• Bruce Davis Hearing Postponed One Year

Bruce Davis Hearing Postponed One Year

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018


May 15 – Bruce Davis’ parole hearing, scheduled for August 1, has been postponed. On May 2, Davis voluntarily waived his right to a hearing for one year, according to the California Department of Corrections.

According to his attorney, Michael Beckman, Davis will undergo hip replacement surgery and elected to postpone the hearing because he was uncertain when it would happen or how long the recovery time would be.

Davis, 75, is serving a life term at the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo for his role in the 1969 murders of Gary Hinman and Donald “Shorty” Shea. He has previously been found suitable for parole in the past five consecutive hearings, but has seen all of those recommendations reversed by the governor during the executive review process.

His next hearing has tentatively been scheduled for August 2019.

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9 Responses to Bruce Davis Hearing Postponed One Year

  1. Wayne wanker says:

    He just gives me bad vibes

  2. Cybele Moon says:

    indeed! very creepy person.

  3. Louis says:

    Next time Bruce…don’t worry.

  4. Alexander Hill says:

    I think he doesn’t really want to get out at this point. I don’t understand why someone would postpone their potential freedom by a whole year just over surgery. He’s done this in the past before as well for random reasons.

  5. Michael says:

    I wonder if he’s just given up on the idea of being paroled. I wonder that about Watson as well, who’s in his 70’s and not at all likely to be released.

  6. Alexander Hill says:

    The only explanation I can come up with is that he’s waiting for Governor Jerry Brown to leave office but you’d think he’d still wanna try to get out on a habeas corpus writ like Van Houten.

  7. Yvette Benites says:

    I thought Davis already had hip replacement surgery?

  8. Fred Bloggs says:

    Yvette Benites says:
    I thought Davis already had hip replacement surgery?

    It’s probably the other hip.

  9. Yvette Benites says:

    When is Bruce Davis hip surgery?

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