to me to decide whether he will be released. I was just stating what I believed to be a valid argument.

    Thank you.

  7. E.Q. says:


    Your comment, and that of anyone else, on the quality of Bobby’s music and art is subjective. Therefore, if we leave aside what we both think of Bobby’s artistic endeavours, and take a look at an excerpt from BB’s 2010 parole hearing:-

    California BPH Deputy Commissioner James Martin

    “Mr. Beausoleil, I find that your parole plans are unrealistic, and almost completely insufficient. Several places in your materials, you describe yourself as an artist, and you’ve told the Board today, and in the materials that you’ve submitted, that you’re a videographer, a composer of music, an artist. This member of the Board doesn’t think those are the sort of solid, reliable skills that you can bank on. I noted that you almost dismiss your skills and training in electronics, printing, and sheet metal. Those aren’t the things you want to do, it sounds like to me. Well, sir, it is likely that your life after prison will not be about performing, and glamour. It will take effort, and thoughtful stradegy for you to survive, and I don’t believe you’ve made enough planning in those regards. Your past public figure status, your pursuits with music, those memories you have of playing with certain bands, that’s not going to serve you in the future, and it’s not realistic to think that it will.”

    Here is an excerpt from LA DA Sequeira’s comments at the same hearing:-

    “… With regards to the commitment offense, and actually, with regards to much of this inmate’s attitude towards not only his prison disciplinaries, but almost anything regarding his life, I would conclude that he is a pathological liar. He has told so many different versions of his involvement in this crime that it’s almost beyond belief.”

    I do not believe that BB would harm anyone if released, but the California Parole Board appears to be looking at a much broader picture.

    Thank you.

  8. R.A.P. says:

    Yes, my statement that his work is quite good is subjective, but I am not using my comment to trash him for things that aren’t of importance with regard to his hearing.

    Furthermore, he would receive his late wife’s social security. In that event, he could work any job he could obtain to provide income to sustain himself. I do believe he is a capable person. I am sure he could continue to work to sell his art as well.

    I do not see Mr. Beausoleil as a liar about anything at this point.

    If your goal is to trash him publically, you are doing a good job of it.

    Mr. Beausoleil isn’t around to defend himself or answer to your attacks.

  9. E.Q. says:


    I do not have a ‘goal’ as you put it. I am merely expressing an opinion, as have others in this thread. Bobby does not need me or anyone else to trash him publically or otherwise, because he did a good job of that himself the day he took another man’s life.

    The reason Bobby isn’t around to answer or defend himself is because he is doing a life sentence for entering a man’s home uninvited and committing first degree murder.

    His opportunity to speak for himself is when he comes before the California Parole Board, and so far, they have not been convinced that he is suitable for release.

  10. R.A.P. says:

    I understand the facts, like I said.

    It’s up to the California Parole Board to decide his fate.

  11. E.Q. says:


    No one is saying you don’t understand the facts, and yes, it is common sense that the California Parole Board and, potentially the Governor of California, will be making the decision. However, I’ll let you have the last word because this is getting boring.

  12. R.A.P. says:

    All I was doing was agreeing with you regarding the final say in this matter.

    Maybe now you can divert your hostility to something or someone else.

  13. Q. A. says:

    Please, dear God, keep this man away from society. I have tried reading his stuff. He is so full of it. He talks about the Lord like so many cons who use God as a get out of jail free card. He talks about getting saved–then starts in on everyone else that they need to get saved. As if, must people are murderers like he is. AS IF!! If I sin, I repent, but he is not one bit sorry and working another con just like that creep Tex Watson! He is so NPD and ASPD!
    How in the hell did he get acess to all this music equipment? I feel like shoving a drum stick up his butt. They are like old people now, but still have other creepy old members coming onto sites like this to make excuses for them. They will NEVER change.

  14. Bucky Pugh says:

    Who are you people who think they know anything about Bobby or anyone who came from the family? You read a bunch of blogs and you think you know something. You know absolutely shit about any of it.

  15. Lee says:

    RAP said:

    Mr. Beausoleil isn’t around to defend himself or answer to your attacks.

    Well, neither is Gary Hinman! Bobby Beausoleil takes every opportunity to trash his victim, blame him for his own death and to call him names, like a drug dealer and a UCLA radical! You don’t see him lying about anything? His whole “shtick” at the parole hearings are as old as the crust in his prison-issued underwear. It’s mind-boggling how much he lies. His crime partners even admitted that he is full of shit about the motive. Bobby Beausoleil is NEVER getting out of prison. He is going to die behind bars because of the following:

    1.) He held an injured man hostage, denying him medical care
    2.) He stabbed the injured man several times in the heart and smothered him with a pillow until the man passed onto the other side.
    3.) He caused this man excruciating, horrendous pain and fright. So did Manson, BTW.
    4.) He opened his yap in prison and told the authorities “you better hope I never get out.”
    5.) He requested early in his incarceration that he be housed with Manson.
    6.) He told a reporter/author (Truman Capote) this: The media, they called us a “family.” And it was the only true thing they said. We were a family. We were mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son. If a member of our family was in jeopardy, we didn’t abandon that person. And so for the love of a brother, a brother who was in jail on a murder rap, all those killings came down.
    7.) He also told him this: “No. If my brothers and sisters did it, then it’s good. Everything in life is good. It all flows. It’s all good. It’s all music.”
    8.) He tested positive for dope in 1999. That isn’t too long ago, considering the fact that he has been behind bars since 1969. That is 30 years later!
    9.) He got caught in the 80’s having a mail-order business with his wife consisting of some sort of child-spanking drawings, and was in possession of letters written to him from pedophiles that kidnapped children.
    10.) He has changed his story so many times, that he can’t even remember the lies he has told in the past. Every, single one of his “brothers & sisters” told authorities years later that the reason he went to Gary Hinman’s was because Manson sent them over there to get money out of him. They were going to convince Gary to hand over money, or else get killed. He was tortured, and murdered because of robbery. Gary Hinman was NOT a drug maker or dealer at the time Bobby Beausoleil went over there. Gary Hinman did not lace drugs with strychnine. Gary would never have purposely hurt someone!

    All & all, Bobby Beausoleil has been his own worst enemy. By the way, his wife was an artist too. Do you really think her small social security check would be enough to live in California or Oregon? Do you know how much Medicare is now? Medicare doesn’t pay for anything anymore hardly. What about groceries, utilities, car note, car insurance, gas, medication & doctor appointments, TAXES, which include federal AND STATE income taxes?This man doesn’t realize how much 2015 costs, especially in those, particular states. The cost of living in California & Oregon is beyond my realm of understanding. It is expensive everywhere, but especially out there. Why do you think so many people are having to move out of California? Listen, I don’t think he is a danger to society at all and I don’t think he would kill again, but his poor impulse control, arrogance and diarrhea of the mouth are going to keep him locked up forever!

  16. Gena says:

    Whats with all the critisism you guys should all know by now that these parole hearings are pure entertainment for the media to report on. These people will never get out. No matter what they do or don’t do.

  17. Debbie Cockerham says:

    I hope each and everyone of those in the “family” that were convicted of murder die in prison!!! I believe California did a great disservice to the public and the rest of our nation by letting them off death row!! When the death penalty was reinstated in California,they said it was cruel and inhuman to put them back on death row,yet what about the victims??? WTF about the cruel and inhuman acts committed by the “family” on the victims???? Each and every “family” member was/is a poster child for why abortion should have been legal back when their moms were pregnant and I wish their moms would have hosed them out!!! Good, decent people dead, rotten pieces of shit still breathing and sucking off society’s tits!!

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