• Bruce Davis Granted Parole For The Third Time

Bruce Davis Granted Parole For The Third Time

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Mar. 12 – Despite efforts from the Los Angeles County District Attorney, Sharon Tate’s sister Debra Tate, and former Manson family member Barbara Hoyt, a California parole board has for the third consecutive time, recommended Bruce Davis for parole.

The parole board’s decision will undergo a 120-day review, after which the Governor will have 30 days to reverse, modify, affirm or decline to review the decision.

Davis, serving a life term for the murders of Gary Hinman and Donald “Shorty” Shea, appeared before the parole board for the 28th time today. It was the second consecutive hearing attended by Debra Tate and Barbara Hoyt, both of whom spoke on behalf of the Shea and Hinman families.

“The public needs to know this man is very dangerous now as he was in 1969,” Tate told CNN before Davis’ last hearing.

Hoyt, a former member of the Manson family who has opposed Davis’ release for years, has described Bruce as a leader within the group whom the girls all feared.

However, according to attorney Michael Beckman, Davis is a rehabilitated man and has been for decades.

“By no conceivable stretch of anyone’s imagination has Bruce Davis not rehabilitated himself,” Beckman told the board in 2012. “No one, not even the District Attorney from Los Angeles County said anything negative about his prison program.”

Davis has only two rules infractions in over four decades of incarceration, the last one occurring over 25 parole hearings ago. Davis has received a Master’s degree from Borean School of the Bible and a Doctorate degree in philosophy and religion from Bethany Seminary, graduating summa cum laude.

Davis was recommended for parole in 2010, but was later denied by then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In October of 2012, a California Parole Board recommended Davis for parole for the second consecutive time. After the decision passed its initial review District Attorney Jackie Lacey pleaded to California Governor Jerry Brown to reverse the decision.

“Davis has been diagnosed with narcissistic and antisocial personality traits. He consistently blames everyone but himself for his criminal and antisocial behavior,” wrote Lacey. “It is evident that Davis lacks insight, genuine remorse and understanding of the gravity of his crimes.”

On March 1, 2013, Governor Brown reversed the parole board’s decision stating Davis was still unsuitable for release into society because of the heinous nature of the crimes. Brown’s reversal highlighted areas where, over the years, he felt Davis had minimized his role in both the Manson family and their crimes. The governor also questioned how truthful Davis had been, stating as an example, that Davis hadn’t mentioned Larry Jones being present during the Shea murder until his 2010 parole hearing.

“Davis’s choice to withhold information regarding the crimes and the identity of a potential crime partner indicates to me that his commitment to the Manson Family still exceeds his commitment to the community,” wrote Brown.

Following the reversal, Davis unsuccessfully challenged Governor Brown’s decision in court and according to Beckman, they are waiting to be heard by the Circuit Court of Appeals.

In July, Governor Brown will once again have to make the final call on whether or not the board’s decision will stand.

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14 Responses to Bruce Davis Granted Parole For The Third Time

  1. lee says:

    Bruce is never going to be released. None of them will….

  2. lee says:

    What hair off Debra Tate’s ass is it, if this old man gets out? She should focus on the killers of her sister, and nobody else. You never saw Doris Tate, or Patti Tate at Bruce Davis’s parole hearings! It’s ridiculous to keep going through expensive hearings, only to deny him again. Bobby Beausoleil killed Hinman, and Steve Grogan murdered Shea. I am not saying Davis was an innocent bystander, but he’s an old hag now. He isn’t going to kill anymore.

    • Donna says:

      I don’t think any of them other than the Labianca’s should have ever attended Leslie Van Houten’s parole hearing either. Leslie was not at the Tate house.

    • LoLo says:

      It doesn’t matter if he would kill again. There are people who have done worse & served less time. But I can’t speak or judge based on my family members or loved ones were not murdered by them. Life should mean life, no parole. It were your loved one that was killed you would probably feel that way & it wouldn’t matter how old the murderer was.

  3. Jnunyaz says:

    It’s insane for Hoyt or Tate to comment on Davis present state of mind. Unless they have been in the cell next to him for the past 40+ years, how could they possible know what’s in his head.

  4. Donna says:

    If they think he is suitable for parole, then so is Leslie Van Houten; which I am not against. I think it is ridiculous that Leslie has remained in prison for her portion of this crime this long. Although I do think that Patricia Krenwinkel is remorseful and rehabilitation, she participated in the murders of 7 people, at least one we know was by her hand. Tex, I am sorry, but that monster should never be let out of jail – he personally stabbed, shot, and helped kill all the victims.

  5. Donna says:

    If they think he is suitable for parole, then so is Leslie Van Houten; which I am not against. I think it is ridiculous that Leslie has remained in prison for her portion of this crime this long. Although I do think that Patricia Krenwinkel is remorseful and rehabilitated, she participated in the murders of 7 people, at least one we know was by her hand. Tex, I am sorry, but that monster should never be let out of jail – he personally stabbed, shot, and helped kill all the victims.

  6. Lee says:

    Honey, Leslie Van Houten isn’t an innocent in all this either. This business of people coming to her defense, because she SAYS she stabbed Mrs. LaBianca when she was already dead is for the birds! Can you imagine how scared Mrs. LaBianca was when she HEARD them stabbing her husband? Leslie is AS guilty as all the other ones. Now, I don’t agree with Debra Tate and Barbara Hoyt being at Leslie’s parole hearings, but Leslie is being punished for what she participated in. No, I don’t think she would kill again, but she made a choice to go out with them that night. She made a CHOICE, and now she is paying for that CHOICE. Dig?

  7. gusgoiania says:

    No matter how many times they try to get paroled and whoever attends those hearings, all these guys – Davis, Van Houten, Krenwinkel and mainly Tex (who probably delivered more than 70% of the stab wounds on the victims) – should rot in prison, doing more than a lifetime, only getting out of there heading for the cemetery

  8. amyknows says:

    I know how these families feel my sister was taken away and a year later my best friend from school….she was stabbed 51 times and her throat cut as my friend as well…..it took them 11 yrs to charge the man who killed my sister and 3 days to charge the same man who killed my friend….yes when I heard that there was a hearing I was ready to go as it was in my heart that this person not get out and do anything like this again…..the pain you have to relive over and over again just because of a hearing makes the heart fill with hate…..I just am lucky that I am not a hateful person…..yes he is old now……but like you have said who knows what is in his head…. he had every chance to say where he was buried and he didn’t it was clem that showed them and told them………that’s why clem was paroled…he showed true remorse of his crimes and to have the family know where there loved one was……he tried to put there pain away (which it never will) I am sorry that he was there but it wasn’t only 1 person he saw what happened and was part of it all the way along……so there fore in my eyes he has shown no remorse……..I believe that he has to seek gods help in this if he says he is Christian then god will provide that’s what it states in the bible……. Personally if the governor gives him an ok then he must be nuts because he will loose every voters vote and he isn’t about to do that now is he……. On a personal level……..he should show true remorse and shut his mouth up and serve his time……quit making the families have to re-live this over and over again and pray that god takes you quickly ( as god did in my case ) but just remember what happened when squecky got out she then went to try to shoot the president at that time in history and still is near Charles mansion even as of today……but what worries me the most is that even when he was locked up he was still hanging out with Charles tex Watson in prison and thinking that this was alright fully knowing what he had also done………….so what type of frame of mind is he in is a very good question……anyone whom killed several ppl the way they did and then hang out with them and think theres a good guy hasn’t changed his way of thinking now what would you think of someone like that would you think hes changed………good question indeed?

  9. Gina says:

    He’s not 30 anymore, he’s like almost 80. How dangerous could he be? My thing is this, he’s costing MY STATE money that could be better spent on education or other positive things.

    Only 1 percent of those doing more than 20 years that get parole, re-offend. That’s a fact. Lifers who raped, murdered , robbed or did something big enough to get them 20 to life rarely if ever get so much as a speeding ticket once they get out.

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